What if Napoleon's campaign after his return from exile managed to be a failure? As we all know Napoleon after his return exhibited a steadfast commitment to the Restoration of his Empire and the Glory of France. After his defeat at Leipzig he was exiled to Elba, but he returned and rebuilt France's Grand Armee who fought with a ferocity that allowed him to crush the allied forces in the War of the Seventh Coalition. With the Rhineland secured and Italy annexed, Napoleon then marched on Vienna who terrified at facing the Emperor's Wrath quickly sued for peace. This was where the Emperor showed restraint and brokered a lasting peace in Europe with the Congress of Prague which established the French Empire as the dominant power in most of Europe. What would Europe look like had the Emperor died in battle, or worse lost the Miraculous Battle of Waterloo?


Well, while nowadays people rationally deduced that Napoleon the Elder is the one actually working for his eventual return, people at that time actually credited the Miracle of House Bonaparte mostly to his 18 years old son, Napoleon II (The Younger) giving impassioned speech to the army that led to the Coup that laid the groundwork for his father's return.

Maybe have Empress Josephine being incapable to provide Napoleon with a heir, and he would have no motivation to fight his way to become an emperor at the first place.