DBWI: Nixon Resigns in August 1974

As he later related in his memoirs, Richard Nixon seriously considered resigning the American Presidency in August 1974 after Republican congressional leaders revealed that he would certainly lose the impending impeachment vote in the House of Representatives. But Nixon feared the humiliation of resignation even more than impeachment, and he stubbornly continued to fight on. What if Nixon had decided differently, and he had resigned on August 8, 1974?
You'd likely avoid Nixon's stint as a senator in the 1980s. Him soldiering on past impeachement made him a lame duck after the trial wrapped inconclusively and many of his pet projects never even got to the floor.

That annoyance with congress surely inspired hin to run in 1980. We certainly would miss the deliciously barbed State of the Union rebuttals during the Brown years.