DBWI: Marvel doesn't buy DC

The biggest event in the modern history of comics is undoubtedly Marvel's 1984 acquisition of DC Comics. At first the two superhero universes were kept separate. And then, in 1988, there was the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" event, by Kurt Busiek and George Perez, which saw a merge of the two worlds. Despite initial skepticism by most readers, this move proved extremely successful.

What I've always wondered, though, is what could have happened if Marvel had never bought DC. What do you folks think?
Well there would not have been the 1993 Anti-trust lawsuit which saw them hiving off a bunch of characters into the National Comics company, and then the merry go round of lawsuits to legally prove they were two "legally distinct" entities.
Also I am not so sure that characters getting randomly over-written was a good move, I mean Golden Age Green Lantern getting over written by a pseudo Golden Age Doctor Solar was a cop out because they realised they had too many characters and for some reason just hated the concept of a multiverse