Otl, when Teddy Roosevelt brought America into ww1 after the sinking of the lusitania, the Entente, now consisting of Russia, Britain, America and France, quite simply crushed the German Empire and Co. While the Treaty of Provence has been criticized for being excessivly cruel to Germany, with their loss of Silesia, German Poland (east of Berlin) most colonies, as well as Schleswig and a lot of war reparations, it's safe to say it was really good for France. Plus unlike buddy old pal Austria, it was still alive

Ultimately I think if we can get Communist Germany an ally in the Silesian War, instead of it stupidly thinking the monarchical powers wouldnt step in the second it toed a step out of line, it could stand a chance, but the other guys would still win if only because America would be so pro-Britain in a war with commies.

Thoughts, ideas?