Central Powers seek peace jointly in Autumn, 1918. What happens to the Ottomans?

Present is the following scenario:

A-H doesn't launch the 2nd Battle of Piave, instead it chooses to strenghten its defences behind the river and also send a few divisions to the Balkans to aid the Bulgarians. As a result, neither the Italian, nor the Balkan Front collapses, however the Palestine and Mesopotamian Fronts still do. The German revolution occurs, then the Central Powers seek a joint armistice.

Not going much into detail, Germany faces more or less the same post-war hardships as IOTL, while Austria-Hungary faces an extraordinary challenge in counteracting all those centrifugal forces trying to tear itself apart.

What would happen to the Ottomans given these circumstances? Would Entente forces still occupy the Straits? What kind of peace terms would the Turks receive? What kind of flow of events could be expected here?