Best case scenario for Aceh sultanate

Just as the title says, Aceh was one of the major powers in Sumatra and Malacca straits until they're conquered by the Dutch in 1904. For sake of the topic here, what'll be the best case-scenario for Aceh?

Will it be independent country, not part of modern-Indonesia?

Or perhaps, Aceh will be the one to unite the Indonesian archipelago under their rule?
1. It could certainly be independent from Indonesia as the region is broken up according to the borders that were set during the colonial period. Indonesia, Malaysia, East Timor, Singapore, etc. The British were the ones that were basically protecting Aceh from the Dutch. And they withdrew that protection in exchange for Dutch colonies in Africa and the Dutch were at war with Aceh soon after. If it had stayed British though maybe it could have become part of Malaysia for a while and then eventually seceded peacefully following decolonization.

2. Aceh practiced a more conservative version of Islam that was practiced by the rest of Indonesia. I can't see even in best case scenario's them unifying Indonesia. They aren't fighting non-believers here, they would be fighting other Muslims because they wouldn't be orthodox enough. That isn't any sort of recipe for popularity. Closest comparison I could give would be the Saudis and the Saudis were never at any point popular with their Muslim contemporaries.