As Dreamers Do: American Magic Redux

In other news Pepsi plans on selling Wilson sporting equipment to Nike. Nike is doing the acquisition to branch out from shoes to other sporting equipment.(In OTL it was sold to private equity and then to China)
With Nike and Wilson being direct competitors, it is highly unlikely without triggering antitrust concerns.

Does Microsoft even exist ITTL?
Yes they do. The only one that doesn't exist is Apple.
Will ted turner buyout mgm like otl , united artist like the orignal american magic or take another course
Oddly enough, I was thinking of having a restructuring of sorts at Warner Communications that results in Ted Turner reviving the company's interest in animation, especially with Walt Disney Television being launched earlier than 1983 ITTL.
The Hobbit (1978 Film)
The Hobbit

Released on the weekend of St. Patrick's Day 1978

Released by

Based on the book by
JRR Tolkien

Production Companies
The Saul Zaentz Company

Directed by
Arthur Rankin, Jr.
Jules Bass

Orson Bean as Bilbo Baggins
Donald Sutherland as Gandalf
Brother Theodore as Gollum
Hans Conried as Thorin
George Lazenby as Elrond
Rikki Fulton as Bombur
John Vernon as Smaug
Peter Cushing as the Elvenking
Glenn Yarborough as the Balladeer
Paul Frees as Troll #1
Spike Milligan as Dwalin, Fíli, Kíli, Óin
Tim Brooke-Taylor as Glóin, Ori, Nori
Terry Jones as Bifur and Bofur
Don Messick as Balin, Goblin, Lord of the Eagles and Troll #3
Thurl Ravenscroft as the Goblin​