As Dreamers Do: American Magic Redux

At this rate, I'd be surprised if Daniel didn't develop either a drinking problem to cope with his past, or extreme levels of PTSD. Because I'd probably get both if I were treated like he was.
And if you recall Daniel's feud with John K in the original American Magic thread, that feud could prove more personal for Daniel should the two cross paths again.
Starting a New Life
5 June 1974
16 year old Daniel Abbott arrives in London for his first day of animation training at the Richard Williams studio in Soho, London.

Daniel Abbott
"For the rest of that school year, I crashed on a few couches up and down the street where my parents were living. Sure, I could've just became a street urchin, but I was thankful there were some families that weren't blinded by my dad's war hero image. My Sweet Sixteen money was spent at Edwin Jones buying clothes for the train ride that would change my life."

"When I got off the train at Waterloo Station, a chauffeur picked me up from the station and drove me directly to Soho Square and the Richard Williams studio."

Richard Williams (below):
"I had known Doc Hartwell for a number of years...I met him in '63 at a screening of one of my early short films at the University of Southampton, where he earned his teaching credentials. Doc sent me some Xeroxes of these drawings Daniel did in his notebooks. I didn't meet Daniel in person till the very day he came to my studio. But from the Xeroxes I got from Doc, I could tell right away Daniel had so much talent and so much potential as an artist."

Dinner Between Father and Son
One fine night at the Tam O'Shanter in Hollywood...

" is Beauty and the Beast coming along?"

"We've already starting filming the live action reference, but a couple of the animators proved to be much too enthusiastic when Dolly came to the soundstage."

"Well, pop, you get what you paid for."

Later on...

"What's happening with that space project you and George are doing?"

"He's typing the rough draft of the script and he said he'll put it on your desk next month."​