As Dreamers Do: American Magic Redux

Neither do I. If you ask me, the presidents should remain the same as OTL until after Bill Clinton. If they change at all.

After all, the way I see it, this should mostly focus on the results of Walt living longer.
I think Walt could have an effect on politics, maybe he lobby's for a different candidate in 1980.
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Art Modell bought the erstwhile Redskins from the George Preston Marshall estate after the 1960 season. Since Marshall was an unapologetic segregationist, the first thing Modell did to distance the franchise from Marshall's legacy was to sign the team's very first African American player, a defensive back named Herb Adderley. As soon as Modell bought the team, several Native American advocates were already petitioning the team to retire the moniker, considered by many to be a racial slur. The sudden name change to Heroes for 1970 was unpopular at first, but it took time for fans to accept the new name when George Allen was hired as head coach and the team became a playoff contender. They still wear burgundy and gold. So basically, the name change was really to wash off the skid mark of racism left behind by George Preston Marshall.

The erstwhile Indians underwent an ownership change, which was also approached by Native American advocates who objected to the infamous Chief Wahoo logo. Just like with Washington's football squad, the renaming of Cleveland's baseball team to Guardians, a reference to the Guardians of Traffic monuments on the Hope Memorial Bridge, took a few years for fans to get used to.

If any team changes, it's the Hollywood Stars, because their name was adopted in the late 1930's while they were still part of the old PCL. The Astros came about when the erstwhile Sacramento Solons were purchased by Judge Roy Hofheinz and brought to the Houston area while the Astrodome was still being built. HOWEVER, since the Stars came to existence at a time when sports licensing wasn't really a thing, they did not actually register their name for a trademark. By the time the Astros registered their name with the US Patent and Trademark Office, it was too late. The Stars, under the new ownership of Jack Kent Cooke, will likely have a new name for 1975.
Charlotte's Web (1973 Film)
Charlotte's Web

Released on March 1, 1973 by Paramount Pictures

Produced by
Hanna-Barbera Productions

Based on the book by EB White

Directed by
Iwao Takamoto
Charles August Nichols

Songs by
Robert B. Sherman
Richard M. Sherman

Select voices
Debbie Reynolds as Charlotte
Henry Gibson as Wilbur
Paul Lynde as Templeton
Agnes Moorhead as the Goose
Pamelyn Ferdin as Fern Arable
Danny Bonaduce as Avery Arable

Charlotte's Web opened to mixed reviews upon its original release. The film would gain greater popularity on home video and on cable in later years.​
Oldnavy ever heard of unfhisehd movie. As the name suggest it has information on unfinished movies. I feel that it would be a good resoursce for you. Heres a link .
Oldnavy ever heard of unfhisehd movie. As the name suggest it has information on unfinished movies. I feel that it would be a good resoursce for you. Heres a link .

I think Nessie will be made and released for Spring 1977 for starters, everything else I'm not so sure.