And we'll all stick together in all kinds of weather: A Nebraska Cornhuskers timeline

Intro: For the last half of the 20th Century, the Nebraska Cornhuskers were one of the most dominant teams in college football. With five national championships, winning seasons every year from 1962 until 2003, and at least 9 wins a season from 1969 until 2001. While there are many reasons for the decline of Husker football since then, one what if that has stuck with me for years is what if Frank Solich had not been fired. While he had struggled to a 7-7 season in 2002, and had only improved to 9-3, he was the last coach to win a Big 12 title and the last to have his team play for a title, and his 2003 team did show a good amount of improvement. So what if he had been kept on? Find out in "And We'll All Stick Together in All Kinds of Weather: A Nebraska Cornhuskers Timeline"

Prologue: 2002- A disappointing campaign

The 2002 Cornhuskers season record of 7-6 was disappointing to say the least. Just last year the Huskers had looked like they'd be back on top of the football world again. The 2001 Huskers had been undefeated but crashed and burned against the Colorado Buffaloes in Boulder, and since then it seems as if the Huskers have been unable to shake the feeling of such a horrible loss, with the 2002 team suffering blowouts against Penn State and Kansas State, and losing close games to Oklahoma State and Texas , as well as a 13-28 loss to Colorado in Lincoln. While Quarterback Jamal Lord has been statistically decent, the big problem has been the Husker defense and embattled coordinator Craig Bohl. Some fans have questioned whether Solich is the right head man for the job as well, pointing to the fact that he finally has his own recruits. However it seems as if all signs point to Solich staying, though other staff members might not be so lucky.

Daily Nebraskan December 4th 2002
Byrne says goodbye to Cornhusker State with no regrets

It's now official.Exactly one week after speculation began when Nebraska Athletic Director Bill Byrne visited Texas A&M, he's headed to College Station, Texas, for good.Calling it "an extremely difficult decision" and still using the word "we" when referring to Nebraska, Byrne announced Tuesday evening he has accepted an offer to take over as Texas A&M's athletic director."It's with real mixed emotions," Byrne said, "that I tell you that I'm going to be leaving Lincoln, Neb., to go to College Station, Texas."It's going to be extremely hard to leave, but I look forward to the challenge."Byrne replaces Wally Groff, who was asked to step down by A&M President Robert Gates last month. Groff was in his 10th year as A&M's athletic director.University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Harvey Perlman, sitting beside Byrne at Tuesday's press conference, said he was "very disappointed" that Byrne was leaving.In finding a replacement, Perlman said the university would start its search immediately."This is going to be a process that is not going to be dragged out," he said. "We will do it as quickly as we reasonably can."When asked if Byrne would have input on the new hiring, Perlman said, "Of course, he'll be asked."Although Byrne and Perlman declined to speculate on possible replacements, Assistant Athletic Director Boyd Epley had three possible candidates. Epley, who also serves as NU's director of athletic performance, named Bob Burton and Joe Selig as possible internal replacements. Pittsburgh Athletic Director Steve Pederson is a third candidate, Epley said.Burton and Selig currently serve as senior associate athletic directors at Nebraska. Pederson is a Nebraska native and was an associate athletic director at Nebraska before joining Pitt in 1996."Any of those three would be outstanding ADs," said Epley, in his ninth year as an assistant athletic director and 34th year overall with the Huskers.Burton, who watched on as Byrne spoke with the media, declined to comment, and Selig couldn't be reached for comment.Until there is a replacement, Perlman said there would be an interim athletic director named, but he had not had any time to think about who that might be.

After a short search, the Cornhuskers ended up hiring a choice that to some seemed a bit surprising but not out of character. Bob Burton was named the Athletic Director though many had suspected it would be Pitt AD and Nebraska native Steve Pederson, who had been an associate AD in Lincoln during the early 90's. While Pederson had brought back Pitt athletics, there were some Panther fans who felt he'd done so at the expense of certain Pitt traditions and to many in Lincoln that was a concern. In the end Burton seemed like a good fit because he would keep things intact, but still work towards improving Husker football, and Husker athletics in general.

ESPN December 27th 2002

SHREVEPORT, La. (AP) -- Nebraska has become a mediocre football team -- and now the Cornhuskers have the record to prove it.

Eli Manning threw for 313 yards and a touchdown as Mississippi ended Nebraska's 40-year streak of winning seasons with a 27-23 victory Friday in the Mainstay Independence Bowl.

Nebraska managed just one offensive touchdown on Jammal Lord's pass to Matt Herian in the second quarter. Josh Brown kicked three field goals and DeJuan Groce had a punt return for a score.

The Cornhuskers (7-7) had finished above .500 every year since
1961, when they went 3-6-1. Their seven losses this year are their
most since going 3-7 in 1958.

"We all wanted to end this thing right. It did not happen,'' Nebraska coach Frank Solich said.

Manning was 25-for-44 for Ole Miss (7-6) and became the school's career passing leader in what could be his final college game. The highly touted junior said he will take some time after the season to decide if he will enter the NFL draft.

Manning, the offensive player of the game, said he has no
timetable for making a decision.

"I'm going to look at some things and see how it all works out,'' he said.

Nebraska was No. 8 in the country after a 3-0 start this season. But the Cornhuskers' startling demise prompted Solich to make sweeping changes to his coaching staff after the regular season.

Solich fired his defensive coordinator and two other defensive assistants and said he will hire an offensive coordinator next season. Solich has acted as his own offensive coordinator since taking over for Tom Osborne in 1998.

"We were well prepared for this game. Our coaches did a great job of getting us ready to play,'' said Nebraska defensive end Chris Kelsay, who had two sacks and was defensive player of the game.

As Solich himself stated, things were not right for the Cornhuskers. The once proud team now seemed to be at a crossroads. It had only been five years since their last national title, and eight years since they had been the most dominant team in college football. Now though, it seemed as if the Cornhuskers were falling, but many fans remained hopeful that things would improve.

One of the first signs of improvement was the hiring of a new defensive coordinator, Bo Pelini. Pelini had been a linebacker coach with the Packers, 49ers, and Patriots. The next step was to hire an offensive coordinator. Solich himself had served as offensive coordinator, but many fans felt a new man was needed in the position, and the Huskers hired a former Nebraska lineman and former New Mexico State offensive coordinator Barney Cotton. Solich also brought in Marvin Sanders as his defensive backs coach, thus bringing a renewed focus on returning the Huskers once vaunted Blackshirts to dominance.
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Part 2
Part 2- When we last left off, the Cornhuskers were coming off of their first non-winning season since 1961. During this time, a new athletic director, Bob Burton, was hired, and head coach Frank Solich had brought in Bo Pelini as Defensive Coordinator, Barney Cotton as Offensive Coordinator, and Marvin Sanders as defensive backs coach. As the 2003 season was approaching, many in the media were wondering if the Cornhuskers would return to their winning ways, though the rival Colorado Buffaloes had won the Big 12 North the last two years, and Bill Snyder's Kansas State Wildcats were also in the hunt for the division title, and Dan McCarney had started to build a winning team at Iowa State. Even Missouri and Kansas looked to be on the up and up as Missouri was entering its third season with Gary Pinkel, and Kansas had just hired former Oklahoma coordinator Mark Mangino, and looked to leave the Big 12 north cellar.


The Huskers signed 19 players. Their class was ranked 35th nationally. This continued the trend of the Huskers pulling in what some saw as mediocre recruiting classes, though it included contributors like Corey McKeon and Bo Ruud, brother of Barrett Ruud.

2003 Nebraska Football Season

August 302:30 PMNo. 24 Oklahoma StateABCW 17–778,058
September 611:30 AMUtah State*No. 23
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE
FSNW 31–777,284
September 137:00 PMPenn State*No. 18
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE
ABCW 18–1078,008
September 256:45 PMat Southern Miss*No. 15ESPNW 38–1436,125
October 412:30 PMTroy State*No. 12
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE
W 30–077,825
October 116:00 PMat MissouriNo. 10TBSL 24–4168,349
October 1811:30 AMTexas A&M
No. 18
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE
FSNW 48–1277,604
October 2511:30 AMIowa StateNo. 14
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE
PPVW 28–077,483
November 111:00 AMat No. 16 TexasNo. 12ABCL 7–3183,308
November 82:30 PMat KansasNo. 19FSNW 24–350,107
November 152:30 PMKansas StateNo. 18
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE
ABCL 9–3878,014
November 2811:00 AMat ColoradoNo. 25ABCW 31–2253,434
December 298:00 PMvs. Michigan State*No. 22ESPNW 17–356,229

2003 Big 12 Standings
2003 Big 12 Conference football standings
Northern Division
No. 14 Kansas State x$62114
No. 19 Nebraska53103
Iowa State08210
Southern Division
No. 3 Oklahoma x%80122
No. 12 Texas71103
Oklahoma State5394
Texas Tech4485
Texas A&M2648
Championship: Kansas State 35, Oklahoma 7
  • $ – BCS representative as conference champion
  • % – BCS at-large representative
  • x – Division champion/co-champions
Rankings from AP Poll
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Part 3
The 2004 season looked to be an interesting one for the Cornhuskers. The team had finished the season ranked 19th, beating Michigan State in the Alamo Bowl. While the Huskers did return All-American John Bullocks at defensive back, and contributors Barrett, Ruud LeKevin Smith, Fabian Washington, and Daniel Bullocks (brother of Josh) while the offense looked to be a new unit with Freshman Joe Dailey named starter, while running back Corey Ross looked to be one of the main running backs. The uncertainty about the Husker's offensive unit allowed the Huskers to be ranked 20th in the preseason rankings.

2004 Preason Rankings

1. USC
2. Oklahoma
3. Georgia
4. LSU
5. Florida State
6. Miami
7. Texas
8. Michigan
9. Ohio State
10. West Virginia
11. Florida
12. Kansas State
13. California
14. Tennessee
15. Clemson
16. Virginia
17. Auburn
18. Missouri.
19. Iowa
20. Nebraska
21. Utah
22. Wisconsin
23. Maryland
24. Oregon
25. Purdue

2004 Nebraska football season. Head Coach: Frank Solich. Offensive Coordinator: Barney Cotton. Defensive Coordinator: Bo Pelini
September 4
Rank 20th
6:00 PMWestern Illinois*PPVW 49–1077,471
September 11
Rank 20th
11:00 AMSouthern Miss*
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, Nebraska
ABCW 24–1477,887
September 18
Rank 20th
11:00 AMat Pittsburgh*ABCW 24–1740,133
October 2
Rank 22nd
6:10 PMKansas
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, Nebraska
PPVW 21–877,637
October 9
Rank 20th
6:10 PMat Texas TechTBSL 14–2852,954
October 16
Rank 25th
1:05 PMBaylor
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, Nebraska
W 48–2777,881
October 23
Rank 23rd
1:10 PMat Kansas StateW 35–2452,234
October 30
Rank 20th
11:00 AMMissouri
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, Nebraska (rivalry)
FSNW 24–377,616
November 6
Rank 18th
1:00 PMat Iowa StateW. 34–3145,022
November 13

Rank 16th
6:00 PMat No. 2 OklahomaFSNL 14–3084,916
November 26
Rank 22nd
11:00 AMColorado
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, Nebraska (rivalry)
ABCW 28–2077,661

Final record 9-2. Ranking 21st

Big 12 Championship- The Huskers lost to the Oklahoma Sooners by a score of 14 to 38. The Sooners would go own to lose to USC in the National Championship at the Orange Bowl in Miami.

After the season, the Huskers were invited to Alamo Bowl where they ended up losing to the Tennessee Volunteers by a score of 14-38. The Huskers finished 23rd overall

Final Big 12 standings

Northern Division
Iowa State3556
Kansas State1738
Southern Division
No. 3 Oklahoma xy$80121
No. 5 Texas %71111
Texas A&M5384
No. 18 Texas Tech5384
Oklahoma State4475

Final 2004 College football rankings
  1. USC (11–0)*
  2. Auburn (13–0)
  3. Oklahoma (12–1)
  4. Utah (12–0)
  5. Texas (11–1)
  6. Louisville (11–1)
  7. Georgia (10–2)
  8. Iowa (10–2)
  9. California (10–2)
  10. Virginia Tech (10–3)
  11. Miami (9–3)
  12. Boise State (11–1)
  13. Tennessee (10–3)
  14. Michigan (9–3)
  15. Florida State (9–3)
  16. LSU (9–3)
  17. Wisconsin (9–3)
  18. Texas Tech (8–4)
  19. Arizona State (9–3)
  20. Ohio State (8–4)
  21. Boston College (9–3)
  22. Fresno State (9–3)
  23. Nebraska (9-4)
  24. Navy (10–2)
  25. Virginia (8-4)

Coaching Changes
BYU Bronco Mendenhall

East Carolina Skip Holtz

Florida Urban Meyer

Illinois Ron Zook

Indiana Terry Hoeppner

LSU Les Miles

Miami (Ohio) Shane Montgomery

Ole Miss Ed Orgeron

New Mexico State Hal Mumme

Notre Dame T Charlie Weis

Ohio Troy Calhoun

Oklahoma State Mike Gundy

Pittsburgh Dave Wanndstedt

San Jose State Dick Tomey

South Carolina Steve Spurrier

Stanford Walt Harris

Syracuse Greg Robinson

UNLV Mike Sanford

Utah Kyle Wittingham

Utah State Brent Guy

Washington Tyrone Willingham

Western Michigan Bill Cubitt
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Part 4-

The 2005 season looked to be another decent, but not great year for Nebraska football, though most pundits agreed it was more because the North division was weak and while Nebraska was picked to win, some pundits felt that Colorado might have a chance to beat the Huskers in Boulder, and Missouri looked to make a jump in Gary Pinkel's third year. However, it seemed to be a forgone conclusion that whoever won the north would be killed by Texas in the Big 12 title.

As far as returning contributors, the Huskers returned Joe Dailey and Corey Ross on the offense, while on defense, Daniel Bullocks, Adam Carriker, Bo Ruud and Corey McKeon looked to head a strong unit. On the recruiting trail, the Huskers were able to put together a top 25 class, but missed out on stars like Marlon Lucky (he committed to the Florida Gators) and Ndamukong Suh (he committed to Oregon State) though they did get one five star player in junior college transfer Zachary Bowman.

Overall, the Huskers were picked to win the North and were ranked 24th in the preseason poll.

2005 College football Preason Poll

1. USC
2. Texas
3. Tennessee
4. Michigan
5. LSU
6. Ohio State
7. Oklahoma
8. Virginia Tech
9. Miami
10. Florida
11. Iowa
12. Louisville
13. Georgia
14. Florida State
15. Purdue
16. Auburn
17. Texas A&M
18. Boise State
19. California
20. Arizona State
21. Texas Tech
22. Boston College
23. Nebraska
24. Pitt
25. Fresno State


September 3 Rank- 236:10 PMMaine*FSN PPVW 25–777,469
September 10 Rank 216:10 PMWake Forest*
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE
TBSW 31–377,380
September 17 Rank 202:30 PMPittsburgh*
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE
ABCW 21-1077,336
October 1 Rank 172:30 PMNo. 23 Iowa State
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE
ABCW 27–1477,433
October 8 Rank 143:00 PMNo. 15 Texas Tech
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE
TBSW 34-3177,580
October 15 Rank 126:05 PMat BaylorFSN PPVW 35–1440,857
October 22 Rank 1211:30 AMat MissouriFSNL 24–2860,641
October 29 Rank 1811:00 AMOklahoma
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE (rivalry)
ABCL 24–3177,438
November 5 Rank 2212:00 PMat KansasW 31-2451,750
November 12 Rank 201:05 PMKansas State
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE
W 27–2077,761
November 25 Rank 192:30 PMat ColoradoABCW 30–354,831
  • *Non-conference game
  • dagger
  • Rankings from AP Poll released prior to the game
  • All times are in Central time

Big 12 Championship Texas 38- Nebraska 24

Bowl Game- Nebraska 35 Michigan 25

Final Big 12 Standings
Northern Division
#19 Nebraska63103
Iowa State4475
Kansas State2656
Southern Division
No. 1 Texas x$#80130
No. 20 Texas Tech5384
No. 22 Oklahoma6284
Texas A&M3556
Oklahoma State1747

Final Rankings
1. Texas
2. Southern Cal
3. Penn State
4. Ohio State
5. West Virginia
6. Louisiana State
7. Virginia Tech
8. Alabama
9. Notre Dame
10. Georgia
11. TCU
12. Florida
12. Oregon
14. Auburn
15. Wisconsin
16. UCLA
17. Miami FL
18. Boston College
19. Nebraska
20. Louisville
21. Clemson
22. Oklahoma
23. Florida State
24. California
25. Texas Tech

Coaching Changes
Boise State- Chris Petersen
Buffalo-Jeff Quinn
Idaho- Dennis Erickson
Kansas State- Ron Prince
Middle Tennessee- Rick Stockstill
Northwestern- Pat Fitzgerald
Rice- Todd Graham
San Diego State- Chuck Long
Temple- Al Golden
Wisconsin- Bret Bielema
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Really nice. Considering the smaller size of the state, I've always had a soft spot for a Nebraska football the same way I do for small Market teams in baseball. I'm glad to see that they were able to beat that team up north :) any rather good Bowl anyway.

I wonder if they will stay in the Big 12 in this timeline, and if that's the case if someone else stays also or is brought in. It is a tricky question which is better, the Big Ten West with a better Nebraska should be fairly easy to win but on the other hand the East is so powerful that it would probably be a lot like this, whereas if they stay the course in the Big 12 once Texas drops they might be better off, although it might be tricky. If A&M leaves anyway who comes in to replace them? Boise State was a big commodity for a while, it would be okay geographically considering I think really don't give other sports any thought realign8ng :), but I suppose Colorado could just leave two and Nebraska would just have to struggle with not having a conference title game, the OnePlus of being in the Big Ten.

Weird thought. 2007 is going to see a whole lot of Chaos with 7 top teams if I remember losing in the last week of the season or conference title games. I wonder if Nebraska could sneak in here, even if they don't wind up winning the title it would help.

Also, could you at least give us a bit of a heads up on what the major differences are when it comes to recruits?
Part 4

Omaha World Herald- January 2nd 2006.

Pelini: I'm staying in Lincoln!

It wasn't only the football that was flying down in San Antonio on December 28th. Ever since Bo Pelini improved the vaunted Husker defense, many have wondered if the former Ohio State grad and NFL position coach would be in Lincoln for long. While there have not been as of yet many open jobs, some have wondered if given the right conditions, Pelini would leave the Cornhuskers after three years in Lincoln. However, in a recent interview after the Alamo Bowl victory, Pelini stated his feelings about Nebraska.

"We have a pretty good staff here in Lincoln" said Pelini. "I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to be a head coach. I do want to do that someday, but right now i'm satisfied. I'm staying in Lincoln. I feel that I finally have got the hang of things in this league, and I know Coach Solich can get things done."

The comments by Pelini not only affirm his loyalty to Nebraska, but also that of the loyalty to his players. Many players, including senior Daniel Bullocks, can attest to the love of Pelini.

"Bo just knows what to do. He's a fiery guy. He also knows his stuff and he cares about us, and we care about him" said Bullocks. "I think he's done a lot to make us a good unit, and I think the whole team will get there. We will get back to where we belong."

As the 2006 Season approached, once again the Cornhuskers looked to be on top of the north division, though again, every team looked halfway decent, with the Missouri Tigers rising and Iowa State showing consistency under Dan McCarney. Even Kansas had began to improve. The only team that some thought would regress might be Colorado, who had fired coach Gary Barnett due to a number of scandals, including luring recruits with sex and alcohol, and comments that dismissed rape allegations made by female Buffaloes kicker Katie Hnida. The Buffaloes had made a seemingly exciting hire though, luring Dan Hawkins away from Boise State, who had become

September 22:30 PMLouisiana Tech*No. 22FSNW 49–1085,181
September 912:30 PMNicholls State*No. 21
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE
W 56–784,076
September 167:00 PMat No. 4 USC*No. 19ABCL 10-2892,000
September 236:00 PMTroy*No. 24
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE
FSNW 56–084,799
September 306:00 PMKansasNo. 21
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE
FSNW 41-2485,069
October 77:00 PMat Iowa StateNo. 22ABCW 28–1455,338
October 147:00 PMat Kansas StateNo. 20FSNW 21–350,723
October 2111:00 AMNo. 5 TexasNo. 16
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE
ABCW 24-2285,187
October 282:30 PMat Oklahoma StateNo. 14ABCW 38-3340,108
November 411:00 AMNo. 25 Missouri
No. 11
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE (rivalry)
ABCW 34–2085,197
November 112:30 PMat No. 23 Texas A&MNo. 11ABCL 27-2485,336
November 242:30 PMColoradoNo. 16
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE (rivalry)
ABCW 37–1485,800
December 27:00 PMvs. No. 10 OklahomaNo. 16ABC W 17-1480,031
January 110:30 AMvs. Boise StateNo. 12
  • Sun Devil Stadium
  • Tempe Arizona ( Fiesta Bowl
ABCW 35-3166,777
  • *Non-conference game
  • dagger
  • Rankings from AP Poll released prior to the game
  • All times are in Central time

2006 Big 12 Standings
Team W L W L
Conf Overall
2006 Big 12 Conference football standings
Northern Division
Nebraska x$ 81 122
Missouri 44 85
Kansas State 44 76
Kansas 35 66
Colorado 26 210
Iowa State 17 48
Southern Division
Oklahoma x 71 113
Texas A&M 62 103
Texas 53 94
Texas Tech 44 85
Oklahoma State 35 76
Part 5-

Omaha World Herald- January 5th 2007.


After much speculation by fans, and a successful season that included the first conference title for Nebraska since 1999, Nebraska defensive coordinator Bo Pelini finally has decided to go for the head coaching ranks, taking the job at North Texas. For Pelini, it seems to be an opportunity to build something for the Eagles, who have suffered respective two and three win seasons after finishing with three straight winning records and a conference title (in spite of a losing record) under former coach Darrell Dickey. "I think that we have the building blocks for success here" said Pelini. "We have the best players in the country right in our backyard. I think that's what will help us in the long run."
For the Cornhuskers now, the task is to find a coordinator to replace the venerable Pelini, who built up powerful units in Lincoln. Coach Frank Solich commented "We're sad to see Bo go, he's become a Husker and we respect his decision to become a head coach. I know that he'll do well at North Texas, and i'm hoping that his (recruiting) connections will help out there." No word has been released on who the Huskers are targeting for Defensive Coordinator. Some have speculated that former assistant Carl Pelini might be offered, though many believe he will take a position in Denton.
Part 6-

Lincoln Journal Star, January 11th, 2007

Cornhuskers Hire Alumnus Burrow For DC Position

It didn't take long for the Cornhuskers to replace outgoing coordinator Bo Pelini. In fact, as Huskers head coach Frank Solich put it, "I knew who the right man for the job was from the start, and that man was Jim Burrow." Burrow has served as the defensive coordinator for North Dakota State since 2003, where the Bison have not had a losing season under former Husker assistant Craig Bohl. One of the best moments for Burrow and his Bison defense was holding the Minnesota Golden Gophers to 10 points, nearly upsetting the Gophers in the Metrodome. Burrow takes over for a vaunted defensive unit that became one of the country's best and in many ways was responsible for the 2006 Big 12 title. "There's no doubt that I've got big shoes to fill" said Burrow. "I think we'll do just fine though."

Offseason coaching changes before the 2007 season

Air Force- Troy Calhoun ( former head coach at Ohio U)
Alabama- Nick Saban (Miami Dolphins coach)
Arizona State- Dennis Erickson (former coach at Idaho and Miami FL)
Army- Stan Brock
Boston College- Jeff Jagodzinski
Central Michigan- Butch Jones
Cincinnati- Brian Kelly (former HC at Central Michigan)
FIU- Mario Cristobal
Idaho- Rob Akey
Indiana- Bill Lynch
Iowa State- Gene Chizik
Louisiana Tech- Derek Dooley
Louisville- Steve Kragthorpe (former head coach at Tulsa)
Miami- Randy Shannon
Michigan State- Mark Dantonio
Minnesota- Tim Brewster
North Carolina- Butch Davis (former Cleveland Browns and Miami FL Coach)
NC State- Tom O'Brien (Former Boston College HC)
North Texas- Bo Pelini
Ohio- Mike Locksley
Rice- David Bailiff
Stanford- Jim Harbaugh
Tulsa- Todd Graham (former Rice HC)
UAB Neil Calaway

2007 Nebraska football season.

After a year in which the Huskers won their first conference title in nearly a decade, many felt that the Huskers, while back on some level, would fall back to earth, mostly due to the fact that they lost senior QB Joe Dailey, who'd improved just enough while running Solich's option offense, though running back Brandon Jackson returned for his senior year, which many felt would help junior Joe Ganz at QB. The defense also was in rebuilding mode, losing star seniors Adam Cariker, Bo Ruud, and Zack Bowman, as well as having a new coordinator after Bo Pelini left to be the head coach of North Texas. Many still felt the Huskers would win the Big 12 North, but Missouri, Kansas, and Kansas State were relatively competitive. However it seemed to many that Nebraska was back and while they might not win the Big 12, they'd at least win their division, or at least that's what many pundits thought.

September 12:30 pmNevada*No. 20ABCW 52–1084,078
September 811:00 amat Wake Forest*No. 16ESPNW 20–1732,483
September 157:00 pmNo. 1 USC*No. 14ABCL 31–4984,959
September 2211:30 amBall State*No. 24
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE
FSNW 41– 2784,294
September 291:05 pmIowa StateNo. 25
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE
W 35–1784,703
October 68:15 pmat No. 17 MissouriNo. 25ESPNL 6–4170,049
October 1311:30 amOklahoma State
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE
PPVW 38-2884,334
October 201:05 pmTexas A&M
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE
W 34-2484,473
October 272:30 pmat No. 17 TexasABCL 25–2885,968
November 311:30 amat No. 8 KansasFSN38-4851,910
November 1011:30 amKansas State
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, NE
VersusW 63–3184,665
November 2311:00 amat ColoradoABCW 42- 3851,403

Northern Division
No. 4 Missouri xy71122
No. 7 Kansas x%71121
Kansas State3557
Iowa State2639
Southern Division
No. 8 Oklahoma xy$62113
No. 10 Texas53103
No. 22 Texas Tech4494
Oklahoma State3557
Texas A&M3576
Championship: Oklahoma 38, Missouri 17

December 30th 2007- Lincoln Journal Star

Huskers sneak past Nittany Lions in the Alamo Bowl

In spite of a disappointing year for the Big Red, it seemed as if the Huskers were still extremely motivated in their Alamo Bowl victory against Penn State. After falling behind 17-7 at halftime, the Cornhuskers won 24-17 after a strong 4th quarter performance by quarterback Joe Ganz, who ran and threw for a touchdown. Meanwhile, the Husker defense, who had been gashed for two long passing plays by Nittany Lion quarterback Anthony Morelli in the first half. The Cornuskers however, wore down the Penn State offense, who only passed for 48 yard after halftime and rushed for 55. The Huskers finished the season 9-4 and ended the season with a ranking of 24.

2007 Final College football polls

1. LSU 12-2
2. Georgia 11-2
3. USC 11-2
4. Missouri 12-2
5. Ohio State 11-2
6. West Virginia 11-2
7. Kansas 12-1
8. Oklahoma 11-3
9. Virginia Tech 11-3
10. Boston College 11-3
11. Texas 10-3
12. Tennessee 10-4
13. Florida 9-4
14. BYU 11-2
15. Auburn 9-4
16. Arizona State 10-3
17. Cincinnati 10-3
18. Michigan 9-4
19. Hawaii 12-1
20. Illinois 9-4
21. Clemson 9-4
22. Texas Tech 9-4
23. Oregon 9-4
24. Nebraska 9-4
25. Wisconsin 9-4
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