Alternative Prime Ministers #4, "Better One King""

Now that's an excellent vignette. You're back and on form!

The twist has been praised and I will add my voice, but let me also join those praising the worldbuilding. You've always been very good at that, and it was a joy to read about a larger Soviet bloc. Made me wonder if you'd read my take on it:

Thanks! I hadn't seen that TLIAD actually; I've just skimed the first bit on Llloyd George and it looks great, will have a read when I'm on the train later today.

This is excellent, as always. And John Lennon as John Lenin of Merseyside :D

Well, he's still Lennon really; a lot of people refer to him as "Lenin" as a joke and Charles, who hasn't been back in Britain that long really, didn't get the memo.

I don't suppose the President would be a certain Charlton Heston, would he?

Actually it's Gregory Peck (D, CA); him and Charles are on quite close terms ITTL.