Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes VI (Do Not Post Current Politics or Political Figures Here)

What if fictional animals, cryptids, fearsome critters and other similar animals were real? Well, I decided for my new series of infoboxes, I would do just that.

For the first animal in the series, it's the little hare with deer antlers. Introducing, the Jackalope!

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The Jackalope (Lepus tempermentalus) (also known as the warrior rabbit and the horny rabbit) is a species of hare native to the Western United States. Its most distinctive feature is its antlers, which are similar to that or a deer or an antelope, a trait in hares that is only shared with other similar members of its family including the Wolperdinger of Germany and the Skvader of Sweden.

While Jackalope sightings have been recorded for centuries by Native Americans, they were too fast for them to catch and were not recorded properly. Other sighting were deemed as hoaxes or were rabbit or hares suffering from Shope papilloma virus. Eventually in 1932, 12 year old Douglas Herrick and his brother shot and killed one, proving the Jackalope as a real animal. Jackalopes have since become very common in the West and have became one of the official state mammals of Wyoming (alongside the American Bison) as well as one of the state mammals of Texas.

Jackalopes have usually either brown or white fur. Males usually weigh between 3 and 5 pounds (1.36 to 2.27 kilograms) with females being smaller. They are herbivores, with them only eating plant matter such as grass and fruit.

While Jackalopes are usually harmless to humans, they have known to become aggressive towards them if either improperly handled or provoked, and with their antlers, they have lead to injuries and even deaths.

Much like the antlers on a deer, the antlers on a Jackalope will shed and regrown every year.

Cryptids, fictional animals and fearsome critters as real animals series
Jackalope (Lepus tempermentalus) (you are here)
As I mentioned yesterday, my next animal infobox would be about the unicorn.

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The Unicorn (Equus monoceros) is an odd toed ungulate closely related to horses and asses. Wild unicorns have since gone extinct due to habitat loss, being hunted for both as a cheap food source and for its horn. However, some were domesticated and were able to save the species from total extinction. Unicorns have also been bred with horses, ponies and donkeys.

Cryptids, fictional animals and fearsome critters as real animals series
Jackalope (Lepus tempermentalus)
Unicorn (Equus monoceros) (you are here)
I did the Jackalope and Unicorn first since their infoboxes were the easiest ones to create. I only had to modify the infoboxes of a species of hare and the horse. I don't know what fictional creature I'll make an infobox for next, but it'll be added here tomorrow.
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