Alt-History Aftermath Scenarios Implied by Media

That first point can be nullified by Skynet's sheer processing power whereas Skynet can replace loosses while we can't. Sooooooooo.................
Both those points are addressed in my timeline. Basically, there is a difference between computation and thought for the first, and humans start from a much higher base for the second. However, we are getting off topic for the thread.
Another work that I wonder about the after effects of is Planetary by Warren Ellis: From what I remember, the ending implies that the 21st century will be one where secretive, hyper-advanced sci-fi technology is made public knowledge and used to better the human race.
The Steven King novel,, has a teenager with psychopathic tendencies losing it after corresponding with a former Nazi. The fact an outwardly normal teen became a serial killer who killed multiple homeless people over several years before going on a 5 hour mass shooting spree after being caught; he had started visiting a hidden (and unrepentant) former Death Camp guard, in the 1970s, would have had massive impacts. It would be harder to blame mass shootings after that on violent media instead of far right radicalisation unlike OTL.
The problem with this is multifaceted.

Firstly the vast majority of mass shootings don't have anything to do with far-right radicalization and the overwhelming majority of rampage killers select either random people or specific targets (like family members, administrators, etc.) for their murders.

Secondly I'm not sure you understood the point of the book since the protagonist, Todd, is not killing because he's a racist swept up in Nazi propaganda, he's just a crude sadist who gets off to the thought of hurting people. In fact it's the entire reason he sought out his former Nazi neighbor, Todd wanted to hear about human suffering and cruelty from someone who had extensive experience in such affairs.

Thirdly, I must nitpick here and mention that Todd is not having correspondences with a death camp guard. Dussander is a camp commander who was directly involved in killing and torturing Holocaust victims. Todd is not caught after his kill spree, he is killed by police while still in the midst of it.

Despite that, you're not wrong to say Todd's serial killings and murder spree would have big impacts. Stephen King did not elaborate on how many people Todd killed, but considering it is known that the longer a mass shooting goes on, the more people will die (a no-brainer admittedly), we can assume that, adding Todd's first victim - his school councilor - and acknowledging that King likely intended Todd's rampage to parallel Charles Whitman's sniper spree, Todd probably amassed a double digit body count by the time he died. IIRC, Todd was 14-15 at the time of his death. This would make him an unprecedented case study - a mass shooter in this age group has never managed to kill that many people in one go before. The fact that he began killing people at age 13-14 would make him one of the youngest serial killers in history. So all in all criminal psychology would probably be given a big boost because few would be able to comprehend the thought of such a young person killing so many, even with an older man helping corrupt him.

His loved ones would be devestated to find out what a horrible person he was.

I guess if we are talking about stuff like banning any talk of the Holocaust and media like Wolfenstine because they have Nazis in them that could be the case. If its hunting for surviving Nazis like Mengle and an increased focus on spreading awareness and educating people on Nazi atrocities, I would be supportive.
It probably wouldn't extend to censoring historical details but I could easily see people move to try and ban or censor films like Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS. Very doubtful that it would lead to improvements in Nazi hunting, and I'm fairly certain Mengele was already dead by the events of the novel anyway. Your best case scenario is people looking down on skinheads more, but that's not going to change much, if anything.
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Speaking of King, Under the Dome has a supernatural disaster that is too big to be covered up observed by the general public, media outlets, and the government. After the incident with the alien dome over Chester’s Mill people will take claims of strange incidents much more seriously, which could possibly lead to other paranormal aspects of the Kingverse being exposed to humanity at large.
Anyone has ideas of how the aftermath of War of the Worlds (2005) would look like?
Xenophobia would ensue. Humans would become militant, and a Space Force would be created no less than 10 years early. As to how advanced they may be, well, no idea.

Cities would be rebuilt though. This isn't anywhere near Independence Day level destruction.
The Keanu Reeves ___Day the Earth Stood Still__supposedly ends on a hopeful note with the nanobugs ending modern society.Come back in a year and probably 90%+ of humanity is dead by starvation,cannibalism or warfare,not so humane.
Top Gun
I've only seen parts of the movie, but I remember that Tom Cruise's character fights a couple of enemy planes and wins against them.
This should have caused an international crisis, especially since it occurred during the Cold War. Based on what I could find, the enemy was intended to be North Koreans, but it was never explicitly stated. Apparently the movie ends in a positive mood without any realization that the U.S. just got closer to starting WWIII (maybe?).
IIRC, the other country involved in the incident disavowed any knowledge of what happened, so war is unlikely.
Great movie. There's a disclaimer at the end that says after 1996 sub captains can't launch nukes without the express consent of the President. Presumably that would assuage the anti-nukers?

Bigger issue for me is what Radchenko's actions (he's the "ultranationalist" guy in the Russian Far East who's actions send the Alabama to the Pacific in the first place) do to 1990s Russia. Maybe Yeltsin's strong response gives him more legitimacy in Russia in the mid to late 90s?
I believe Radchenko was said to be based on the Russian nationalist politician Vladimir Zhironovsky. Correct me if I am wrong.
1. Speaking of War of the Worlds, I want to bring up a possible aftermath for the 1953 version Ike is president and Khrushchev had recently taken over from Joe Stalin. Would we see a much earlier US/Soviet detente and closer cooperation? What about a combined international space force using reverse-engineered Martian ships and technology?

2. What would the world be like 40 or 100 years after the events depicted in The Day After or Threads?

3. Capricorn One- a personal guilty pleasure of mine. Even OJ Simpson was the MEM pilot in this one? I have always wondered as to what would have happened to Hal Holbrook's character, who was the administator of NASA, and how the conspiracy/coverup would have been revealed by Brolin's surviving character? Would we see an increase in space program funds leading to a Capricorn 2 "real" Martian landing?
1. Speaking of War of the Worlds, I want to bring up a possible aftermath for the 1953 version Ike is president and Khrushchev had recently taken over from Joe Stalin. Would we see a much earlier US/Soviet detente and closer cooperation? What about a combined international space force using reverse-engineered Martian ships and technology?
It would be like the end of Watchmen, an outside threat uniting the Cold War factions.
Bruce Almighty: I think the discovery of Jimmy Hoffa's body would have some interesting legal consequences a little down the road.
Especially to the owner of that golf course. He was either involved or completely innocent. It will also change a scene in the film The Irishmen, where Hoffa’s assassination is depicted.