Albion Rising: A Henry Frederick Timeline

Henry is said to have disliked his younger brother, Charles, and to have teased him, although this derives from only one anecdote: when Charles was nine years of age, Henry snatched the hat off a bishop and put it on the younger child's head, then told his younger brother that when he became king he would make Charles Archbishop of Canterbury, and then Charles would have a long robe to hide his ugly rickety legs. Charles stamped on the cap and had to be dragged off in tears.[27],_Prince_of_Wales
Maybe a English bride for the Duke of York? He was only 12 when he became Prince of Wales in OTL, I think that Charles will grow up to be a different man if his older brother lives.

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Henry is said to have disliked his younger brother, Charles, and to have teased him, although this derives from only one anecdote: when Charles was nine years of age, Henry snatched the hat off a bishop and put it on the younger child's head, then told his younger brother that when he became king he would make Charles Archbishop of Canterbury, and then Charles would have a long robe to hide his ugly rickety legs. Charles stamped on the cap and had to be dragged off in tears.[27],_Prince_of_Wales
What'll happen if Henry Frederick actually does that in the TL then? Archbishop-Duke Charles Stuart. 😏
Chapter 7: Lovers

Chapter 7: Lovers

April, 1610

The doors of the council chamber were thrown open and James stalked out. He couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe that after everything that he’d said in his opening speech that the Commons would do this! How dare they?! Did they not understand what it was he was offering them?

He stalked down the hallway, his beagle accompanying him. “How dare they!” He muttered to himself. “How dare they!” He said a little louder. “How dare they demand something of us! Do they not understand what it is we give them?”

“I am sure they do, Your Majesty.” Robert Cecil, Earl of Salisbury said.

James wheeled around, stopping in the middle of the hallway and glaring at his Lord High Treasurer. “You think they do? Then why are they demanding that I agree to their demand that the money they grant in this Great Contract, be spent on specific things? What gives them the right?”

His Lord High Treasurer winced, whether it was in pain or in dismay, James didn’t know. All he knew was that Salisbury had proposed the Contract and now he seemed to be at a loss at how to handle the impudent demands coming from the Commons.

Eventually, the man replied. “We can move them into a state of compliance, I am sure of it.”

James snorted and turned around and kept walking. He could dissolve Parliament for this. He’d spoken with Sir Edward and the man had agreed that Parliament did not have the Constitutional right to demand he agree to state where the money would be spent. Nothing in the wording of the Contract had said that, and the Lords had passed it with an understanding that he would be free to spend the money how he saw fit.

As they got closer to his private chambers, he turned around and looked at Salisbury. “Find a way. We do not care how you do it, but find a way!”

He nodded to the guards who were guarding his private chambers, they opened the doors and he stalked in. He felt slightly better when he saw Robert Carr standing by the window. Carr turned around and bowed. “Your Majesty.”

God, why are you so beautiful? James thought to himself. “Robert.” He said gruffly, disguising how happy he was to see the man. He turned around and looked at Salisbury. “You may go, Lord Salisbury.”

“Your Majesty.” The other man said, bowing then turning around and leaving.

James gestured to the guards to shut the door once Salisbury was gone. When he heard the doors shut, he moved to Carr, grabbed his face and planted a kiss right on his lips. Carr moaned, and James felt a little stirring in his pants. He pushed that thought to one side and let go of Carr. “It is good to see you, my dear.”

“It is good to see you, Your Majesty.” Carr replied.

James sighed. “You have no idea how much I needed to hear that.”

Robert raised an eyebrow. “What’s the matter, Your Majesty?”

James took a breath and then said. “My council and my Parliament are trying to force me into a position that is untenable.”

“How so?” Robert asked.

“The Commons want me to agree to state where the money they grant me in Salisbury’s Great Contract will be spent, before they agree to pass the thing. Salisbury seems as though he wants me to agree to the proposal, and others like the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Julius Caesar are also in agreement.” James said. “I cannot do that. Doing such a thing would be a massive erosion of my prerogative!”

Robert, as ever, was quick to come in with soothing words. “Then do not agree to it, Sire. You are the King, you know the law, and you know where the Commons power actually lies. Push them toward that.”

“How?!” James demanded. He needed solutions not just empty words, if he wanted empty words, he’d listen to Northampton.

Carr didn’t say anything immediately, and James wondered if the man had been caught up in his own words before he’d spoken, but when he did reply, he did have something good to say. “Bring in new councillors, Sire. New people who will think of new ways. The Commons is demanding you state where their money will be spent, because some of the councillors you have currently are old and some are corrupt. You must remove them and bring in new councillors.”

“Like who?” James demanded.

“Like Thomas Howard. The man has a talent for numbers.” Carr said. “Like Edward Sackville, the man might be young but he is good with legal matters, according to his brother, and he is a friend of Prince Henry’s.”

Howard was Suffolk’s son, that could work, James supposed. As for Sackville, the man wasn’t titled, but Salisbury had spoken highly of his legal knowledge, as had Coke. Indeed, Henry had even suggested that Sackville support the Lord Chancellor on a few cases in the Chancery before. But he was young, very young and James didn’t want someone that young anywhere near power.

“Who else?” He asked instead.

“The Earl of Huntingdon.” Robert said. “The man has good knowledge of the law, and is of a similar persuasion to many members of the Commons.”

A Puritan?! James thought to himself appalled. He despised Puritans. They were no better than the impetuous Kirk Ministers of the Scottish Church. Still, he supposed it wouldn’t hurt having one of the enemy onside. “Very well, anyone else?” James asked.

“Lord Clinton.” Robert said. “He has a good eye for numbers, and is someone who gets on well with everyone.”

“Yes, I like Clinton.” James said. He’d met the young man before, he was charming, affable and good looking.

James smiled, and kissed Robert again, then said. “What would I do without you?”

Robert blushed. “I am just happy to be of service to my King.”

James grinned. “And what have you been doing these past few days? Your friend Thomas claims you have been very busy.”

Robert shifted slightly. “I have been meeting with merchants from our own Kingdom and from the Palatine.”

“Why?” James asked curiously.

“To get a sense of where their heads are, Your Majesty.” Robert said.

“And? Where are their heads?” James asked.

“The English merchants most definitely want closer ties with the Palatinate They believe such ties would stimulate trade and help the economy grow, which would bring lasting benefits to the Kingdom. The merchants of the Palatinate, believe that closer ties would ensure they have access to our ports and to our goods as well, something that their Elector is desperate to have.” Robert said.

“Is he now?” James asked. He’d received word from the Elector’s ambassador, stating that if James went ahead with the marriage between the Elector’s son and Elizabeth, that the Elector would grant English merchants a 25% concession on trade with the Palatinate. Something that would greatly benefit them. He was curious to see whether Robert had learned the same thing.

“Yes, Sire.” Robert said. “The leading merchants from the Palatinate all agree that the Elector is most desirous for an alliance.”

“And how would he like that alliance to be arranged?” James asked.

“Through the marriage of Her Highness Princess Elizabeth and His Highness the Electoral Prince.” Robert said.

“Ah.” James said, pretending to be surprised, when in reality he had known this all along. “And I presume then that it would be reasonable for me to stop my nephew courting my daughter.”

“Yes, I would think so, Sire.” Robert said.

James nodded. He knew Elizabeth would not be happy, she liked the Hereditary Prince of Brunswick, and he seemed to like her back. But despite what Anne thought, Brunswick would not make a good husband. He had the beginnings of a drinking problem-as Henry’s tutor Adam Newton had reported to him before Frederick and Henry had departed for Cornwall-and he was from an insignificant Duchy in the Empire.

“Very well. I shall make sure it happens.” James said. He would need to find a reason to send his nephew back to Brunswick and quickly.

A moment’s pause, then James continued. “But enough about that. I have some good news for you, Robert.”

Robert’s eyes widened. “Sire?”

“Yes, I have found you a wife.” James said excitedly.

“Sire?” Robert replied, sounding somewhere between cautious and enthusiastic.

“Yes!” James said, bouncing on the balls of his feet now. “Margaret Howard, Suffolk’s daughter.”

Robert’s face fell flat then. “I…I do not know what to say, Sire.”

“I know she is young.” James said, ignoring the tone of his favourite’s voice. “But she is mouldable, and willing and the marriage can be consummated within a few years. Plus, Suffolk has promised to hand over two Manor Houses to you as part of her dowry. They are worth a total of £2000. Which will make you even wealthier.”

That seemingly brightened up Robert’s mood. For he grinned and said. “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

James smiled, moved forward and kissed Robert again, this time more forcefully, he then moved him back against the wall, and started undoing his shirt buttons.
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Not quite pillow whispering, but close enough. I do hope Carr's influance on the King is curbed - Elizabeth and Howard should be allowed to be happy together.
Like I said, Carr is a schemer. I hope his influence goes down. Perhaps James grows tired of him or something else. Either way, Carr is dangerous.