Albion Rising: A Henry Frederick Timeline

All he could think about was what the King had said to him at the feast that had been held to welcome the Electoral Prince of Brunswick to London.
I don’t think Hanover/Brunswick had been elevated to an electorate yet

and lol nice reference to current events with the football match
I don’t think Hanover/Brunswick had been elevated to an electorate yet

and lol nice reference to current events with the football match
You're right it hadn't, will change that, thanks :)

And aha, thanks:p
Have fun, darling:) I was an Italy supporter yesterday (though I majored in Italian culture and language at university, so nothing new).

Ahh fair, was a really good game :)
So, I've got two choices for the next POV, and I'm curious as to who you'd all prefer: James I or Princess Elizabeth?
Chapter 6: A New Gloriana?

Chapter 6: A New Gloriana?

April, 1610

Elizabeth fiddled with the letter, she knew it was silly, that she wasn’t a little girl anymore and therefore shouldn’t get so keen on someone just because of a letter. But she was. She had to admit that she was. Frederick Ulrich, Hereditary Prince of Brunswick and her cousin, was a good man. He was kind, charming, funny, and whilst not being stereotypically handsome, he was easy on the eye. And Elizabeth found herself wondering what it would be like to be married to him.

His most recent letter had gotten her heart pounding, even though he’d barely said anything. She looked at it again.

Your Highness,

It fills me with joy to know that you received my gift and that you liked it. I must confess that I was nervous about whether it was the right gift for someone so magnificent as you. So, to know that you liked it means a lot.

I am currently in Truro with Your Highness’ brother. We are experiencing the Cornish cuisine and I must say that it is quite intriguing. So many varieties of fish and other such delicacies.

It will please you to know that His Highness Prince Henry is getting on magnificently with those who are to be his tenants. Indeed, he held a game of the foot-ball, here which was played between members of His Highness’ household and that of the merchants of Truro. It is good to know that we won.

But enough about me, please, tell me more about what you are doing?

I eagerly await your response.



Elizabeth sighed and put down the letter. She looked up and saw her friends and companions looking at her. “What?” She asked.

“What has he said, Your Highness?” Penelope Rich asked.

“How do you know it’s a he?” Elizabeth replied.

Penelope laughed. “Your Highness only sighs like that when you get a letter from His Highness the Hereditary Prince. It’s something we’ve all been making a note of.”

Elizabeth blushed. “I do not!” The thought that she acted like little more than a girl experiencing her first crush horrified her. She was a Princess of England, not some common girl!

“But you do, Your Highness.” Anne Drummond, sister to the Earl of Perth and one of Anne’s closest friends said, in her rather broad accent.

“Do I?” Elizabeth asked looking at her friend.

“You do!” Anne insisted.

Elizabeth wanted to deny it, but she had known Anne, their entire lives, Anne would never exaggerate or lie. And therefore, she said. “Frederick has written to me from Cornwall. From Truro to be precise.”

“And? What’s he said?” Frances Cecil, daughter of the Earl of Salisbury asked.

“He’s told me about his time in Cornwall, about some game of foot-ball they played with the merchants.” Elizabeth said, wondering if Frederick truly was as keen about the game as he’d made out before, or if he was only pretending to be so because Henry seemed to have caught a bug for it.

“And?” Frances asked.

“And he asked me to write more about what I’m doing.” Elizabeth concluded.

“Well, that’s good.” Frances said.

“It is?” Elizabeth asked.

“It is.” Frances said.

“It means he actually wants to know more about you and isn’t just doing it because Her Majesty put him up to it.” Elizabeth Cecil, daughter of Lord Burghley said.

Elizabeth nodded, that made sense. “So, what should I write back and say?” She asked. She didn’t want to bore him, she wanted to be interesting, to be someone who would captivate his interest when he returned to Brunswick.

“Well, have you done anything of interest, lately, Your Highness?” Elizabeth Cecil asked.

Elizabeth opened her mouth to respond, to say that she had, but then she shut it and thought. Had she actually done anything of interest recently? There had been that foot-ball game, but her brother and Frederick had been there. There had been the dinner and the ball, but again, Frederick had been there for that. She sighed. “I haven’t.”

“Well then we’re just going to have to make sure that you say something interesting.” Elizabeth Cecil said.

Elizabeth frowned. “You mean lie?” She didn’t want to think about the impact such a lie could have on her personally and on her family. Lies could ruin one’s reputation.

“Not lie.” Elizabeth Cecil said. “Merely stretch out the truth.”

Elizabeth frowned. “What’s the difference?”

“Well, if we take the dancing lesson, we all had the other day, instead of simply saying it was a dancing lesson, we could say it was a dancing lesson on an old and traditional Scottish dance.” Elizabeth Cecil said.

“Well, we did.” Elizabeth replied. They’d been having lessons on one such dance for the last four days, and Elizabeth was quite sure that she was getting better at it.

“The dance doesn’t have a name though, Your Highness. You will need to provide a name.” Elizabeth Cecil said.

“Why?” Elizabeth asked.

“Well, if you don’t provide a name, His Highness likely won’t remember it.” Catherine Howard, wife of Lord Cranborne and Frances’ sister-in-law said.

“What do you mean?” Elizabeth asked.

“Men are simple creatures, Your Highness. They need to be able to associate actions with words.” Catherine said. “You enjoyed the dancing did you not, Your Highness?”

“I did.” Elizabeth replied. She was looking forward to their next lesson.

“Then you must provide a name for the dance when you mention it. If you want His Highness the Hereditary Prince to remember it and dance it with you.” Catherine said.

“Ah.” Elizabeth replied, understanding now. “So, what should I call it?”

“Macushla.” Anne Drummond said immediately.

“My darling?” Elizabeth said, sounding the words out. Her understanding of Gaelic wasn’t quite as good as Charles’ was, but she knew more than Henry did.

“Yes.” Anne said. “I think it fits. Especially given the music that forms the basis of the rhythm is quite romantic.”

That was true. The music was very romantic. “Macushla it is then.” Elizabeth replied, hoping that Frederick would like it.

“Don’t immediately talk about dancing though, Your Highness. Remember to lead into that point.” Catherine Howard said then.

“Of course.” Elizabeth replied. She wasn’t an idiot; she knew not to just go into something from the off. One had to build into it, she’d learned that from both her mother and father.

There was a brief pause as they all thought over what they’d just discussed, then Anne Drummond spoke. “When do you think we will leave here?” Here, meaning Greenwich Palace, where Elizabeth and her friends had been set up, alongside her mother’s household.

“When Her Majesty decides to return to court.” Elizabeth said simply. Mother had gone to Whitehall for the feast to welcome Frederick and then returned back to Greenwich almost immediately after. Elizabeth and her friends had returned a day or two later. And then they’d travelled to the Suffolk estate in London to watch the game, before returning.

Anne shifted slightly, indicating that she wanted to say something but wasn’t sure how to say it.

“Out with it, Anne.” Elizabeth demanded.

“It’s just, I wonder when we might be able to explore again, without needing Her Majesty’s permission.” Anne said eventually, though she immediately blushed after speaking.

“Explore?” Elizabeth asked curiously. “Where would you like to explore?”

“I…” Anne began before stopping.

“Is there a man that you’re interested in, Anne?” Catherine Howard asked.

“I…” Anne continued.

“Who is it?” Elizabeth asked intrigued.

“I…” Anne said, hesitating now.

“Is it a certain Gordon?” Annabel Campbell, daughter of the Earl of Argyll asked.

“A Gordon?” Elizabeth said, looking at Anne, intrigued. “The Marquess of Huntly?”

“Yes.” Anne said softly.

“Ooooh!” Elizabeth exclaimed in the most un-princess like fashion. “Anne, that’s very, very nice!”

“I… Thank you, Your Highness.” Anne replied blushing.

“How long has this been going on for?” Elizabeth asked, wondering why she’d not seen any indication of this before.

“About a month, Your Highness. We’ve been exchanging letters for longer though. Encouraged by my brother.” Anne said.

“And he’s in England now?” Elizabeth asked.

Anne nodded. “He’s staying at Whitehall, Your Highness. He’s on official business.”

“How long is he here for?” Elizabeth asked.

Anne frowned, clearly trying to bring something to the surface of her memory. When she did reply, her words came out in a quick rush. “For around two months. He says he wants to meet.”

Elizabeth thought about that. Two months? Unless there was some need for her at court, Mother would remain at Greenwich, which meant that she would have to remain here, as would her friends. But, if she found some reason to go to London proper, and to Whitehall, why then her friends would have to come and Anne would get to see her love. The thought of playing matchmaker appealed to Elizabeth.

“I think we can make it work.” Elizabeth said. Glancing at Catherine Howard to indicate that the older girl should start making the arrangements.

“You can?” Anne asked sounding surprised.

Elizabeth nodded. “I think we can. And for you, my dearest Anne, we will.”

Anne did something unexpected then, she got up and hugged Elizabeth, causing Elizabeth to blink rather rapidly. When Anne recovered her senses, she blushed even more and said. “My apologies, Your Highness, but I am so thankful for you.”

Elizabeth looked at Anne and smiled. “Of course, it is my pleasure.” Huntly didn’t know how lucky he was.
Hopefully Elizabeth gets to marry the Prince of Brunswick. Also, here’s to hoping Henry Frederick makes English football fans tamer.