AHFA European Championship 2020

Independent Team of the United Workers' League
  • A national team without a nation?
    Yes, such a thing exists - even twice. And one of them has, once again, qualified for EURO 2020!

    But what is this recognised national team without a nation? And how did it come to be?

    Some people believe that the Free City of Frankfurt, a small, but densely populated (over two million inhabitants) city-state in Central Europe, has three national teams, but this is not the case.
    Of course, Frankfurt itself has a national team, but the other two teams are not national ones - they are just based in Frankfurt as their parent organisations are, too. One of these teams is the Unabhängige Mannschaft des Weltarbeiterverband, the "Independent Team of the United Workers' League". After the surge of republican nationalism in the early 19th century, followed by once again absolute monarchism, the late nineteenth century saw not only the rise of industrialisation and liberalism, but also a more radical form of democracy, of workers' democracy. Some still call it Tierneyism after its ideological founder Kyle Tierney.
    All workers' democracies (except for a few like the oft-criticised Liga dos Trabajadores Tejanos - LTT - or the totalitarian "Complete Democracy" in Tiernai Nakaram) are members of the United Workers' League, an organisation of international cooperation.
    And over time, cooperation was intensified. But one of the first projects of the United Workers' League was its own sports team - originally meant to be for persecuted Tierneyists who were boycotted, sanctioned, exiled or even deported by their nations and clubs and thus unable to play professional football.

    By now, the Independent Team of the United Workers' League has become a permanent institution, and quite a few groups of players can declare for the Independent Workers' Team, as it is by now often called:​
    • the original group: refugees - mostly Tierneyist, but no longer exclusively - who are unable to play professionally​
    • but also people from the United Workers' League members who would rather play for the Independent Workers' Team than their homeland.​
    • this also applies to migrants who have immigrated to a UWL member state and have played less than twenty (AHFA is not as strict as OTL) senior games for their homeland, none of which were at a previous World Cup or European Championship.​

    Some nations, mainly in the French sphere (including France itself), have - under the penalty of forfeiting citizenship and the right of abode - banned their players from applying for the IWT, but in modern days, even the harshest liberal nations mostly accept it.

    Independent Team of the United Workers' League
    Unabhängige Mannschaft des Weltarbeiterverbandes

    often called Independent Workers' Team/Unabhängige Arbeitermannschaft

    AHFA Euro 2020 - updated map.png

    Headquarters: Free City of Frankfurt (Freie Stadt Frankfurt)
    Home Stadium: de facto Arbeiterstadion, Frankfurt - 104,700 capacity
    Home kit: All red, with a few yellow applications, notably - instead of a badge - the symbol of Tierneyism: two crossed arms, one holding a hammer and the other a pen.
    Away kit: Black and red vertical stripes with yellow applications (including the symbol of Tierneyism), shorts and socks.
    Third kit: Red fading into yellow, with the symbol of Tierneyism fading the other way. Yellow shorts and socks.

    Coach: Josep "Pep" Guardiola Sala
    Assistant coach: Juanma Lillo
    Goalkeeping coach: Manuel Neuer



    1 - Heiner Dedekind (Obreros Madrid)

    26 - Leon Myers (Freier Frankfurter FK)
    99 - Francesco Melegoni (SLS Fiorentina)


    4 - LB/RB - Khin Sothear (Obreros Madrid)
    3 - CB - Borja Alvaro Novarruíz (SDO Sevilla)
    5 - CB - Olufemi Oluwaseyi (Çiçekdaǧı Işçıspor Külübü)
    18 - RB - Giacomo De La Vecchia (ALC Milan)

    22 - LB/RB - Ažuolas Žvinakevicius (RKS Śląsk Wrocław)
    19 - CB/RB/LB - Mkhuseli Ngxanga (Sheffield Union Club)
    33 - CB - Ksaverijs Zālītis (ZZK Klaipeda)


    6 - CM/CDM - Sidnei Gomes Medeiras (ZZK Szczezin)
    8 - CM - Moushegh Chilingirian (Işçı Spor Külübu)
    28 - CAM/CF - Vulindlela Gcabwe (Obreros Madrid)

    18 - CDM/CM/CAM - Szymon Solarz (RKS Śląsk Wrocław)
    20 - RM - Soukias Mkhmeljian (Işçı Spor Külübü)
    2 - LM - Mũtũng’Ũ Gĩtaũ (Frankfurter AV)
    15 - CM - Youssef Guennoun (SDO Sevilla)
    60 - CDM/CM - Vratislav Nedved (Sparta Praha)


    10 - LW/CAM - Cadinho (Carlos Adilson dos Santos Gomes) (1. Leipziger FV)
    9 - ST - Úlfljótur Þórlaugsson (KBK Umeå)
    14 - RW/CAM - Ante Delać (CSVA Königsberg)

    29 - LW/RW - Efstathios Chatzidimitoglou (KKS Lech Berlin)
    11 - ST - Idriþa Þisseh (KBK Umeå)
    47 - RW/LW - Ben Price (Manchester United)
    70 - RW/ST - Samuel Lieblein (Frankfurter AV)

    Independent Workers' Team Lineup.png
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    Republic of the Rhineland
  • Republic of the Rhine




    Full Name: The Republic of the Rhineland.

    Die Republik Rheinland.

    Capital: Cologne.
    Population: 33,0671,34 (EST)
    Official Language: German
    Major Religion: Protestant Christianity, Catholicism Christianity (Offical)
    Government: Federal parliamentary constitutional republic

    Home Stadium: Cologne.
    Nickname: The Green Moose.
    Homekit: Green and White
    Away Kit: Red and Green.
    Best European Cup results: Finalist in 1955 and 1984.

    Roster: 23 Players
    Coaches: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge
    Goalkeeper: Alfons Heidemann
    Bernhart Gessner
    Bernd Leno

    Defenders: Kevin Winzer
    Joshua Kimmich
    Robin Koch
    Erwin Rehder
    Ole Börner

    Manuel Neuer
    Arnold Schöpfer
    Denis Kuhn

    Midfielders: Serge Gnabry
    Sebastian Rudy
    Matthias Käutner
    Leon Goretzka
    Paul Cocceji

    Forwards: Luca Waldschmidt
    Leroy Sané
    Otto Reinhardt
    Louis Hennig
    Meik Hessel
    Daniel Grün
    Arthur Scheurer
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    Host cities and stadia - AHFA Euro 2020
  • Kruunu Stadium, Helsinki (Kingdom of Finland)
    Stade de France, Paris (French Commonwealth)
    Sultan Ali VI Stadium, Bal'Harm (Sultanate of Siqilliya)
    Giacomo Carducci Stadium, Città della Monade (Padanian Technate)
    Arbeiterstadion, Frankfurt (Free City of Frankfurt)
    Ojczyzna Stadium, Warszawa (German-Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth)
    Idrætsparken, Copenhagen (Denmark)
    Puskás Arena, Budapest (Kingdom of Hungary)
    Sacred City Stadium, Jerusalem (Kingdom of of Jerusalem)
    Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam (Batavian Republic)
    Vallhallahollen, Kyiv (Ancient Federation of the Rus)
    Wembley Stadium, London (Great Britain)
    Letná Stadium, Prague (Czech Confederation)

    That brings the total to 13. We officially have the host cities for the AHFA Euro Championship
    Kingdom of Tuscany and Sardinia
  • Uebeltank

    Kingdom of Tuscany and Sardinia

    Team: Tuscany and Sardinia
    I Pegasi
    Home Stadium, City: Stadio Royale, Florence (47,717)
    Home Kit: Red shirt, white shorts, purple socks
    Away Kit: Entirely White
    Coach: Giovanni Mazza

    Roster (23 players)
    Alex Greco

    Luigi Rossi
    Antonio Rinaldi

    Dario Granata
    Pier Corsi
    Ale Rossi
    Mauro Latini

    Thomas Poli
    Nicoló Riva

    Guido Orlando
    Andrea Basile
    Matteo Rossi
    Riccardo Bianco

    Fabio Gentile
    Filippo Toscano
    Stefano Franchi
    Giacomo Fiorini


    Christian Rota
    Raffaele Pepe

    Giorgio Cirillo
    Andrea Albanese
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    Episcopate and Papate of Hayastan
  • Episcopate and Papate of Hayastan
    (Christian Armenia)

    AHFA Euro 2020 - updated map.png

    Capital: Artashat (Artaxarta)
    Form of government: economically and socially liberal to libertarian elective bi-theocracy. It is the "Pope", i.e. the Bishop of Artashat - who resides in the Khor Virap Monastery - who is elected by the people. The unicameral "parliament" consists of Cardinals and Bishops, who have by now formed groups resembling parties. All offices are for life, and a by-election thus occurs only when a Cardinal or Bishop dies (retiring is theoretically possible, but extremely rare).
    Independently of this, the Zoroastrian minority elects a parliament which - from their midst - elects a "High Council of Ahura Mazda" consisting of seven people. This High Council, representing the Ahmaraspands, has the same rank as the Pope and in lawmaking and governing the nation, consent between the two bodies is regularly achieved. However, the two parliaments and the two governments could act independently of each other - and this has already happened, for example regarding family legislation - with laws made by the Zoroastrian bodies applying only to Zoroastrians and laws made by the Christian bodies applying only to Christians.
    Registred members of other religions do not have the right to vote. While Jews, Buddhists, Hinduists and moderate Manichaeans tend to register as Christians (rarely, some Buddhists or Manichaeans also register Zoroastrians), the Filhos Solos ("Sons of the Sun") are banned and routinely discriminated against.

    History: After Armenia had already been Christianised to an extent, the Christian religion was persecuted and largely failed in the Roman Empire. The Parthian Empire at least provided a modicum of protection to Armenia - the only major Christian nation besides Axum during the fourth to sixth century.
    In 481, a volcanic eruption (many suspect Baekdu and/or Ilopango, but some have also pointed to a massive eruption of the Kuwae) caused two years without a summer. Rebellions, civil war and invasions by Germanic tribes once again destabilised the Roman Empire - and to make things worse, Lucius (or Lucio) Delgadius saw himself as the "Sun's Son" and "Saviour of the Earth, of Nature and Man". And this religion, they call themselves Filhos Solos (Sons of the Sun), spread fast and wide.
    By the 610s, the Filhos Solos once again had stabilised Southern and parts of Central Europe, though they had only united most areas of the former Roman Empire under the Lucian Empire between 627 and 689.
    Over the centuries, empires fell and rose. The Parthian Empire, though, despite territorial gains and even major losses, was one of the most stable Empires, lasting into the 1500s and even warding off Mongol/Uyghur invasions - with the help of Armenian soldiers. But then, in 1514, the Parthian Empire fell into civil war and decayed.
    Armenia had by this point become established as a sizeable military power of its own right, and even gained control of Ktesiphon in 1527 and Tehran in 1531, but this could not prevent its first complete partition between the Rus', the Mahdavikid Empire and the Filho Solos Athaenid Kingdom in 1626. Renewed independence in 1648 was followed by another partition of Armenia in 1675. This partition lasted over a century, and especially Athaen - now a great power encompassing many lands once Greek-speaking and sometimes likened to the Macedon Empire of Alexander the Great - tried everything to stomp out Christianity. However, 1802 saw a Christian Revolution break out in Armenia: A new, relatively progressive (for that time) Pope was brought to Artashart by the people, dethroning the Athaen administration, and over the next two centuries, Armenia's recognition and territory, for the most part, expanded. Zoroastrian Persia, now under the Khosmoid Dynasty, protected and assisted Armenia in gaining a few select, but valuable, colonial holdings beyond Europe, notably in Kerala and parts of what was once the Empire of Axum.

    And with the civil war of the Khosmoid (Persian) Empire, with Filhos Vermelhos (a *communist sect/splinter group/cult among Filhos Solos) uprisings occurring as far east as Bactria and even India, Armenia regained Ktesiphon and majority-Zoroastrian areas like Lorestan and Khozestan in the early 20th century, with Persia never regaining its unity. Armenia today is a sizeable regional great power and - even more notable - one of the very few majority-Christian nations. And due to its constant struggle for freedom and independence, the Armenian people have become a very freedom-loving people, both socially and economically. Armenia is quite a tolerant nation - except for religious matters, though, where only registred Christians and Zoroastrians have suffrage. Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and, more begrudgingly, Manichaens are accepted and can exercise their religion relatively freely (for political participation, they frequently register as Christian though), however, Filhos Solos, Filhos Vermelhos, and several other monotheist splinter groups (of Christianity or Filhos Solos) are openly discriminated against...

    National Stadium: Eternal Resurrection Stadium, Trdatakan - Capacity 79,800
    Home kit: Red with a blue and, inscribed, a yellow cross, red shorts and socks.
    Away kit: Blue with a red cross and yellow applications, shorts and socks.
    Third kit: Yellow with a blue cross. Red applications, blue shorts and socks.

    (the three colours are like on the Armenian national flag)

    Coach: Gheorghe Hagi
    Assistant coach: Rodion Cămătaru
    Goalkeeping coach: Silviu Lung



    1 - Armenag Chakmakian

    29 - Shardool Ipsit
    88 - Hovhannes Mgiyan


    4 - LB/LM - Hindirîn Araratian
    2 - CB/CDM - Mgrditch Kassarjian
    3 - CB - Şêr Ro
    5 - RB/RM - Meghrig Hovhannisyan

    22 - LB/CB - Akhilesh Ipsit
    17 - CB - Vagharshag Nazaryan
    38 - RB/CDM - Vergêr Gamaxıj


    6 - CDM - Esahag Ishkhanian
    14 - RM/LM - Artafarnis Pourmandegarian
    26 - LM/CAM - Parkhoutar Assarian
    10 - CAM - Vewrês Gımgımıj

    18 - CAM/RW - Aris Matevosian
    36 - LM/RM - Rocame Asıngrian
    39 - CM - Mkhitar Mkhitarian
    70 - CAM/RW/LW - Ivanildo Assunção de Sol


    9 - ST/CF - Daron Gharakhanian
    11 - ST - Ararad Arshaguni

    25 - ST/LW - Khosrow Mehdiabaadi
    29 - ST/CF/RW - Xıdo Koçgıri
    45 - ST - Vaahith Terenig Kechichian
    27 - CF/ST - Zurab Kvaratskhelia

    Hayastan Lineup.png
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    Federal Republic of Scandinavia
  • Team: Federal Republic of Scandinavia
    Territory: Rest of OTL Norway/Sweden

    The Northmen
    Home Stadium, City:
    Friends Arena, Solna (54 000)
    Home Kit:
    Sweden OTL home kit
    Away Kit: Norway OTL home kit
    Janne Andersson

    Roster (23 players) - Bolds for Starters

    Odd Christian Eiking (Rosenborg)
    Sven Erik Bystrom (Hertha Berlin)
    Tobias Ludvigsson (AIK Solna)

    Kristoffer Halvorsen (AEK Athens)
    Markus Hoelgaard (HJK Helsinki)

    August Jensen (Servette Geneva)
    Sindre Lunke (Anderlecht)
    Lucas Eriksson (Pohang Steelers)
    Tobias Foss (Rosenborg)

    Soren Waerenskjold (Reims)
    Hannes Bergstrom Frisk (AIK Solna)


    Herman Dahl (Glasgow Rangers)
    Vegard Stake Laengen (Benfica)
    Rasmus Tillier (Goa FC)
    Erlen Blikra (KAA Gent)
    Awet Gebremedhin (Rosenborg)
    Torjus Sleen (Glasgow Rangers)
    Andreas Leknessund (Kilmarnock)

    Alexander Kristoff (AIK Solna)
    Amund Grondahl Jansen (Nice)

    Carl Fredrik Hagen (Aberdeen)
    Edvald Boasson Hagen (Montreal Impact)
    Erik Bergstrom Frisk (AIK Solna)
    Pots for AHFA Euro 2020
  • As no more objections were raised, here are the final pots:

    POT 1 (Big Teams): France - Britain - Al-Andalus - Batavia - United Commonwealth - Illyria
    POT 2 (with a bit of luck?): Rhineland - Padania - Austro-Bavaria - Scandinavia - Armenia - Rus
    POT 3 (they will try their best): Czechia - Tuscany - Roman Republic - Hungary - Denmark - Papal States
    POT 4 (glad they even qualified): Cyprus - Finland - Sicily - Free Workers - Jerusalem - Scotland in exile
    AHFA Euro 2020: Groups
  • The draw has now been done.

    As it follows:

    Group A:
    United Commonwealth
    Rus Confederacy
    Papal States

    Group B:
    Scotland in exile

    Group C:

    Group D:
    Roman Republic
    Free Workers Republic

    Group E:

    Group F:
    AHFA Euro 2020 - Group Stage (tournament graph)
  • Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 12.47.36 PM.png

    Here it is!
    @Xibalba I actually use the Mac's keynote presentation. I had to modify the template a bit because of it, but overall, I stayed faithful to your design.
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    Schedule of AHFA Euro 2020
  • Uebeltank

    WeekdayDateTime (UTC+2)Match #Team 1Team 2GroupStageStadium
    Rus20JerusalemAMatchday 1Vallhallahollen, Rus
    Commonwealth20Papal StatesAMatchday 1Ojczyzna Stadium, Commonwealth
    Britain31CzechiaBMatchday 1Wembley Stadium, Great Britain
    Armenia50ScotlandBMatchday 1Letná Stadium, Czechia
    Tuscany-Sardinia34PadaniaCMatchday 1Gioacomo Carducci Stadium, Padania
    France60CyprusCMatchday 1Stade de France, France
    Free Workers11BataviaDMatchday 1Amsterdam Arena, Batavia
    Roman Republic11ScandinaviaDMatchday 1Arbeiterstadion, Frankfurt
    Denmark10RhinelandEMatchday 1Idrætsparken, Denmark
    Finland30IllyriaEMatchday 1Kruunu Stadium, Finland
    SicilyAustro-BavariaFMatchday 1Sultain Ali VI Stadium, Sicily
    Hungary04Al-AndalusFMatchday 1Puskás Arena, Hungary
    Rus11CommonwealthAMatchday 2Ojczyzna Stadium, Commonwealth
    JerusalemPapal StatesAMatchday 2Vallhallahollen, Rus
    BritainArmeniaBMatchday 2Wembley Stadium, Great Britain
    CzechiaScotlandBMatchday 2Letná Stadium, Czechia
    Tuscany-SardiniaFranceCMatchday 2Stade de France, France
    PadaniaCyprusCMatchday 2Gioacomo Carducci Stadium, Padania
    Free WorkersRoman RepublicDMatchday 2Arbeiterstadion, Frankfurt
    BataviaScandinaviaDMatchday 2Amsterdam Arena, Batavia
    DenmarkFinlandEMatchday 2Idrætsparken, Denmark
    RhinelandIllyriaEMatchday 2Kruunu Stadium, Finland
    SicilyHungaryFMatchday 2Sultain Ali VI Stadium, Sicily
    Austro-BavariaAl-AndalusFMatchday 2Puskás Arena, Hungary
    Papal StatesRusAMatchday 3Vallhallahollen, Rus
    JerusalemCommonwealthAMatchday 3Ojczyzna Stadium, Commonwealth
    ScotlandBritainBMatchday 3Wembley Stadium, Great Britain
    CzechiaArmeniaBMatchday 3Letná Stadium, Czechia
    CyprusTuscany-SardiniaCMatchday 3Gioacomo Carducci Stadium, Padania
    PadaniaFranceCMatchday 3Stade de France, France
    ScandinaviaFree WorkersDMatchday 3Arbeiterstadion, Frankfurt
    BataviaRoman RepublicDMatchday 3Amsterdam Arena, Batavia
    IllyriaDenmarkEMatchday 3Idrætsparken, Denmark
    RhinelandFinlandEMatchday 3Kruunu Stadium, Finland
    Al-AndalusSicilyFMatchday 3Sultain Ali VI Stadium, Sicily
    Austro-BavariaHungaryFMatchday 3Puskás Arena, Hungary
    1B3ADEFRo16Wembley Stadium, Great Britain
    1A2CRo16Vallhallahollen, Rus
    1F3ABCRo16Kruunu Stadium, Finland
    2D2ERo16Sultain Ali VI Stadium, Sicily
    1E3ABCDRo16Puskás Arena, Hungary
    1D2FRo16Amsterdam Arena, Batavia
    1C3DEFRo16Gioacomo Carducci Stadium, Padania
    2A2BRo16Idrætsparken, Denmark
    W37W38QFOjczyzna Stadium, Commonwealth
    W39W40QFVallhallahollen, Rus
    W41W42QFArbeiterstadion, Frankfurt
    W43W44QFStade de France, France
    W45W46SFSacred City Stadium
    W47W48SFSacred City Stadium
    W49W50FinalSacred City Stadium
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    United Commonwealth 2:0 Papal States
  • June 13, 2020 - Saturday
    15:00 (UTC+2)
    Ojczyzna Stadium, Warsaw
    Group stage - Group A

    United Commonwealth 2 - 0 Papal States
    Outstanding start for the UC; Papal State receives ungodly beating

    The Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Match Day 1 of the AHFA European Championship. We find ourselves in the beautiful city of Warsaw, capital of the United Commonwealth. The local team, led by Coach Davor Šuker, had an intense match against the Papal States, a team coached by Francesco Franchini. It was clear from the get-go, even before both teams stepped into the field, that the Poles would have a rather significant advantage over their Italian-speaking opponents. The UC has been grouped in an ultra-exclusive category of teams widely believed to be the very best this edition of the Euro Championship has to offer. There is little debate that the Commonwealth's roster of players is truly exceptional, and their vast display of international victories is a testament to that fact. A combination of raw sporting talent, highly praised management and an aggressive formation that allows for a relentless attack of the opponent's defense are key to the UC's chances of becoming the champions of the top football competition in the continent.

    The Papal States, despite their shortcomings, arrived at Ojczyzna Stadium full of energy and vigor, practicing throughout the day and refining their team play. Their strategy consisted of mastering their team cohesiveness, and to counteract the UC's superior offensive power by acting together as a single unit. It was a skill the Papal States hoped would give them a chance at winning, despite the overwhelming odds stacked against them.

    The start of the match would be one to remember. Barely seven minutes after the referee blew the whistle, Zenobiusz Lazarz passed it to Szymon Sójka, who was standing right by the Papal States' net. Sójka delivered a kick that cannoned the ball past goalkeeper Sergio Sebastiani, granting the United Commonwealth an early 1-0 that left fans in awe and the Papal States in shambles. Their entire strategy had been obliterated less than ten minutes into the game, and so the entire team slowly fell apart despite the desperate efforts of Franchini to get his players back into the match.

    The United Commonwealth, meanwhile, never lost steam. This early goal emboldened them, and throughout the next twenty minutes they repeatedly harassed their weakened opponent, trying to seal their fate while they were down. Many players took shots at their rival's net: on minute '16, Kevin Roth slipped past the Papal States' defenders and took a shot, which missed after a save from Angelo Bagnasco. In '36, Zayit Lachman fought over the ball with Angelo Sodano, pressing onwards towards the Papal States' net, but when he finally broke free he was overpowered by the rest of Sodano's teammates. A similar situation took place in minute '40, when Lazarz and Roth charged at the opposing side of the field, only to be broken apart by a resurgent defense.

    The first half had been a disappointment for the Papal States, although they had largely managed to survive the infamous Polish offense. This fact brought some confidence to the Italians, who readily prepared for the next half. The Eagles, meanwhile, saw little value in exhausting themselves further by charging at the solid Papal States team, instead focusing on bulking up their defenses and contenting themselves with a 1-0 win.

    The next half presented a radically more different field dynamic. Many fans were confused to see that the United Commonwealth was no longer pouncing at their opponents with the same aggressiveness, instead dismantling the Papal State's offensive plays and keeping it at that. Zbigniew Pyszka, Sójka, and Nguyễn Ái Quốc were able to stir enough trouble among their rivals by themselves, leading to less exciting plays and a far less energetic match.

    This isn't to mean that the 1-0 score remained idle. Despite the intense efforts exerted by the Papal States, they were simply outmatched athletically by the United Commonwealth, which had decided fighting them head-on wasn't worth the trouble. The Italians weren't keen on learning that lesson, instead launching repeated waves of unsuccessful attacks that slowly weathered them down. By the late '60's, the team of the Papal States was utterly exhausted, to the point that they could hardly continue playing. Šuker's players eyed this and decided to finish the game right away. On minute '78, players Quốc and Pyszka feigned an attack from the right wing, and the Papal States team gravitated towards them. Pyszka then managed a long pass over to Lachman, who was on the left wing, and he succeeded in striking at an undefended net, scoring the United Commonwealth's second goal of the day. The match was essentially over by then, with few meaningful plays until the referee blew the whistle shortly before minute '91.

    With this refreshing although somewhat unsavory 2-0 victory, the United Commonwealth positions itself at the head of Group A, while the Papal States take an embarrassing backseat at the very bottom. It is far too early to call it; however, with some refining to do, the UC might as well become the number-one team of the 2020 Euro Championship.

    Referee: Jasper D'Arras (Jerusalem)

    Yellow cards:
    United Commonwealth:
    Idriss Thiaw ('25); Oskaras Svirskis ('62)
    Papal States: None

    Red cards:

    Player of the Match: Zbigniew Pyszka (United Commonwealth)
    Tuscany-Sardinia 3:4 Padanian Technate
  • Padania beat Tuscany-Sardinia in a Italian Derby

    Welcome to the game between Padania, the Technocrates and Tuscany-Sardinia!

    This is expected to be a great derby, so we should know what is gonna happen.

    The game will be held at Padania's stadium, the Gioacomo Carducci Stadium.


    First Half Starts.

    10' Christian Rota is about to take the shot..... IT'S IN
    11' GGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! Christian Rota has done it! A long-range shot was unexpected!


    17' There's about to be another goal.. It's gonna be a penalty!
    17' Enrico Abela steps up.... IT'S IN!!
    18' GOAL! Enrico Abela has got the Padanian equaliser with the penalty!!!


    30' Padania are about to take the lead... It's true!
    31' GGGGGOOOOAAAALLLLLL!!!!! Enrico Abela has done it again!


    45' The referee will now signal a 4 minute added time.

    46' RED CARD! While defending, sadly Enrico Abela has tackled Matteo Rossi and will not be scoring more great goals anymore.


    First Half Ends.

    Half Time

    Wow what a half it was!
    Sure enough.
    Wait, it was 15 mins so we should discuss this.

    First, the long-range goal has to be the goal of the tournament!
    But we know that it was done by weeks of practice...

    Anyways the second half has started!

    Second Half starts.

    49' GOOOOOALLLLLL!!! Bruto Giovanno HAS SCORED!


    60' GOOALLLLLLLLL!!! Matteo Rossi HAS SCORED!!! Despite getting tackled by a double goalscorer, he should now be better.


    68' GOOAAAAALLLLL!!!! Matteo Rossi has went and scored again!


    This has to be a great comeback? Will Tuscany-Sardinia score the winning goal and seal a great comeback?

    Wait, the dream for them is over.....




    Wow what a match it was! 7 GOALS in one match, this has to be a great match!


    Christian Rota 11'
    Matteo Rossi 60' 68'


    Enrico Aleba 18' 31'
    Bruto Giovanno 49' 90+3'

    - Enrico Aleba

    Match 1 of Group C by New Britain Mapping (Now Briswall Mapping, on Discord and YouTube)
    France 6:0 Cyprus
  • Uebeltank

    France incredibly dominant in opening win against Cyprus.

    Mbappé would secure the win early on for France
    It was a magical evening as France started its run in the AHFA European Championship. While a win was expected, no one had quite predicted the dominant 6-0 win that would follow before a packed Stade de France.

    The game really began with an early goal from Kylian Mbappe. He would head the ball into the net following a pass from midfielder Kevin De Bruyne. Mbappe would quickly follow this goal with a long-distance kick from outside the box. After just 8 minutes, France was leading 2-0 and was on course for a win. For the rest of the half, France would have the largest share of chances, and they would indeed also make it 3-0, with Oliver Giroud scoring the third goal of the evening.

    Things didn’t change too much in the second half. A quarter or so in, defender Benjamin Pavard made it 4-0 on a corner volley. Just 8 minutes later, Paul Pogba would make a free kick goal to make it 5-0. While Cyprus would get a few chances, notably a situation where French Kurt Zouma was just a few centimetres away from making an own goal, they never quite managed to reduce the scoreline. France would secure the result, 6-0, with a great finish from Thorgan Hazard in added time.

    And thus, France crushes their opponents and are on a course to not only advance to the Round of 16, but also potentially as the group winner. They can secure their advancement with a win against Tuscany-Sardinia on Thursday. Meanwhile, Cyprus will almost certainly need a win against either Tuscany or Padania to advance.

    France 6-0 Cyprus
    Mbappé 4'
    Mbappé 8'
    Giroud 43'
    Pavard 63'
    Pogba 71'
    Thorgan Hazard 91'
    Ancient Federation of the Rus' 2:0 Kingdom of Jerusalem
  • diefreie.ff/EURO2020/spielberichte/en/rusjerusalem

    12. 06. 2020, 21:00
    Ancient Federation of the Rus v. Kingdom of Jerusalem
    Ancient Federation of the Rus:

    Anders Skorkarison


    Erik Ragnarson

    Ulf Elnarsson
    Bjorn Hrafnkellson
    Erik Grimmson
    Torsten Eriksson

    Baldur Grikkfarasson
    Frode Styrimathr
    Hrothleifr Saxa (90+1' Kjettel Hroerekrson)
    Harald Svithings (64' Bjorn Persson)
    Arvid Jonsson (64' Brynjar Thangotha)

    Gudmund Kjettillson

    Kingdom of Jerusalem

    Coach: John Francis Stuart


    Jean d'Artois

    Rohan Starling
    Rosh Sholzkara
    Nicholas Stormberg
    (45' Nikita Tisilos) Amaury Baudet

    Guy Stepniak
    (45' Muhammad el-Tlyr) Ash Azidra
    Alberto Stuyven

    Gregory Alba
    (70' Lance Botero) Philip Meskert
    Clement Demare
    Ancient Federation of the Rus' 2 - 0 Kingdom of Jerusalem

    1-0 Hrothleifr Saxa (8')
    2-0 Bjorn Hrafnkellson (29)

    Yellow cards: 4 - 3
    Red cards: 0 - 0

    Referee: Tammam ibn Isma'il al-Qurtubi (Al-Andalus) - Grade B:
    No mistakes in this match which was easy to referee. The penalty (74') was correct.

    "Hereby, I declare AHFA Euro 2020 open!" -
    Kalikstas Baziliauskas, AHFA President

    For this opening match, both managers sent their best starting elevens out - with one exception: Jesper Yrran, who is recovering from a muscle injury, was benched for Ash Azidra.

    After both teams sussed each other out for a few minutes where nothing much happened except in midfield, the Rus' obtained a first corner. Saxa's attempt at a cross was deflected out by Rosh Sholzkara.

    And the corner was taken by Frode Styrimathr, onto the second post. Stormberg did not manage to clear it, and it was Hrothleifr Saxa with a powerful shot! And, slightly deflected by Gregory Alba, it found the back of the net! Jean d'Artois had no chance at all! 1-0 Hrothleifr Saxa (8')!

    From this point, it was clear that the Rus' dominated the match - Jerusalem rarely even got posession of the ball. Just minutes later, Ulf Elnarsson passed the ball directly into the centre to Frode Styrimathr, onto the right to Harald Svithings, who easily outran Amaury Baudet. And he gives a very good cross into the centre, onto the head of Gudmund Kjettillson! And his header hits the post (16')!

    Jerusalem tried at least some counterattacks, however, most of them were stopped by the Rus' defence - the most dangerous attempt, as Ash Azidra passed into the box to Gregory Alba, was stopped by an excellent and heroic tackle by Grikkfarasson (25').
    And from this tackle, Grikkfarasson's ball fortunately found Eriksson, who managed to keep it in the field and, just before reaching the centre line, passed it to Styrmathr. Back to Grikkfarasson, onto the right to Arvid Jonsson, and finally, after a one-two, back into the centre to Harald Svithings! And his shot was barely parried over the crossbar by Jean d'Artois (27')!
    The first corner, taken by Grikkfarasson, was harmlessly cleared out for another corner by Rahon Starling. The same applied to the second corner, the ball cleared over the crossbar by Jean d'Artois. But a third successive corner from the left was awarded, and Styrimathr took it! The ball was brought onto the near post, where Bjorn Hrafnkellsson remained unguarded! And he headed it into the back of the net! 2-0 Bjorn Hrafnkellsson (29')!

    The match was already decided, and not many attacking scenes were seen - neither before nor after half-time, despite Jerusalem having made an at least nominally more attacking substitution in Muhammad el-Tlyr. The Skorkarison team always managed to keep Jerusalem quite far from its own goal and, at least from time to time, made an attacking move - but Jerusalem's defence also managed to stop most of them.

    d'Artois had to parry away a shot from 24 metres out by Hrothleifr Saxa (45+1'), show an excellent reflex save against Kjettillson's shot from ten metres after the latter had recieved the ball in an excellent cross from Saxa (58') and against another header from Hrafnkellsson after a Styrimathr free kick (60').

    But Jerusalem got somewhat more courageous and started launching counterattacks themselves. An attempted cross from Demare after he, with the help of Stuyven, had outwitted the entire Rus' midfield was cleared by Torsten Eriksson (71'), with the resulting corner being harmless.

    However, the Skorkarison team's counterattack was nipped in the bud when, for the first time in the entire match, Grikkfarasson lost a duel against Muhammad el-Tlyr. El-Tlyr passed the ball to Alberto Stuyven, who further passed it out onto the left to Gregory Alba.

    Alba gave an excellent cross into the penalty area for Lance Botero. His shot was blocked by Bjorn Hrafnkellsson! But al-Qurtubi immediately pointed towards the spot - a clear penalty for Jerusalem as Hrafnkellsson's arm was definitely too far out, and you could even argue that Hrafnkellsson deliberately used his arm to block the shot! "Just" a yellow card, though, but definitely a penalty for Jerusalem.

    Gregory Alba took responsibility, as he did for all Jerusalem penalties. He aimed for the lower left corner... but the shot was not powerful enough! And Ragnarson dived to the left - the penalty is saved (74')!

    Ragnarson even manages to grasp the ball firmly, and the resulting counterattack over Eriksson, Grimmsson, Brynjar Thangotha and Bjorn Persson saw Hrothleifr Saxa draw towards the centre from his left wing, and his shot could just about be saved by d'Artois around the right post (76')!

    With the match decided and even the best chance having been squandered by the Stuart side, offensive moves became rare on both sides. After another corner from the right taken by Thangotha, a shot from Ulf Elnarsson was narrowly headed over the goal by Nicholas Stormberg (85').

    In the last minute of the game - Skorkarison had already taken to wasting time by making his third substition - Bjorn Persson's audacious attempt from 27 metres out was stopped by a robust tackling from Rosh Sholzkara. Another yellow card, and a last free kick for the Rus'! And Brynjar Thangotha brought it into the penalty area, where the newly-substituted Kjettel Hroerekrson was left unguarded! But his shot was quite a bit too high (90+2')!

    After all, this opening match, despite not reaching the goal difference from the 2016 AHFA Euro opening match (France 4 - 0 Latvian National State), was a clear-cut affair in favour of the Rus'.
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    Episcopate and Papate of Hayastan 5:0 Kingdom of Scotland in exile
  • diefreie.ff/EURO2020/spielberichte/en/hayastankgrschottland
    Episcopate and Papate of Hayastan

    Coach: Gheorghe Hagi


    Armenag Chakmakian

    Hindirîn Araratian
    Şêr Ro
    Mgrditch Kassarjian
    Meghrig Hovhannisyan

    Esahag Ishkhanian
    Ivanildo Assunção de Sol (59' Khosrow Mehdiabaadi)
    Parkhoutar Assarian
    Vewrês Gımgımıj

    Ararad Arshaguni (90' Vaahith Terenig Kechichian)
    Xıdo Koçgıri (75' Daron Gharakhanian)

    Kingdom of Scotland in exile:

    Coach: Laird Alex Ferguson


    Alex MacFarlane

    Jamie Wallace
    (45' Finlay Inglis) Innes Maclaughlin
    Teddy Downie
    Jackie Douglas

    Cammy McCann
    (75' Connell Macnicol) Danny Currie
    (68' Sorley McMenamin) Archie Armstrong
    Diarmid McGill
    Fran MacRitchie

    Kenny Romanov
    Episcopate and Papate of Hayastan 5 - 0 Kingdom of Scotland

    1-0 Xıdo Koçgıri (11')
    2-0 Hindirîn Araratian (35')
    3-0 Vewrês Gımgımıj (45+1')
    4-0 Xıdo Koçgıri (51')
    5-0 Vaahith T. Kechichian (90+1')

    Yellow cards: 1 - 5
    Red cards: 0 - 0

    Referee: Hroald Sigbjornsson (Federation of the Rus') - Grade B+:
    Without major mistakes in this match which was easy to referee. The penalty was clear-cut and correct (Currie v. Koçgıri, 51'). Sometimes, coordination with VAR took quite long (mostly during the offside check of the 2-0 by Araratian, 35'), and he could have booked Armstrong (27').

    Two of the more unknown teams from Europe played each other for this first match of Group B. Hayastan had at least already managed to qualify for the one or other tournament, however, its league was not as well known west of the Straits of Tharantha and is commonly underrated. On the other side, it was the first major tournament ever for the Kingdom of Scotland.

    And little did spectators in Prague - most of them neutral - expect what was to come. Hayastan immediately put Scotland under pressure.

    Within three minutes, the Jacobite defence in person of Jamie Wallace was, via a simple but lovely to watch move, outwitted by Ivanildo Assunçao de Sol, and Innes Maclaughlin's tackle backfired as the ball ended up with Esahag Ishkhanian, who was free to run. His audacious shot from the border of the penalty area (16 metres out) could just barely be saved by Macfarlane (3')!

    And Hayastan further reasserted their dominance.

    Admittedly, the Ferguson team "assisted" Hayastan when Jackie Douglas, in an attempt to clear the ball which he had just won back from Parkhoutar Assarian, into the feet of Vewrês Gımgımıj, who made an unselfish pass to Xido Koçgıri who easily scored from the centre-right, barely seven metres in front of the goal, into the lower left corner! 1-0 Xıdo Koçgıri (11')!

    Scotland did at least try to counterattack during the constant Hayastani attempts to create more chances and score at least one more goal. Macfarlane was the centre of action as he had to intervene against several headers (14', 18', 27') and an out of the foot shot by Arshaguni (22'), a mix between cross and shot by Ivanildo Assunção do Sol (17'). a shot by Koçgıri was aimed too high (20'), as was the case with Arshaguni's powerful attempt (31'). Gımgımıj's excellent attempt was deflected onto the outside of the post by Teddy Downie (25').

    And while most of the counterattacks were nipped in the bud by Ishkhanian, Assarian or Ivanildo do Sol, at least Diarmid McGill (23') was able to outrun Assarian once. His cross to Romanov was the only situation where Armenag Chakmakian intervened - before Romanov could even get to the ball to head it. On a second counterattack, Diarmid McGill again outran Assarian, but Romanov was offside so that Ro could gain the ball back (32').

    On the other side, Araratian's attempted cross into the penalty area turned into quite a dangerous "shot" and could barely be parried around the right post by Macfarlane. The first corner could be cleared by Teddy Downie, and the second corner was picked up by Macfarlane. He threw the ball to Innes Maclaughlin, who made a bad pass.

    The ball landed at the feet of Vewrês Gımgımıj, whose powerful shot was cleared by Jamie Wallace, out for a corner. This corner was brought in by Parkhoutar Assarian, Macfarlane parried the ball over the crossbar for another corner from the right. Again, taken by Parkhoutar Assarian. The Jacobite defence is in shambles, but just manages to clear the ball... though only slightly. Hindirîn Araratian, noticing that Macfarlane is far too far out of his goal trying to hinder a shot from Arshaguni et al., circumvents Macfarlane and Cammy McCann and chips the ball into an empty net! 2-0 Hindirîn Araratian (35')!

    Hayastan relented to some extent, but clearly remained dominant - and devoted to nipping counterattacks by the Ferguson team in the bud. Kenny Romanov got a shot from 35 metres out after a long pass by Archie Armstrong, but it went far wide (40'), meanwhile Arshaguni (38', 44') and Koçgıri (40') failed to score from dangerous opportunities, mainly from crosses from the left or right wing. But just before half-time, Ivanildo Assunção do Sol outran Jamie Wallace on the left wing, Armstrong did not manage to help out either. And as Downie and Maclaughlin were marking Arshaguni and Koçgıri respectively, Vewrês Gımgımıj remained unmarked in the penalty area! And nailed it under the crossbar, no chance for Alex Macfarlane! 3-0 Vewrês Gımgımıj (45+1')!

    After kickoff, Scotland just managed to play a few safe passes before losing the ball to Esahag Ishkhanian again. The referee then blew the half-time whistle.

    After kickoff, the Crosses relented a bit, intensity and speed of their game were significantly reduced. However, even at this lower intensity, Ivanildo do Sol (49') took a dangerous shot which could just be parried over the goal by Alex Macfarlane. And just two minutes later, it was Xıdo Koçgıri outrunning Finlay Inglis and Jamie Wallace on the right wing. Scotland was even more defensively oriented than in the first half, not wanting to concede any more goals. But seeing that Koçgıri could take a shot himself or pass to the unmarked Ivanildo do Sol, Danny Currie saw no other alternative than to take Koçgıri down!
    And Sigbjornsson immediately pointed to the spot! A clear penalty and a clear yellow card for Currie!

    In the absence of D. Gharakhanian, it was Xıdo Koçgıri's responsiblity to take the penalty. And he took it brilliantly! A powerful shot into the centre-right! Macfarlane on his way to the left - no chance! 4-0 Xıdo Koçgıri (51')!

    Not much more was to be seen in most of the second half. The Hagi side focused on relaxing and preserving the result, while the Jacobites did not have the means to stage any sort of comeback. Shots by Romanov (64', 80') were harmless and the latter one easily saved by Chakmakian, while an attempted cross by Fran Ritchie landed directly at the feet of Ro (76'). The Jacobites did not even get a corner during the entire second half, despite some vaguely offensive-minded substitutions.

    For the last few minutes of the game, the Hagi side increased intensity again as (especially) the substitutes wanted to try scoring a goal or at least getting an assist. Gharakhanian with a shot (79') and a header after a corner (85'), as well as Mehdiabaadi after a brilliant pass from Gımgımıj (88') had their attempts saved by Macfarlane. But in one of the last scenes of the match, Gımgımıj dribbled towards the penalty area, around Wallace, then around Inglis - and just before the box, he was taken down by Jackie Douglas! A dangerous free kick from the centre-left. Gımgımıj took it himself, but contrary to what the Jacobites expected, he did not take it directly. Instead, a cross was brought into the penalty area... perfectly onto the head of Vaahith T. Kechichian, who headed it in from seven metres! 5-0 Vaahith T. Kechichian (90+1')!

    Spectators got to see one more dangerous opportunity when a shot by Daron Gharakhanian was deflected by Jackie Douglas (90+3'), resulting in yet another corner for the Crosses. And Assarian brought it into the box, onto the body of Şêr Ro, whose shot with the knee hit the inside of the post! Macfarlane would yet again have been without a chance (90+4')!

    Most pundits and spectators did expect Hayastan to win this, yes, but few expected such a dominant performance and such a high victory margin. And, as we all know, goal difference and even the number of goals scored could be decisive to determine who is among the best-placed third teams, so this convincing win for Hayastan could be a determining factor...
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    Kingdom of Hungary 0:4 Socialist Republic of Al-Andalus
  • June 16, 2020 - Tuesday
    21:00 (UTC+2)
    Puskás Arena, Hungary
    Group stage - Group F

    Hungary 0 - 4 Al-Andalus
    defeat for Magyars in home soil; Al-Andalus ahead

    Group favorites Al-Andalus meets their first challenger, the team for the Kingdom of Hungary. There was a feeling of confidence in Budapest early today, and some would argue that was justified. The Hungarians were playing their first game of the tournament at their very own stadium, surrounded by crowds of adoring fans. The setting was fully to the Magyars' favor, and to many in the city that equated to an easy victory. The Hungarian team, coached by Marco Rossi, expressed its belief that today's game would be a triumph. Indeed, Hungary's chances for a successful performance have not been downplayed by international analysts, and many have agreed that the team has the potential to become an important contender. It was also warned, however, that the team needs to consolidate its strength early on, and that a disappointing early Group Stage could spell the end of Hungary's Euro Championship dream.

    Al-Andalus arrived at Budapest yesterday, and rather surprisingly, did not show up to practice up until the very last possible hour, right before the game started. Everyone had expected that Sarji Rami's squad would want to soak up every available moment to train before facing the daunting Magyar team. Even more odd, the team never seemed to have left their hotel for touristic sightseeing, a common practice meant to encourage fraternization between the teammates. Sport analysts debated as to what strange strategy the Andalusians were attempting, while the Hungarians confidently asserted that their rivals were simply too scared to face them before the match. Budapest seemed to emulate this latter sentiment.

    The start of the match was quite the revelation for the Magyars, for Al-Andalus didn't waste any time pouncing at the net. On minute '8, Usman Dembele kicked a long shot over to Benasir Silwa, who then made a powerful strike towards the Hungarian net. It wasn't a goal, but rather an alarming wake-up call for a completely disorganized and uninspired Magyar team, which suddenly began to realize the size of the beast they were now facing. This wasn't going to be an easy victory. Either they wised up, or got destroyed by Al-Andalus.

    It wasn't quite that simple. On minute '15, Hungary's N. Stanciu lost the ball to a rushing Yahia Mutinyia, who passed it over to Silwa. The entire defense of Al-Andalus suddenly surged to block their Hungarian counterparts as Mutinyia and Silwa attacked. Mutinyia feigned to strike, causing goalie P. Gulácsi to fall over. It was then rather easy for him to place the ball in the net, setting the score 1-0.

    It was a rather stunning display of athleticism and aggressiveness. The Andalusians had established who was the superior team, and the Hungarians could not counter this notion. Overly confident and not expecting a difficult match, they were thrown off their pedestal by a ruthless and powerful rival and forced to readapt. Some would argue that the Magyars managed to regain their footing, for the remainder of the first half was devoid of any offensive plays by Al-Andalus. However, commentators noted that this was due to their own unwillingness to do it rather than due to any improvement in gameplay the Hungarians had achieved. Hungary timidly prodded and poked the Andalusians, although nothing really happened. Both teams silently returned to their lockers once minute '45 arrived.

    The Hungarians were certain that a focus on offensive could overturn the 1-0, should the Andalusians continue to play as they did for the later part of the first half. For the Al-Andalusia team, the strategy centered around exploiting the one glaring weakness the Magyars had - their confidence - which they had fostered by playing weakly, with only the starting plays to secure a 1-0 victory should their plan fail. Now that their rivals were sure of themselves, it was time to come out with fury.

    Starting the second half, little could've prepared the Hungarians for the onslaught they were about to experience. The Andalusians drove right into them like a lightning strike, obliterating any sense of coordination or strategy the Magyars had built. It was football carnage: on minute '54, Islam Runalj caught a pass from Mutinya and dove into defender W. Orban, before slamming the ball into the top-left corner of the net. On minute '60, Marwan Fellaini drove into the Hungarian area and caught the goalie off-guard, placing the score at 3-0. A humiliating loss for a now completely disheartened Magyar team, although the onslaught was yet to finish.

    On minute '86, Fransisqo Swarez and Silwa took to the net once again, completely on their own, rushing past a barrage of Hungarian players, swiftly making their way towards their opponents

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    Roman Republic 1:1 Federal Republic of Scandinavia
  • diefreie.ff/EURO2020/spielberichte/en/romischerepublikskandinavien
    Roman Republic:

    Coach: Dimitrios Rodilis


    Karolos Rodiadis

    Eftichis Kappou
    Markos Adamos
    Loukas Gabrillis
    Mihalis Mutoulis

    Paraskevas Apostolallis (70' Vissarion Minides)
    Efstathios Hondrou
    Socratis Maneas
    Marcos Politatos (87' Leonidas Gerakis)

    Achilleas Manallis
    Thomas Romaniadis (64' Anthimos Tassas)

    Federal Republic of Scandinavia

    Coach: Janne Andersson


    Tobias Ludvigsson

    Kristoffer Halvorsen
    Markus Hoelgaard
    (90+3' Sindre Lunke) Lucas Eriksson
    Tobias Foss

    Rasmus Tillier
    (74'Vegard Stake Længen) Andreas Leknessund
    Awet Gebremedhin

    (58' Carl Fredrik Hagen) Alexander Kristoff
    Amund Grondahl Jansen
    Edvald Boasson Hagen
    Roman Republic 1 - 1 Federal Republic of Scandinavia

    0-1 Edvald Boasson Hagen (71')
    1-1 Socratis Maneas (86')

    Yellow cards: 6-6
    Red cards: 0-0

    Referee: Kwiatosław Sniegowski (United Commonwealth) - Grade A:
    No mistakes in this match, which was relatively easy to referee.

    Both coaches mostly fielded their best players, however, Janne Andersson chose a more offensive version of the usual 4-3-3 formation thus fielding Rasmus Tillier as a second central midfielder with Andreas Leknessund, instead of defensive midfielder Vegard Stake Længen.

    But the entire first half saw no promising opportunities or chances created at all. Both teams just passed the ball back and forth in midfield, and the only times when one of the goalkeepers - in both cases, it was Karolos Rodiadis - had to intervene were a powerful, but effectively harmless shot by Leknessund (29') and a cross/shot attempt by Amund Jensen on the far right, from a very tight angle (44').

    When this passing around - including a lot of bad passes on both sides - continued into the second half, spectators booed, whistled and began to decry this match as the "Disgrace of Frankfurt" or, milder, the Flaute von Frankfurt ("Frankfurt Lull"). The only exception was Socratis Maneas having outpaced Kristoffer Halvorsen, but due to lack of support by any other Roman players, he had to take a shot himself (57') and only hit the side netting.

    Surprisingly though, the ante was upped by both teams as they had made their first substitutions. One of the most ineffective players, Alexander Kristoff ( only 21 touches!), was taken off for the brother of another striker - the Hagen brothers now were on the pitch together!

    As Socratis Maneas once again outpaced Halvorsen, this time he managed to play a dangerous "banana" cross to the left. It reached Efstathios Hondrou perfectly, and his shot was so tricky that Tobias Ludvigsson - his sight blocked by Tobias Foss - could just barely save it around the left post (68').

    The impasse had been overcome. Just minutes later, Tobias Foss on the right wing played an excellent long pass forward to Awet Gebremedhin, who outwitted first Markos Adamos and then Eftichis Kappou, crossing the ball - now from a far-left position - onto Edvald Boasson Hagen! And he outjumped both Adamos and Gabrillis and headed it in! 0-1 Edvald Boasson Hagen (71')!

    And the Andersson team was now determined to knick the three points from Frankfurt! Andersson brought Stake Længen on for Leknessund, switching to a somewhat more defensive formation. Another cross by Gebremedhin, this time from a centre-right position, was cleared out by Markos Adamos for a corner, which Gebremedhin took short with a safe pass to Tobias Foss. The cross Foss brought into the penalty area found the head of Vegard Stake Længen, whose header hit the post! Rodiadis would have been without a chance (75')!

    However, the Rodilis team also profited - in the form of space that can be exploited for counterattacks. Efstathis Hondriou was woefully left alone on the left wing, and as he came into the penalty box, he passed the ball to Vissarion Minides, whose shot was aimed too centrally though and could be saved by Ludvigsson (82')!

    But then, the Romans started to put pressure on the Andersson team. And indeed, Rasmus Tillier lost the ball to Vissarion Minides, who played onto the right wing of Socratis Maneas. Over Minides and Anthimos Tassas, the ball ended up with Maneas again, now just metres away from the goal in a centre-right position! And Maneas was taken down with a robust attempt by Tobias Ludvigsson! The ball went out, but this was a clear-cut penalty!

    As Paraskevas Apostolallis had already been taken off, Socratis Maneas took responsibility .. and feigned shooting into the right, but aimed for the left corner! Ludvigsson, on his way to the right, had no chance! 1-1 Socratis Maneas (86')!

    Both teams had several veritable opportunities to take home victory in the last few minutes of the match - notably Gerakis with a header after a corner was brought in from Hondriou (89'), but also a lovely and promising shot from Gebremedhin (90+1'), but none of the two sides managed to score. In the end, the draw was a deserved result and spectators could go home at least having watched a match worthy of being called that, even if only during the last twenty or twenty-five minutes...
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    Great Britain 3:1 Czechian Confederation
  • Match Day: Britain v Czechia
    Venue: Wembley Stadium, Great Britain
    Attendance: 90,000

    McGinn (Rose 89')
    Ramsey (McGregor 76')
    Kane (Vokes 82')

    Suchý (Čelůstka 85')
    Souček (Sadilek 65')
    Vydra (Kozák 71')


    0' Kick-off in Wembley for Group B favourites Great Britain who should have an easy time today against Czechia

    4' Czechia have control of the ball but fail to do anything dangerous with it

    6' GOAL! England's McGinn manages to intercept a wobbly pass from Suchy, quickly dribbling two Czech defenders to deliver a perfect cross into the box where Gareth Bale was lying in wait. The Welsh striker screams in Britain's first as Wembley erupts in cheers ! 1-0 Britain !

    10' Good reaction by Czechia as Jankto attempts to escape with the ball on the right side of the pitch, but the ball rolls into a goal-kick as he fails to keep it.

    14' GOAL! Czechia equalize with a magnificent strike from Roma's striker Patrik Schick! Left with no options as the British defensive block closed in and with no solutions on either side, Schick attempts a volley from 30 metres out. The ball slams into Hennessey's top right corner as the British goalkeeper watches! 1-1!

    17' Czechia's attempt has revitalized their offense. Vydra attempts a cross but Stones clears the danger.

    19' England react with Kane trying from 20 metres out. It flies over the bar.

    23' Another good try from Britain as Henderson manages to find a good cross into the box. Bale cannot put his head on it but Kane can, however the header goes wide off the left post.

    28' GOAL! Britain have continued pressuring up and this time the light comes from Raheem Sterling! Unstoppable on his corridor, the young winger blazes past two czech defenders to deliver a perfect ball for Harry Kane. The gift is unmissable for the British striker who places Britain in the lead! 2-1!

    37' Another big chance for Britain! Sterling manages a backward pass for Henderson who tries from 15 metres but Vaclik stops it!

    43' Britain have kept their foot on the ball, as Sterling attempts to get away with another sprint down the left side. This time the ball goes into a goal kick as the Czech defenders react in time.

    45+2' Half-time in Wembley as Britain hold onto their 2-1 lead, but have had opportunities to make it 3 or 4-1.

    46' The second half starts as neither team have used any substitutes.

    54' Czechia have the first opportunity of the second half, but Jankto's poor shot is no problem for Hennessey.

    57' Czechia push forward! Shick finds Pavelka unmarked in the box. The midfielder heads it in but Hennessey saves it!

    65' First substitution in the game. Czechia's Soucek is out while Sadilek is on. This will be his second ever appearance in Czech colours.

    69' Good chance for Czechia as Sadilek manages to find Vydra alone, but the Czech striker fumbles and Stones manages to knock the ball into a corner kick.

    71' Second substitution for Czechia. Vydra is out, Kozak is on.

    73' Big chance for Britain! McGinn and Henderson make the Czech defense dizzy and McGinn finds Bale alone, but he is brought down by Kaderabek! It's a penalty!

    74' Kane and Bale argue as to whom will take it. The English striker finally gets it at rock, paper, scissors. His shot hits the right post. Embarassing.

    76' First substitution for Britain as Ramsey is off, while McGregor comes on.

    78' Good chance for Britain as a corner kick from Bale finds Henderson, but his header is saved by Vacik.

    80' Another penalty for Britain! Sterling is on fire and goes down in the box! Kalas is booked and Bale takes the penalty, but this time Vacik saves it!

    82' Harry Kane is off as Southgate isn't happy about his positioning, while Vokes comes on.

    84' Chance for Czechia! Pavelka delivers a good ball to Schick, but the Czech striker's shot goes wide, Hennessey didn't have it!

    85' Last change for Czechia. Suchy is off, while Čelůstka is on.

    86' First booking for Britain as John Stones goes for a rough contest.

    89' Last substitution for Britain as McGinn leaves the pitch and Rose is on.

    90+2' GOAL! Britain have it now! The Czech players were too far forward and Sterling punishes it, runs with the ball down the field and easily powers the ball past Vacik. 3-1!

    90+4' Full time! Britain are happy to take a deserved three points but Czechia have shown signs of hope. Group B is now open for second place, but Britain seem to be in form and will by hard to dislodge from first place.

    Britain 3 - 1 Czechia
    Bale 6'​
    Schick 14'​
    Kane 28'
    Sterling 90+2'​

    Man of the match: Raheem Sterling (Britain)
    Kingdom of Denmark 1:0 Republic of the Rhine
  • diefreie.ff/EURO2020/spielberichte/en/danemarkrheinland
    Kingdom of Denmark:

    Coach: Jon Dahl Tomasson

    Jon Hougård

    Viktor Aronsson
    Alex Aftenvind
    Jón Benediktsson
    Paul Iverssen

    Karl Persson (71' Peter Gregersen)
    Rókur Djurhuus
    Malik Nielsen
    Max Meyer (90+2' Simon Søgård)

    Niklas Krogh (45' Anders Toft)
    Felix Schmidt

    Republic of the Rhine

    Coach: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

    Alfons Heidemann

    Erwin Rehder
    Robin Koch
    Manuel Neuer
    Joshua Kimmich

    (87' Denis Kuhn) Matthias Käutner
    Leon Goretzka

    (60' Otto Reinhardt) Leroy Sané
    Paul Cocceji
    Serge Gnabry

    (77' Meik Hessel) Luca Waldschmidt
    Kingdom of Denmark 1 - 0 Republic of the Rhine

    1-0 Rókur Djurhuus (57')

    Yellow cards: 3 - 3
    Red cards: 0 - 0

    Referee: Timothé Akombe (French Commonwealth) - Grade E:
    A penalty for the Rhineland would have been mandatory (Aronsson v. Neuer, 28') and another one (Gregersen v. Goretzka, 87') could have been given.

    No changes to the nominal starting elevens were seen on either side. And the match at first seemed to turn out just as lame as the one in Frankfurt. For the first half an hour, none of the teams managed to create any serious opportunities. The advantage was clearly with the Rhenish team.

    And it was the Green Moose that had the only somewhat promising situation as Matthias Käutner had excellently brought Leroy Sané into play. Sané's cross went far too far to the right, though, but Serge Gnabry was still able to reach it before the ball went out! Gnabry even managed to pull back, closer to the penalty area, and take a "shot", but it was cleared out by Benediktsson (16'). In the end, relatively harmless, but such situations have already resulted in own goals. The corner was harmlessly picked up by Hougård.

    A very similar situation, but not as harmless, arose when Leon Goretzka gained the ball from Karl Persson. Again, Sané received an excellent pass directly from Goretzka, with Iversson playing him onside. Sané, this time much more accurately, crossed the ball towards Luca Waldschmidt, but it was narrowly cleared out by Alex Aftenvind.
    The corner was brought in by Erwin Rehder, directly onto the head of Manuel Neuer. Manuel Neuer however, thanks to an excellent first touch, tried a shot with his right foot, but the ball was deflected by Victor Aronsson!

    At first, Akombe's whistle had remained silent, but out of Frankfurt came a signal - the VAR advised Akombé to check the situation. Was the arm of Victor Aronsson too far out? Was it an "unnatural position"?
    But despite Akombé watching the play repeatedly, he believed Aronsson's handball to be inadvertent. A mistake, as Aronsson's arm was definitely too far out! It wasn't stretched out or so, but his elbow definitely should have been closer to his body - and if one is harsh, one could even assume malice.

    This should have been a penalty for the Rhinelanders... but none was awarded. Instead, the next corner was brought in by Sané and Kimmich's shot from afar was saved by Hougård (31')!

    In an excellent move of cooperation, Kimmich and Gnabry were responsible for the next chance for the Green Moose, however, the header which Luca Waldschmidt took from 15 metres out was once again saved by Hougård (40'), with the second attempt by Leroy Sané going far too high.
    And just a few minutes later, having got hold of the ball over Erwin Rehder, Matthias Käutner, Goretzka, Käutner again, and then Paul Cocceji, Leroy Sané - nearly at the touchline - passed the ball back into the penalty area where Karl Persson had to make an excellent tackle to prevent Leon Goretzka from shooting (44')!

    After the break, Denmark was significantly more active at least in pursuing counterattacking opportunities. After Hougård had picked up the ball from a corner brought in by Rehder (51'), he quickly initiated play and passed to Karl Persson, who played a direct long chip ball to Anders Toft! Neither Neuer nor Koch were able to keep up with him, and Toft was one on one with Heidemann... who excellently tightened the angle so that Toft's shot from a tight centre-left angle went just wide of the goal (52')!

    A warning shot for the Green Moose, who now tried even harder to score the first goal. Paul Cocceji's lovely attempt from the left wing was parried away by Hougård (54') and even his rather egregious mistake of passing the ball directly to Goretzka remained unpunished as the latter 's attempt was far too hasty and far too far to the left - surely, if Goretzka had brought Kimmich on the right wing or Cocceji on the left into play, it would have been one-nil (55').

    Instead, the ball was saved by Hougård. And Hougård quickly threw the ball to Iverssen, who saw a gap opening up and played an excellent, relatively long pass to Max Meyer. He played somewhat to the centre-right to Anders Toft, whose shot was once again saved by Heidemann.
    Heidemann safely held the ball, but his goalkick, intended for Kimmich, ended far too far on the left wing - directly at the foot of Rókur Djurhuus. And after evading Kimmich and dribbling closer to the penalty area, seeing off Robin Koch too, Djurhuus noticed that Heidemann was a bit too far out of his goal! And he took an audacious shot, a lovely one at that, and it found the top right corner! 1-0 Rókur Djurhuus (57')!

    The Green Moose were furious and ran towards the Red-White goal. Indeed, some promising and even dangerous opportunities were created - notably, Goretzka's shot from the border of the penalty area which was deflected by Aronsson and thus became very difficult to parry away for Hougård (71'), a Kimmich shot from the right after a corner by Rehder was insufficciently cleared by Felix Schmidt (74'), and a free kick.

    Paul Iverssen had stopped a run by Meik Hessel on the left wing. He was booked and a free kick was awarded to the Rummenigge team. Otto Reinhardt took it... and it proved a very dangerous mix between a direct and indirect attempt! Probably intended as a cross, it came very close to Hougård's goal - where Manuel Neuer didn't manage to head the ball with enough pressure. The header went narrowly over (79')!

    And once again, Hougård's goal kick ended up perfectly at the feet of Peter Gregersen, who initiated a combination over Malik Nielsen, Paul Iverssen, Nielsen again. Felix Schmidt recieved an excellent low cross, Rehder playing him onside, and his chipped shot could only narrowly be palmed over the goal by Heidemann (80')!

    In the last ten minutes of the game, intensity dropped somewhat. Nevertheless, Hessel's shot from the right proved quite dangerous as it was deflected by Anders Toft (86'), Hougård just narrowly managed to drive it out to the left. And the following corner, taken short by Rehder with a pass to Serge Gnabry, was followed by Gnabry crossing the ball dangerously into the tumultuous penalty area where, at least arguably, Gregersen pushed and shoved Goretzka! But Akombé's whistle once again remained silent, and the VAR did not intervene either!
    Instead, the ball was headed by Gregersen and went over the goal (87').

    Just when everyone thought the game was basically over, Simon Søgård, with his first touch, finds Rókur Djurhuus on the far left, whose cross is cleared out by Robin Koch. Simon Søgảrd took the corner - and found the head of Anders Toft, whose header hit the crossbar and then went out into the field again, where the ball was kicked out by Kuhn! Heidemann would have been without a chance there (90+4')!
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    Independent Team of the United Workers' League 1:1 Republic of Batavia
  • Batavian Republic vs. Independent Team of the United Workers' League

    Sunday 14th of June, 3 pm
    Group D, Day 1
    Location : Amsterdam ArenA, Amsterdam, Batavia

    Hi guys! You too had to cut your Sunday afternoon nap short to support your beloved Tierneyists or your beloved Oranje? Well you'll see that we're going to have a much better time than if you stayed in Wonderland. I promise. Or not. Kick-off at 3 p.m.!

    The Free Workers have been oddly designated as the home team, so they will play in their traditional red shirt, while the Batavians will play in blue in their own stadium !

    The players are in the starting blocks, smoke goes out of their nostrils, they’re impatient. The lions, caged for too long, want to bite into all the rolling balls.

    For the Tierneyists, the long-time injured was obviously named Youssef Guennoun ... Except that the Pharaoh does not start! He will start warm on the bench. Note the defense of 4 concocted by Pep Guardiola and very heavy in front: Cadinho, Vulindlela Gcabwe and Ante Delac. Ah, and Úlfljótur Þórlaugsson too...

    The only good news about this Covid-19 is that Batavia and the Free Workers were able to recover their injured. On the Oranje side, they are called none the lesser than Steven Kruijswijk and Bauke Mollema, in particular. The two Ajacides are on the starting eleven alongside Lyon's Tom Dumoulin on the front of the attack. Behind, however, no trace of a van Poppel or Havik, except on the bench. Teunissen and Jakobsen will keep the shop.

    AND IT’S ON !

    1 '
    First whistle from Mr. Mossi, the Neapolitan referee, who replaces Michael Oliver this evening.

    3 '
    Oh van Emden! What an interesting move from the Oranje, but the right back spoils the work with a crappy cross.

    7 '
    Cadinho’s first acceleration on the left side. Leipzig’s winger collapses in a duel. Nothing to report, it is well defended.

    10 '
    The two teams are in place defensively. Fortunately, there are two quality No. 10 on the lawn to come and unlock all this.

    13 '
    Mollema's first strike. It's framed. A lesser evil, considering the speed at which the bullet "shot" from his feet.

    22 '
    AAAAAH CADINHO! Sidnei Gomes incredibly misses on a cross from Gcabwe, it comes back to Cadinho, but the Lepiziger kid stumbles on van Baarle! Huge ground stop from the Madrilene.

    26 '
    Oh that cross of Þórlaugsson! A little strong, too bad! He had made the difference on his right flank, the Icelandic!

    29 '
    And the Free Workers who try to reply again! It's a bit confusing and the leather comes to die next to the left post of van Baarle.

    MOLLEEEEEEMAAAAAA! The head ! It's slammed over by Dedekind!

    33 '
    Breathtaking, though, how Steven Kruijswijk got everyone to agree so quickly. Adaptation time? Never heard of.

    36 '
    But again, what is this Free Workers’ defense? !!

    39 '
    Yellow card for Úlfljótur Þórlaugsson, who sheared Jakobsen.

    42 '

    Batavia’s right wing do what they want. There is nothing and nobody to come and piss off van Emden and Kruijswijk.

    There is nothing right with Free Workers’ defense : De la Vecchia’s lame pass intercepted, Oluwaseyi’s abysmal naivety in the one-on-one, Chilingiria’s messed-up return, Dedekind’s "parade" ... I guess it’s difficult to make a defense work when no one speak a common language.

    This is called "marking the way to the goal". You don't even have to be a seasoned hiker. Steven Kruijswijk, still a novice on the international level, takes the opportunity to get his hands on the Jerusalem trails.

    Free Workers 0:1 Batavia

    44 '
    Good, Free Workers! Are you waking up ?!

    Delac is forced to come back further in defense to touch the ball. We hardly saw Cadinho. Gcabwe is monopolized by the defensive withdrawal.

    45 '
    Ah Gcabwe !! Here's the guy coming out of his box. A small rake to throw his opponent in the wind, and a floating praline at the edge of the surface ... van Baarle is, again, flawless.

    45 '+1

    TV consultants are quite enthusiastic. Satisfied with what they saw, obviously. "We have seen shots on target", even dare French journalist Stéphane Guy.

    We're not going to lie to each other, it’s no great shakes.
    It's normal, we weren't expecting fireworks for the cover, but far from sharing the joy of TV consultants ...

    Logically, Batavia is ahead thanks to an exquisite Steven Kruijswijck. In the middle, van der Poel and Terpstra impose themselves and Mollema is rather lively in front. But it is above all the monumental weakness of the Free Worker’s defense that is to be noted. The explosive Cadinho-Delac-Gcabwe cocktail is just waiting to be expressed. Bring in Youssef Guennoun!

    46 '
    Here we go again !

    49 '
    In any case, it is the guys in red who monopolize the sphere since the return of the locker room.

    52 '
    Roosen ...
    He does not silence his (many) detractors among the commentators of this live.

    55 '
    No Red had called on the free kick ... What apathy.

    57 '
    There is no possible comparison between the two teams, I think. Envy, races, intentions on one side, not much on the other.

    60 '
    Impeccable return of De la Vecchia on this excellent cross of Mollema! It'll do good old Giacomo some good.

    62 '
    Ben Price replaces Úlfljótur Þórlaugsson.
    And Guennoun replaces Chilingria.

    If with that Free Workers do not raise their head ... The weak links which leave their place to the detonators.

    63 '
    AH IT WAS JUST! BIG OPPORTUNITY FOR THE FREE WORKERS! Guennoun energizes for Cadinho, who gratifies the empty stands with a lovely control behind the supporting leg before alerting Delac ... It was without counting on the masterful return of Jakobsen!

    64 '

    Well done Mr. Guennoun!

    That's why we love him, that's why we expect so much of him: because he is able to get his team out of the rut at any time, with a gesture of which he has the secret. This dribble woaw ... It took at least that to unpin a masterful Jakobsen so far.


    It might sound simple, eh, but there was Dylan van Baarle across the way.

    Free Workers 1:1 Batavia

    The less shiny side of Youssef: this unnecessary foul that offers a valuable free kick to Batavia.

    66 '
    THE SAVE OF VAN BAARLE THIS TIME! Dylan is monstrous! Delac had come back in the penalty area, but what madness on the part of the Madrilene goalkeeper!

    68 '
    They are still frustrating the Dutch ... They are far above physically, they have plenty of means to drive the point home but they prefer to let the Tierneyists take control of the game. The equalizer hangs in their face!

    69 '
    It confirms, in any case, that the changes have reinvigorated this tiny Free Workers team at the start of the match. It's starting to look like something.

    72 '
    Oh no, Marco van Basten. Why bring Steven Kruijswijck out? Ah, Budding takes his place. Okay, all is forgiven.

    71 '
    Sebastian Langeveld replaces Timo Roosen, who will not have shone, far from it.

    73 '
    Anyway, the entry of Langeveld makes it possible to read clearly in the game of van Basten: we will be satisfied with this 1-1. That’s preposterous.

    74 '
    We haven't talked about Terpstra yet, but damn it, what a matador! Looks like he's come back even more shapely and sharper than ever. It will become impossible to manage him in the duel.

    75 '
    The Reds were down, it’s Mollema’s Oranje who took matters into their own hands.

    77 '
    Each time, the changes had an immediate impact and noticed. Hopefully it will be the same for those Guardiola has in store for us.

    78 '
    It is Efstathios Chatzidimitoglou who will try to make the powder speak. Exit Ante Delac, who fell on a big Jakobsen, then an immense van Baarle.
    And Mkhuseli Ngxanga replaces Khin Sothear. We expected a slightly more offensive profile, but why not if it is to jostle the Terpstra buffalo in the middle.

    85 '
    We jump from pillar to post with this new gesture of genius from Guennoun: this fusing transverse half-volley in the run of Cadinho ... What a return from Teunissen!

    As a reminder, the Pharaoh had not played for 6 months! What will happen next ... We can't wait to see Youssef in action again.

    Excellent free kick for Dumoulin ... It's in the wall.

    88 '
    Vratislav Nedved replaces Sidnei Gomes for the Free Workers.

    89 '


    Frankly, Cadinho, this is disgraceful. When one is such an artist, one cannot decently indulge in this kind of shameful simulation.

    90 '+1
    We entered additional time! 5 minutes of stopping time!

    90 ' +5
    Fortunately for van Baarle, it was off by just two fingers. What a relief !

    96 '
    IT'S OVER ! 1-1 between Batavia and Free Workers!

    96 '
    No disappointment for this reunion between Oranje and Tierneyists! Marco van Basten’s men were physically superior but they managed too much of their small advantage of a goal. And when there is Youssef Guennoun in the opposite team, even on a recovery phase, you are never safe from a stroke of magic. A dribble to surround Jakobsen, later and it's 1-1! Note the enormous performances of van Baarle and Terpstra.

    Free Workers 1:1 Batavia
    (Cadinho 64' (pen)) (Kruijswijck 42')