AHCWI: America's Positition On WW1 "The Truest Victory Possible"

Otl, Woodrow wilson wanted to ensure america as a neutral arbiter of peace in ww1 ("Peace without victory"), and during the negotiations with other Entente parties in Versailles likewise held a moderating position, working with britain to reign in France and Belgium. But I want to know- how do we reverse the position, and have america want as weak a Germany as possible, or at least want the Entente as strong as possible? What might this treaty look like instead? Bonus points if you can keep Britain moderate. The american public can think the plan was too harsh later on, but they need to support it in 1918.

Personally I think we need to have Germany be more aggressive in the Caribbean- according to wikipedia, berlin denounced the monroe doctrine and was concerned about the panama canal being an american project. Perhaps Germany resorts to sabotage or trying for a Nicaraguan canal to undermine panama and the american hegemony- though theres no way this would be enough for the public at the time, and of course theres no way it would open in time.
Have a pre-DoW German sabotage operation like the Black Tom explosion way overshoot the damage intentions and casualty count, and get convincingly linked by investigators to German agents. A German 9/11 should do it.
While I understand that Britain (foolishly) thought that being too harsh on Germany would lead to French dominance and an unfavorable balance of power... why did america care about that? If anything, those two being at it means there's less opposition to our shenanigans