AHC/WI: More Yankee-Settled/Dominated States Set Up

New England Yankees - as dialect and cultural scholars will tell you - settled upstate NY, the southern shores of the Great Lakes, (north PA-to-north IL), and all of Michigan/Wisconsin/Minnesota as Americans moved west. However, many of these areas are part of states where the Midland dialect/settlers from the Mid-Atlantic dominate, and in a few cases even people from Appalachia are part of the state's cultural makeup (Illinois's 'Little Egypt' and the term Hoosier originates from Indiana's Scotch-Irish south, for examples).

What if more Yankee-settled areas became their own states? To writ:

-Western New York
-North Pennsylvania/'Westmoreland' (possibly extending to Pennsylvania's western border and including Erie)
-North Ohio/the Western Reserve/'Erie' (possibly extending to Ohio's western border and including Toledo. Also, the Reserve was called 'Erie Territory' at one point before being subsumed into Ohio)
-North Illinois/'Chicagoland' (possibly including northern Indiana and including South Bend)

That said:

-What would the impact be on national politics?
-Would the southern states split themselves up more (I'm gonna assume so, so we don't have endless discussions on the free-slave split)?
-How would these areas fare on their own outside of the OTL state they're part of?
-Would they be more liberal or conservative than their real-world political affiliations?
Perhaps New York, Westchester, Duchess, King's, Orange, Rockland, and Queen's Counties could have seceded when the rest of the state was reluctant to ratify the constitution. PA could then have claimed much of the Finger Lakes region, and then had a situation where eastern PA and the now-enlarged Western PA split.

Perhaps meanwhile the Western Reserve of Connecticut is settled more vigorously, prompting Virginia to send settlers to southern Ohio, leading to a state of Ohio that encompasses southern Ohio and most of southern Indiana out to the Wabash river, and a state of Erie with its southern border extended out to Indiana's western border.

Decades later, Illinois votes on legalizing slavery around when it does IOTL, but the vote succeeds, leading to the northern part of the state breaking off as the state of Chicago.

Nerf New York a little by delaying the Erie Canal (which now has to cross state lines and is not a solely NY thing) and having NYC be hit by a yellow fever outbreak instead of Philadelphia, and wank Boston and providence a little by having both connect to a railroad which reaches Buffalo before an Erie canal is built, and Boston could then make more New England Yankees by being a center for immigration.