AHC: The Japanese Empire Form Colonies in Africa and/or South America


Worse Condition on Belgian Kongo, let's say that Leopold's brutality is far worse, the natives already in active uprising, no Europeans ever wanted to touch them post WW1, so much that Belgium cheaply sold Kongo to Japan...

Cue Japan finding rare earth and in gesture of magnanimity (before WW2 militarism took over), gave Kongo de jure independence in exchange of Zaibatsu mining rights.

Cue Europeans REEEEEEEEE....
Problem is that Japan even doesn't want anything outside of Asia. So you should get Japan to be intrested about such. Another problem is get winner of Great War (only way how it can hope anything after Scramble of Africa) something to Japan. Sout America is just impossible after ACW. USA never would allow that.