AHC: Philippine folk religion becomes a national religion of the Philippines

OTL, in the early days of the Philippine Revolution, there was proposals to revive the indigenous Philippine folk religions, and maybe even make it the national religion. It came to nowhere, as the focus at the time, they were at war with the Americans.

Challenge: Have the Philippines after 1900, revive traditional and indigenous Philippine religion , and make it one of the national religion, besides Catholicism, of the Philippines
By "national religion", you mean it would have constitutional recognition?

Question: Does Catholicism have such recognition IOTL?
I think you need an earlier PoD, where the folk religion does better against Catholicism or at least gets revived deliberately earlier on, possibly as part of a nationalistic movement like those of Europe in the mid-19th century.
Impossible, but you need to go back to 16th century where the Spaniards had went on to Formosa instead during the Magellan’s expedition.
How can a devoutly catholic nation do that? Have the indegenous peoples have more population than the muslims seems to be the answer
I feel a more "Angelican style independent Filipino Church with indigenous influences" would more likely happen.