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AHC: Oklahoma Admitted to the Union Before 1861

What P.O.D. could result in Oklahoma achieving statehood and joining the union before 1861? In O.T.L. this was not achievable because of the various native American tribes present. OK likely is admitted as a pro-slavery state. Do you think it would secede or become a border state?
The biggest one is avoiding the creation of Indian Territory. So no Indian Removal--I guess that involves not evicting the Native Americans to begin with. So Oklahoma is settled mainly by people from Arkansas and Missouri. I'd imagine that being beneath 36'30 means that certain powerful individuals will be hellbent to make sure Oklahoma secedes.

Interestingly, this would mean that the Oklahoma Panhandle probably isn't given to this new state of Oklahoma, which almost certainly wouldn't be called Oklahoma, since the name Oklahoma is from the Choctaw language, and the Choctaw would be staying right there in the Deep South.