AHC: Make Chicago Illinois's "presidential" street grid _entirely_ accurate

Inspired by another recent thread...

There are several parallel east-west streets in central Chicago (some of which run from downtown to the western border) named after nationally important politicians, including several Presidents. The Presidents are in more or less chronological order from north to south, with some interpolations and gaps. So could the sequence be an exact match? (Some of the gaps and interpolations make interesting suggestions,) Here is the list:

This is the list:

Calhoun (a two block alley, but named)
Marble (a one-block named alley; Manton Marble was a NY politico in 1870-1890)
Quincy (for John Quincy Adams; partial street halfway between Adams and Jackson)
Van Buren
Balbo (named much later, obviously)
(9th St)
Fillmore (11th Street in downtown)
Roosevelt (named even later)

Anyone think they can do it?
John C. Calhoun was a bit young to directly succeed George Washington, but his first cousin (and father-in-law) John E. Colhoun was also a national politician, joining the Senate in 1801. He's my pick for that administration, assuming we can overcome the irregular spelling of his name.

EDIT: Just found Joseph Calhoun, another first cousin who made it to the House. And he kept his name spelled right.
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