[Aeterumreich: The time of Rising Tide] in Map, Flags, Posters, and others

Progressive or Conservative?
Revolution or Order?
Under the name of Gods
What is your Choice?
What if Napoleon was assassinated in his prime? What if John Brown escaped from Robert E. Lee's hunt? What if Hong Xiuquan died of a sudden illness before the uprising? What if Ryoma Sakamoto hadn't died in the assassination? What if Bismarck chose to continue attacking Vienna? What if Princess Charlotte hadn't died? Or push it further—if Christianity did not defeat Roman polytheism, and if Ottoman I believed in the 12 gods of Rome, what kind of development direction would the world go in because of existences beyond mortal knowledge, such as gods and elves? Welcome to this fantasy world of blood and fire, guns and cannons, swords and magic, atomic energy and electricity, steam and biofuels.

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World in 2679 AVC
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