1990 FIFA World Cup Quarter-Finals
Part 3

The Quarter-Finals would see mostly the usual suspects such as Brazil, Argentina, England and West Germany in the last eight, though it did feature Cameroon playing at this stage for the first time [1] and being the last remaining African team left in the tournament meant that a whole continent was rooting for them to make history and make the last four. Though the Germans may had been favourites to go through, they did though had some luck when they beat the United States in that controversial game. With the history of Cameroon once being a German colony, there was certianly quite a bit of interest in how things would end up.

With that though, West Germany started off the better team with them getting a goal from Kinsmann in the 25th minute and that looked like the Germans were going to add to their tally yet despite looking the better team, they were unable to find more goals come halftime with the score still at 1-0. At the start of the second half for Cameroon, Milla was brought on which he helped in part create one of the most stunning turn arounds ever in which in the 61st minute after the Germans gave away a penalty, Cameroon equalised and it got worse for the Germans then when Cameroon netted a second which would've made a country and perhaps continent delirious as they were close to the last four now.


Cameroon players celebrate after taking a shock lead over West Germany
However rather than try to shut up shop and try and not do anything foolish, Cameroon's rough play would come to haunt them in which just eight minutes before the end of the match, Cameroon gave away a penalty in which the Germans gladly took and scored to get back into the game which would see the match head into extra time. During that though, neither side could get through with Cameroon playing for their lives in which their plan to take the game to penalties worked with just one problem...it was the West Germans who were known for doing well in shootouts [2].

The shootout that followed would be the first time an African had taken part in a shootout but sadly Cameroon couldn't pull of an upset and thus it was the Germans that moved onwards to the Semi-Finals [3] though they would admit that no team in any tournament had given the Germans much of a scare as much as Cameroon, who in turn won much love from local Italians and they would return home as heroes. Sadly though, the dream of an African team in the last four sill goes on...


West German players celebrate after their victory

After that dramatic game Quarter-final (one that many would say was a truly brilliant game in a World Cup filled with utter dross) then many wondered how the next game with Brazil and Yugoslavia would turn out. It was expected though that Brazil would come up on top with the fact that at this very same stage just four years ago that Yugoslavia humiliated brazil on penalty kicks to dump them out. Something that Brazil was certain wouldn't happen again.

It was a game in which Brazilian flair met Yugoslav brute force and this meant both sides did see them cancel each other out with no goals coming and once again that typical match that had plagued this tournament in which both sides seemed more interested in not trying to lose rather than try and win and for the largely Italian crowd in Rome watching the game expecting a classic, they were left wanting.


Stojkovic during the game with Brazil
Towards the end of the second half though, Brazil looked like they were going to tire and Yugoslavia saw this and decided to go in for the kill but yet they couldn't seem to break through and thus after no goals being scored, the game went into extra time much to the annoyance of the crowd and TV audience. That said they wouldn't have to wait long as in the 94th minute, a goal would come but not from Yugoslavia but in fact Brazil who needed that break before extra time to regroup and thus held on to that slender lead to get their revenge on Yugoslavia and dump them out at the last eight [4].

Despite being quite a boring game, it wasn't the worst compared to others and many were happy to see that Brazil, always the favourite, had gotten back to the last four where they hoped that they could, with one more game in their way, move onwards to the final where the might possibly get their hands on the cup after 30 years. For the Yugoslavs, it was bad for them but two years later they young and potential young squad would get their reward then [5] but that is another story...


Branco before finding the winning goal

The following day saw the last two Quarter-Finals with the first being a what was looked on as an epic encounter with the hosts Italy and champions Argentina, the latter getting a hostile atmosphere from the home crowd those looking for goals wouldn't have to wait long as Schillaci scored yet to put Italy ahead in the 17th minute which looked like would see them set to go all the way to the next round.

However in the second half, Caniggia would get one back in the 67th minute and suddenly the game became quite a tense one as for the many Italian supporters in Milan [6] with a very real fear that they might lose this if they didn't score now yet both sides couldn't find a winning goal in the full 90 minutes and like the other Quarter-finals before them, the game would go into extra time.


The big clash in Milan between Argentina and Italy
Even extra time wouldn't see any find the killer goal then, however it would see a sending-off: Ricardo Giusti of Argentina was shown the red card in the 13th minute of extra time yet even that didn't help Italy as with that, the game went to spot kicks. Even then many still felt that Italy would be victors yet to the shock of many, Argentina held their nerve to win 4-3 on penalties and left a host nation shocked, upset and furious [7].

The aftermath would be infamous as riots took place around Milan, and in parts of other cities around Italy with their anger being directed at one Maradona [8] and the villain label they had gotten at this World Cup only seem to become more apparent, though ask anyone in Argentina, they were happy to see their side progress. For the host nation though, it was utter despair and many wonder if they would ever win the World Cup ever again...


Joyful scenes as Argentina beat Italy in the shootout

The Quarter-Final took place with England and Czechoslovakia though perhaps they might've wised to have stay out on this one as all around them, a country was going crazy over their shock loss to Argentina. However this might've not been a bad thing as with the hosts out, that meant that the World Cup could be more hopefully for either side to win, mostly with England who knew that they had a very good chance to beat the Czechs.

Though this Czech team was certainly not one to push over, England would end up being the better team right from the start as Lineker would get the opening goal in the 4th minute which for any England was the best possible start they could ask for. However things would turn upside down when the Czechs would get a shock goal back which saw the first half end 1-1 and the feeling of yet another game of extra time loomed...


The English and Czechs play each other in the last eight
However, England would end up turning the heat up on the Czechs when they utterly dominated them playing like a team who wanted to reach the last four badly and their efforts would be rewarded when Lineker came again in the 65th minute to help retake the lead for England once again and that was all they needed as for once, it was a Quarter-final match that didn't need to go into extra time and England were back once again in the Semi-finals.

With that game finished, it also came the end of the Quarter-finals which now saw the World Cup move into the Semi-finals that nobody knew if they were either tight, open or anything really. Though for the host nation the interest might've been deflated slightly with them losing, four more teams still had a cup to win, but with the upcoming games looking tasty, who would they be...?

1990 13.png

Final results of the 1990 Quarter-Finals

  • [1] As with OTL in 1990.
  • [2] One rule of any football TL, Germans always win on spot kicks! :p
  • [3] The game is roughly the same as OTL England vs Cameroon game except there is not winning goal in extra time. Would've been quite a game if this had happened you have to agree.
  • [4] Yugoslavia go out at the 1990 Quarter-finals much like in OTL, expect they aren't unlucky unlike then.
  • [5] Look out TTL Euro '92!
  • [6] The game is much more hostile here with it not set in Naples as you can imagine why...
  • [7] The game is pretty much identical to OTL Semi-final though perhaps with a more violent aftermath. Speaking of which...
  • [8] This mostly happened in OTL after Italy lost so likewise same thing happens here. Interesting fact, there were more damage caused by Italian supporters during that evening than what English football hooligans did throughout that whole tournament.
Damn, what a boring set of games, though I think if this was OTL, we'd all agree that German vs Cameroon would've been the best game for drama and goals. As always, the last four as follows:
West Germany vs Brazil

Argentina vs England
What a stacked last four that is! Anyway until then, how are you liking it and would anyone like before we go into 1994 like an update on how TTL's UEFA European championship tournaments have been getting on here? Until then, stay tuned!
1990 FIFA World Cup Semi-Finals
Part 4

Though for the population for the host nation might've fallen out of love with the World Cup following Italy losing to Argentina, many others were now awaiting to see what might follow as the last four would be a championship Semi-final as all four nations had won the World Cup at least once. They were Brazil, Argentina, England and West Germany on on July 3rd in Naples, the first semi final would take place with Brazil taking on West Germany in a mouth-watering clash while the following day would see rivals Argentina and England meet once again at this stage in Turin.

To say that it was a stacked Semi-Final would be putting it nicely and there were hopes that this would be when the 1990 World Cup would finally come to life. What followed were two different yet memorable games...

There was a saying that whoever won in the match between Brazil and West Germany stated that they would win in the final though with both teams having managed to squeak their way through in extra time, the last thing they would've wanted was this game to go on for another 120 minutes. What followed in this game would be considered one of the greatest World Cup games not of this tournament but of any previous tournament up until that point.

Like in the game before, it was the Germans that took the lead first yet the game after that was quite open with both sides really putting on a show as if this was the final. However Brazil couldn't seem to find the goal they needed in the first half which at first glance looked as if the Germans were going to make it to the final, indeed by some coincidence, the last time that they had faced each other had been in the 1978 final in which Brazil were left humiliated by the Germans [1]. Were things about to repeat themselves?


The German team celebrate after taking the lead early on
The second half carried on to be a fairly open game in which both sides have brilliant chances to score yet as the second half rolled along, it looked like it was going to be a German victory, that was until the 67th minute when Brazil won a corner kick and Valdo would header home the ball to get Brazil back into the game and it looked like the momentum would be with Brazil...up until the 73rd minute when Brehme retook the lead for the Germans. Yet the madness didn't stop there as when it looked like the game would be settled, Valdo saved Brazil yet again with a volley in the 82nd minute that would ultimately send the game into yet more extra time, though it had been a thrilling climax.

Following that late second goal from Brazil, it would be them that found the momentum swinging in their favour as West Germany with having played one long gruelling game of extra time before couldn't find their way to attack as they found themselves stuck in their own which in the end, Dunga fired home the winning goal late into extra time that would see Brazil win the game and move onto their first final eight years while the Germans were left exhausted and gutted to lose like that. For everyone else though, this match was really one of the greatest and seemed to make up for what had come before. Question now was could Brazil do it?


Brazilian players before the end of the match

After that amazing game of football, the following day saw the other Semi-Final take place in Turin with Argentina taking on England in what was the third time in a row they would play each other at this stage [2]. For the average Italian supporter, it was a game that no one really knew who to cheer for as on one hand, the Italians had it in for the Argentines for obvious reasons and for the English, the reputation of their fans as well as the painful memories of the tragedy at Heysel which saw many Juventus supporters killed by Liverpool fans was still there [3]. The fact that the game was being played in Turin, home of Juventus, only adding to the feeling.

England knew that they couldn't dare lose to Argentina once again and this time they knew that compared to other World Cup matches where they had faced each other, this Argentine team was not the best so this was surely a golden chance for England to get victory and finally make that long awaited appeared in a World Cup final. If they didn't, they'd likely not hear the end of it.


England vs Argentina in Turin
Combined with the fact that England wanted to win so badly, as well as Argentina having a number of injuries, plus two games previously that went to extra time, one could say that it was only going to end one way. England would from the get go get the better of Argentina in the mid field and they would get a goal from Lineker in the 21st minute from a diving header. It would get worse for Argentina as in the 39th minute, Waddle would score to extend England's lead and give Argentina a mountain to climb.

It became clear near the end of the first half that Argentina pretty much fell apart and had it not been from the heroics of their goal keeper Serigo Goycochea, England could've been up by 4-0 by the time half time came around and while no one would deny that England deserved their victory, it did seem something like an anti-climax who felt that the game was going to be much tighter. No more goals came in the first half and the question now was how many more could England win by?


Lineker's header which helps give England the early lead
In a game that any team would've wanted to score more goals and beat their opponent into oblivion, England for the second half oddly didn't seem to want to humiliate their rival and instead did what they could to make sure that Argentina didn't score, though in truth they might've not bothered as by that point, Argentina looked rather toothless and shell-shocked that it all went wrong for them and the game ended in a rather one-sided in a 2-0 victory for England which saw them reach the final for the first time in 26 years.

Argentina's long held grip on the World Cup had finally been ripped off from them and it was a painful loss to take. While the English players celebrated, as well as many millions back home who were delighted to have reached the final at long last, some others from around the world took great delight that this Argentina team had finally got their comeuppance for sneaking their way through with Italians especially taking the most joy out of it thinking of it as karma.

With that game, the final would be an epic showdown with Brazil and England, both nations who not won the World Cup in decades and at least for one of them, the long wait would finally be over. Argentina and West Germany would face each other in the Third Place match to see who would avoid the wooden spoon, but for now, the 1990 World Cup was finally coming towards it's end.

1990 14.png

Final results of the 1990 World Cup Semi-Finals

  • [1] Look back early ITTL.
  • [2] Ditto.
  • [3] The Heysel disaster, as well as ban of English clubs in European still happens as with OTL.
And we're nearly there now! I do suspect that these were the results you were likely thinking of prior to this update. Anyway, does anyone want a run down of of the UEFA Euro championship winners before we move into 1994? There are a few different winners there.

Anyway stay tuned for the final update of 1990 which will be out soon! See you soon!
West Germany v Argentina

Brazil v England

Three Lions on the shirt, Jules Rimet still gleaming, 30 years of hurt, never stopped me dreaming

And Euros would be amazing. Thank you.
West Germany v Argentina

Brazil v England

Catch me if you can, cause I'm the England man
And what you're looking at is the master plan
We ain't no hooligans, this ain't a football song
Three lions on my chest, I know we can't go wrong
1990 FIFA World Cup Third-Place match and Final
Part 5

As with all World Cups just prior to the final there was always the Third-Place match to play with this one being with West Germany and Argentina. Things would be rough for Argentina as even though they had gotten knocked out of the World Cup, that didn't stop much of the Italian public to show their disdain for the now former World Champions almost right from the start in which the largely Italian crowd would whistle and jeer cruelly at the Argentinian anthem when it was being played with the reaction from Maradona really saying it all [1].

A with most Third-Place games, it was always a game that neither side wanted to play and this would be no different, though perhaps for the wrong reasons. It would be a bad tempered first half with neither side getting the better of each other and the cynical nature of the game got worse when In the 65th minute, Argentina's Pedro Monzon - himself only recently on as a substitute - was sent off for a foul on Jürgen Klinsmann. Monzon was the first player ever to be sent off in a World Cup Third-Place game [2].


Angry Argentine players surround the referee after Monzon's sending off
It was a truly bad game with it looking like that the game was going to go into extra time up until the 85th minute when West Germany were awarded a penalty which was taken and saw the Germans score. Being so late on, Argentina had no time to respond and the game ended into something of a farce when Argentina were reduced to nine players after Gustavo Dezotti, who had already been given a yellow card earlier in the match, received a red card when he hauled Jürgen Kohler to the ground during a stoppage in play [3].

With that, West Germany won the tie and it would be the last time anyone would ever see West Germany at the World Cup for next time they returned they would be a united German team. For Argentina, their ropey World Cup adventure in Italy had come to an end and they knew in the aftermath when they returned home that they would have to do much better for the next World Cup which had a lot of importance for them for obvious reasons, but that would be another story...


The winning German penalty

1990 15.png

Final result of the 1990 Third-Place Game

After such a dismal game, and perhaps the whole tournament, many hoped that the final featuring Brazil and England would be one that would make up for what many hoped would be a really good final. In contrast to the last game, the final was being played with much positive that was very different that had been seen at this World Cup before with both sides wanting to win to end their long awaited reunion with that cup.

Despite both sides having some good chances, one with Careca hitting the post and another in which Lineker had a goal ruled offside, neither side got the opening goal in the first half but the game had been played in a positive manner that many enjoyed. However, it was noted that after playing two games of extra time previously, Brazil were starting to look rather tried though and England had to try and exploit that...


England vs Brazil in the 1990 final
As the second half went on, Brazil began to tire and many knew by the 70th minute that England were the team on the up looking more likely to win the game though as the game was heading into the final minutes of 90 minutes, some felt that England were going to throw it all away. Or were they? In the 88th minute, Paul Gascoigne fired a free kick from about 30 yards towards the box in which David Platt's foot connected with the ball to sweetly fire it home into the back of the net and send a country into waves of joy [4].

Being so late on, there was nothing that Brazil could do to find a late equaliser late on as by the time the full whistle blew, Brazil were left exhausted and saddened that they had lost yet another World Cup final with the loss in 1978 still fresh on many Brazilians mind. For England, football had come home as after 26 years, the nation had won it's second World Cup and there would be knighthoods all around such as manager Bobby Robson who would end his time with the England team after this World Cup, ending it on a high [5] and a nation could feel after all the troubles of the 1980's in which the word 'football' had become a dirty word, they could look positive to the future.


Scenes of joy after Platt's late winner helps England win the 1990 World Cup
The legacy of the 1990 World Cup would though be looked back on with some disdain due to how many fouls there were, lack of goals and overall cynical play. Hopefully 1994 would put a stop to that with new rules regarding how many points would be awarded to a team, as well as the introduction of the back-pass rule [6]. For now though, came the end of another World Cup and the beginning of the 1990's. Anything could happen in the following decade...

1990 16.png

Final result of the 1990 World Cup Final

1990 11.png

Final results of the Knockout stage of the 1990 World Cup

  • [1] Based on this video of the OTL Final here.
  • [2] As what happened in OTL final though in a Third Place match here.
  • [3] Pretty much, this game goes about the same as OTL final.
  • [4] The goal is pretty much identical to Platt's goal against Belgium in OTL 1990.
  • [5] Robson leaves the England job after 1990 WC as with OTL though with more happiness this time round.
  • [6] As what was introduced in OTL after 1990.
And so we come to the end of 1990 and England are champions! Yeah I know it's a bit cliché to have England to win the '90 WC in any football TL, I've already done it before if you remember, but hey, it's always something that seems a no brainer. Hope you enjoyed this WC and here are the teams that will take part in the 1994 World Cup as follows:

1994 1.png

Which of those teams do you think will win it this time round, will it be from Europe, South America or maybe even outside those regions? Next update will be the list of Euro finals of who's won from 1960 to 1992 just before we start the 1994 World Cup. Once again, what has been your favourite of TTL's WC's from 1966 onwards so far for whatever reason that might be?

Until then, catch you later and see you soon!
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UEFA European Championship list of winners 1960 - 1992
1960 - 1992

Euro Finals 1.png

Before we go onto Argentina '94, here is the list of Euro winners as promised with several different winners here as you can see. For example, Scotland's 'golden generation' of 1965-70 keep their momentum going from TTL's 1966 helps them qualify for Euro '68. Also they also qualify to Euro '80 with England in which the latter does a bit better by getting to the final but losing out to West Germany .

Perhaps the biggest change is that with Yugoslavia still in one piece, they qualify and win Euro '92 with Denmark's success, sadly, butterflied away as they can't qualify in Yugoslavia's place as with OTL. There will be more Euro updates when we move in towards the next decade but for now, the next update will be 1994!

Why Argentina as hosts? I understand that Morocco wasn't ready (though I'm glad they are still in the tournament), but Argentina in 1994?

Since the USA hosted it in 1986 and as part of FIFA's rotary process, the World Cup returns to the Americas with Argentina seems like a straight forward choice, plus more will be revealed in the next update as how they won to host it.
1994 FIFA World Cup Seeding and Group Stage
Part 1

By the mid '90's, football's appeal across the world was reaching to new and greater levels than before, mostly in the United States [1]. That all said, despite the prospect that Morocco, a so called 'non' footballing country might host the 1994 World Cup were not to be as it was then decided that Argentina would host the World Cup [2] and for the South American nation it had been third time lucky to finally host football's biggest tournament.

After the embarrassment of being stripped to host the World Cup in 1978 and being looked over in favour of the United States, Argentina's football authorities went all out to host and this time there was to be no mess up or nothing to make them lose it this time, though as part of FIFA's rotation policy to switch between Europe and the Americas to host the World Cup, Argentina did seem like the most certain nation in South America to host it.

That said, it seemed Argentina's long wait to host the World Cup was in some ways a blessing in disguise as by this point in the mid 90's the country was undergoing an economic boom in which the government boasted that the country was about to enter the first world after many years of inner turmoil [3] and it seemed like nothing would better to show this than to host the World Cup to show that they meant it.


Venus of the 1994 World Cup
As what many felt, Argentina spared no expense though they allowed private companies to contribute the capital needed for the construction of stadiums, such as the case of Tucuman, and the acceleration of the works of the unique stadium of La Plata. Despite some cost overruns, the work needed to get the country ready for the World Cup in 1994 was ready for the world to arrive.

1994 2.png

The teams for the 1994 World Cup

While all the usual suspects were seen here, there were a few new teams playing in the World Cup for the first time with Ivory Coast making their debut, as well as Russia (not as the Soviet Union this time) while this would be the first World Cup that saw a united Germany playing at a World Cup for the first time since 1938 [4]. It also saw the return of many teams after many years such as New Zealand, Norway, Wales and Japan who were all hoping to making an impact.

The big difference was that following the lack of attacking play at the last World Cup, the points for a win would be brought up from 2 to 3 points with the hopes that things would be better [5]. With that, many hoped that the 1994 World Cup would see exciting results...

Though not the opening match, all eyes were on Argentina's opening game with Sweden in which after the rather shambolic performance in 1990, many expected better from them, especially as they were hosting this World Cup. It would a victory in their opening match which would end up leading them to win the group, though it would see a troubling moment for Maradona in which despite suspicious of doping which despite find nothing against him, much to the relief of the nation, he was out for Argentina's final group game [6].

Apart from Argentina, the group would be known as the Scandinavian group in which saw both Sweden and Norway in the same group, however neither side would get out of the group as instead it would be an up and coming United States team who was on the rise to show that they were starting to become a nation that was hoping to be a football (soccer) nation even since they hosted the World Cup in 1986.


Happy Argentine players after their victory over the United States
To say this for Argentina this was a major change would be saying a lot and now with them group winners, the quest to try and get their hands on their third World Cup and who was going to doubt them?

1994 3.png

Final results of Group A of 1994 World Cup

A rather strange group of teams on vastly different levels would be played out in Group B which had two big European teams in the form of the Dutch and Spanish up against the likes of a mediocre Japan and a poor Canadian side, only making their second World Cup appearance. The group however wouldn't be all what many expected as Japan nearly upset the odds in their final group game with the Netherlands as they were holding onto a 2-1 lead for most of the second half, however the Dutch would get a goal near the end which proved to be enough for them to go through. A frustrating kick in the teeth.

Spain would do quite well that saw them win the group though it must be said that with the exception of the Dutch who held them to a point, Spain never really had much standing in their way which might've given them a fear that they might not take their next opponent seriously. All in all, the group went the way that many expected and once again, poor Canada finished bottom with no points.


The Spanish team of 1994

1994 4.png

Final results of Group B at the 1994 World Cup

Group C would see the opening match of the World Cup, England vs Romania, take place. Despite being favourites to go through, England were undergoing a transition period with some thinking that if they didn't have the advantage of qualifying via from being champions that they might've not gone through to this World Cup in the first place [7]. England were quite a lacklustre side as they struggled to victory over Romania before we losing to Uruguay in their second group game which made things look bleak for England.

Fortunately for them, they had a poor New Zealand side in their final group game which they were able to win three points which helped them go through to the next round. That said, England hadn't impressed being champions and pretty much looked like a team that wasn't going to go far. In contrast to the English, Uruguay had a 100% run by winning all their group games to be group winners and this was perhaps thanks to many Uruguayan fans making the short journey to cheer their team on with hopes they can go all the way.


England vs Romania in the opening match of the World Cup
For poor Romania, they came up short despite having hopes that they could at least get out of the group stage, would finish in third place though they would end up playing in one of the most thrilling group stage games with Uruguay in which saw the South American side win 3-2 despite Romania taking the lead twice in that game. In the end while England might've not shine, Uruguay most certainly had...

1994 5.png

Final Group C results of the 1994 World Cup

Out of all the seeded teams, Columbia would be the only one who failed to go through by having a disastrous campaign despite going into this World Cup as one of the favourites. Things got off to the worse start when they lost to Nigeria, whom the latter would end up having a an excellent run in the group stage by going through in second place. Mexico would end up finishing in third place and felt disappointed that they had come close to going through but alas it was not meant to be.

Scotland would end up having a great run to end up as group winners and were carrying on their form from Euro '92 [8] and it would be a surprise to many to see them end up as group winners in which many thought they wouldn't end up in said position. For Columbia, it marked the end of a disappointing World Cup with many questions being asked as to what went wrong [9] though for Scotland and Nigeria, things were only starting.


Alan McLaren for Scotland at the 1994 World Cup

1994 6.png

Final results of Group D of the 1994 World Cup

Group E would see the European champions, Yugoslavia [10], play and their tags as favourites would be very much evident here as they smashed all over opponents to top the group and they were a young team that reflected the positive feeling in the country despite some ethnic tensions that still remained. Joining them in the next round would be Wales, not seen since 1986 [11] and much like Yugoslavia, they were a nation too that was going through a good period with the new Welsh top flight of football now having all the Welsh teams formally based in England now back 'home'.

With a number of talented players in their ranks, they fancied their chances to go further. However the World Cup would end up having some disappointment for Russia who never got going after an opening match loss to Wales and yet despite victory over Bolivia, Yugoslavia ended up sending them home and brought their World Cup adventure to an end.


The Russian team of 1994
Out of all the South American nations at the 1994 World Cup, poor Bolivia would end up as the worst performing team with them getting no points and one goal to their name which left their fans annoyed at hopes they might be able to get out of the group stage for the first time. In the end, the group stage went the way many expected and would either team meet again soon in the final?

1994 7.png

Final Group E results of the 1994 World Cup

The sight of a united German team looked like a team that was going to cause some serious damage on paper. While the final group stage saw them win the group by a clear lead, their performances weren't exactly vintage which featured a 1-0 win over Cameroon, a dismal draw with Bulgaria and finally a thrilling 3-2 victory over South Korea. The rest of the group would be tight as both Cameroon and Bulgaria battled it out over who would finish in second place which saw Cameroon, the favourite team of 1990, would be the team that would end up joining the Germans in the second round.

Bulgaria would have a strange World Cup for despite not losing a single game, they would also fail to win a single game too by drawing all their Group games and as of a result, ended up being the only team at the 1994 World Cup to go out undefeated, something that not many thought was something to brag about and would make a frustrating early exit home.


Germany vs South Korea at Argentina '94
South Korea were a flop and yet despite coming back from 3-0 down in their final group game with Germany, the Koreans couldn't muster a comeback that might've helped them find a way into the next round [12]. The main question though that many asked was would this German team click into gear and go all the way to win that long awaited third World Cup...?

1994 8.png

Final results of Group F of the 1994 World Cup

Group G saw Italy in perhaps the best group they could've asked for as they would end up winning all their group games which was something that wasn't much of a surprise to many. Speaking of Italy, it was here that one certain player, Baggio, would get noticed for he scored four of Italy's seven goals in the group stage and some thought that maybe he might be the key to help with Italy's chances to get their hands on the World Cup after all this time.

Also joining them into the next round would be Australia who despite some touch and go performances and lack of goals, had done more than enough than what was needed to help them join the Italians in the second round and maybe, just maybe, end their last 16 curse and try and go further. There was also the appearance of both Ivory Coast and Saudi Arabia...both of whom the less said the better.


Italy celebrate after winning their final group game
In some ways, a group that surprised nobody with it's final outcome but some felt that one of these teams might be the ones to look out for. Until then, they would have to both navigate through the second round...

1994 9.png

Final results of Group G at the 1994 World Cup

The final group would feature Brazil, the team that many always expect to win and the one that the vast majority of the Argentine public did not want to see do well. Brazil would end up winning all their group games, however it was the rise of Morocco that stunned many. Many had the Irish going through, however both would end up on level points with the African side being the one to go through on slim goal difference.

It was a shock for the Irish who thought that they had done enough to get through, alas it was not meant to be and they would end their Argentinian adventure before it had even started. If they thought it was bad, things were worse for Iraq who had absolutely no luck as they ended up rock bottom with no points and joined a rather unfortunate club of not getting a single point at a World Cup.


Joy after their victory over Morocco that saw Brazil move into the next round
With that, the group stage was down and the final 16 teams left were ready to try and see who would be able to go all the way. The difficulty was that there were many good teams this year that looked like they could be World champions by the end of it. Who would it be?

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Final results of Group H at the 1994 World Cup

  • [1] As mentioned already, soccer is bigger by this point in the USA than in OTL.
  • [2] Since the USA as we know hosted it in 1986 ITTL, no need for them to host it in 1994 like in OTL, however Morocco try and fail to win the hosting rights for 1994.
  • [3] Argentina was undergoing a boom time during that time so things are about the same as OTL.
  • [4] As in OTL.
  • [5] As what happened in OTL.
  • [6] Maradona doesn't have his drug bust here as the pressure of hosting the World Cup make him more focused, plus this does butterfly Argentina's near disastrous qualifying campaign.
  • [7] We all know what happened there...
  • [8] Scotland do better in TTL's Euro '92.
  • [9] Columbia still has a bad time in 1994, however one bit of good news here is that one certain player doesn't lose his life afterwards...
  • [10] Yugoslavia is in a better place here and because of this would win Euro '92 here.
  • [11] ITTL at least.
  • [12] Games goes about the same as OTL encounter.
At last, here is the update for Argentina 1994! First of, I want to thank @Ruperto Pesto for helping me out with the map you see there as well as the choice of venues to be used at this World Cup, thank you so much mate! Anyway as usual, here are the upcoming games:
Argentina vs Netherlands

Scotland vs England

Yugoslavia vs Cameroon

Brazil vs Australia

Spain vs United States

Uruguay vs Nigeria

Germany vs Wales

Italy vs Morocco
So who will go through and for what reason? Look out for the next update in which we might be in for some shock results...until then, stay tuned!
Argentina vs Netherlands

Scotland vs England

Yugoslavia vs Cameroon

Brazil vs Australia

Spain vs United States

vs Nigeria

Germany vs Wales

vs Morocco
1994 FIFA World Cup Last 16
Part 2

The first of the round of 16 games would begin on July 2nd in which many heads were turned in which the city of Rosario would welcome age old rivals England and Scotland to play for a place in the next round. Both teams had big support with them though it can be said that many of the Argentine locals were backing the underdog Scots due to both having a rivalry with England. There was also a feeling that Scotland might be able to pull of a shock over the World Champions with previous results from England being quite poor.

Despite some thinking that an upset would be possible, it wouldn't take long however to England to take the lead via a Shearer goal and it looked as if that would be that. However Scotland were never going to give up and a goal from McCoist (who had only come back from a horrific leg injury during qualifying [1]) to get his country back into the game. Then things would worse for England as Scotland soon found themselves growing into the game and England looked a little flustered...then a few minutes before half time, McCoist came up again with another goal for Scotland to put them 2-1 in front and suddenly a shock looked to be on the cards.


Happy Scotland fans in Argentina
It was just what Scotland wanted and the second half would see Scotland pretty much defend their box from waves of English attacks yet despite this, England just couldn't seem to find the breakthrough which would in the end see the game end 2-1 for the Scots and England, the now former World Champions, were dumped out of the World Cup with the result being itched in Scottish football folklore as the game in which Scotland knocked out the World Champions which just so happened to be England which made it all the more sweeter.

The aftermath for England was damming, Taylor would be sacked as manager [2] and the media would rip the English team a new one of how they had failed so poorly all in all at this World Cup. Nonetheless that evening, traveling Scottish supporters celebrated with Argentine locals with the result as if things went they wanted for the Quarter finals...

After that shock result, few expected that the game with Uruguay and Nigeria would have any shocks in it. Few thought much of this Nigerian team and it seemed the majority of the support would be for Uruguay in which their supporters had made the short journey to Santa Fe and outnumber the Nigerian fans two to one. It would be Uruguay that scored first in the 17th minute though a few minutes later, Nigeria came back at them to bring the game level.

Then just a few minutes before the break, Nigeria shocked the South Americans with another goal though it must be said by this point it was deserved as Nigerian were by far the better team and that Uruguay had woefully doubted their opponents. The second half would get worse as in the 55th minute, Nigeria got themselves a third goal which now gave Uruguay a mountain to climb and Nigeria looked set for the Quarter finals.


The Nigerian team celebrate after the third goal
Uruguay tried all they could to get back into the game but they had made it difficult for themselves and despite all their best efforts, even with a goal in the 79th minute that gave the team some sort of confidence, it wasn't enough as Nigeria held on to leave the South Americans red faced and thus Nigeria's first appearance in the Quarter-Finals [3] in a game that many said was perhaps the highlight of the whole tournament so far. To say that this day had been a day for shocks would be putting it lightly, how many more were to follow?

The following day would see the hosts start the day by playing against the Dutch though it would prove to be quite a nervous one for the hosts despite the home advantage. A lot of questions had been raised about Maradona over alleged drug use which much to the relief of all Argentine fans, nothing bad came out of it [4] which might've had consequences for their chances to go all the way.

Argentina would get a penalty in the 10th minute but the Dutch didn't give up and it was they in the 25th minute that got a goal back and that would see the game become a thrilling and tense match in which it could split either way. Nonetheless the first half ended 1-1 with it being no closer as to who would be the one to take victory and the host crowd looked on quite nervous.


A smile for Maradona, has he got a plan...?
Throughout the second half, the match went the way as the first half in which nether side would find a winner and as the game rolled into the last 20 minutes, things were no closer to know who'd come out on top. But it was in the 75th minute in which Argentina found the goal they were looking for and in the end that was what they needed as Argentina now moved on towards to the next stage...who would they face?

The next game that day would be quite a mis-match of Spain taking on the United States. Many were supporting the underdog, the USA, though Spain would be the better team throughout the game with them scoring in the 12th minute quite early on yet they failed to build on this as a minute before the end, the United States would shock the European side by getting a goal back thanks to a corner kick.

The second half would prove to be a bit more open as the Americans were starting to come out of their shells a bit more yet they and Spain couldn't seem to find a winning goal and the game would have to be settled in extra time and Spain were left kicking themselves that they had been unable to kill the game off when they were dominating the game in the first half.


Looking and failing to find a goal...
However in extra time it wouldn't take long for things to turn on its head in which just five minutes into extra time, the United States scored a vital goal which utterly stunned the Spaniards and left them scrambling around for a goal yet sadly for them they couldn't find it and the United States had scored a famous victory to take them into the last eight [5] and slowly and surely, they were becoming something a football nation not to be messed with.

The following day started with Yugoslavia playing Cameroon with both sides feeling like they could win this game with Yugoslavia being the European champions while Cameroon to go one better than their amazing run that they'd done last time. The following game however would end up being quite a slog as both sides played more like they were more interested in trying not to lose than to win, a sad reminder of the play that had been part of 1990.

Neither could score in the first half despite the game being full of bad tackles and yellow cards and as the second half was nearing it's end and the score still at deadlock, it looked like this game was heading into extra time...all before a brilliant bit of play from Milla made the Yugoslavian keeper lose his footing and simply tapped it in to give Cameroon a shock lead.


Happy Cameroon players celebrate taking the lead
That goal pretty much killed Yugoslavia in which they didn't have anything left in the tank to try and get back into the game and thus it would be the African side that moved onwards into the Quarter-finals and yet another shock had been recorded. After that result, many wonder if and how far Cameroon might be able to go yet while for the red faced Yugoslavians, they were going home...

After that game would be Brazil taking on Australia and unlike the last game which had been a tight one, this would be a complete contrast in which Brazil would easily swat away the poor Australians with a comfortable 3-0 victory in which nothing else could be said other than the fact that Brazil deserved the victory and poor old Australia had falling at this stage yet again and fears grew among Socceroo fans that the last 16 was something a glass ceiling for them [6].

For Brazil, it was roll on to the next round...


The (soon to be defeated) Australian team prior to the game with Brazil

The final day of games would start off with Germany taking on a plucky Welsh team who felt they could get a shock result and there was good reason too. Despite being now a united German team, this team was undergoing something on a transitional period in which most of their best players had either retired or were not quite the players they once were.

Wales would take the game to Germany early on however it would be the Germans that scored first and Wales were suddenly on the back foot. However they would get a goal back in the second half and slowly tried to cancel out many German attacks. However neither could find a winner and the game would roll along into extra time and hopefully there would be a breakthrough then.


Wales vs Germany at Argentina '94
Despite 30 minutes of extra play, neither side even then how found a winning goal and the game would be decided on spot kicks, though this would be a grave mistake for the Welsh as they would learn something important...never try to beat the Germans on penalties [7]. It would be a tense shoot out out in which Germany scored all six goals with Wales needing one more goal to keep it going, yet their captain, Horne, would see his shot saved and with that Wales were out and Germany through.

A cruel end indeed for this Welsh team...

The final last 16 match would be with Italy and surprise package team, Morocco. The north African side were hoping that they could match the results of their fellow African neighbours by joining them in the last eight which would've been the most that Africa had seen it's teams get that far. However things wouldn't go all to plan as Italy would dominate the match and scored a goal to give them an early lead in the 18th minute via a spot kick.

Then it would get worse in the second half for Morocco in which Italy scored two more to kill the game off and that was pretty much that as Italy would make a return to the last eight after many years. A feeling began to grown among many Italians that they might be on to something good this year...


The Italian team prior to the game with Morocco
With that, the last 16 was completed and the Quarter-Finals loomed. Would more shocks be on the cards?

1994 12.2.png

Final results of the last 16 at the 1994 World Cup

  • [1] As what happened in OTL's qualification campaign which might've caused our hopes to qualify ruined back then.
  • [2] As what happened in OTL, though that was because of failure to qualify while here it is for losing at this stage.
  • [3] Nigeria make it through to the Quarter-Finals here unlike in OTL in which they fell at this stage which IIRC they were unlucky to got out like that. More justice here then I guess.
  • [4] Maradona does not get himself into bother here. Having Argentina host the World Cup here helps to keep his mind on track here.
  • [5] The United States do better here than IOTL in which they lost to Brazil at this stage. Remember, the team is in a better place at this point compared to OTL.
  • [6] Poor old Australia, they become like TTL's version of Mexico in which like them, they always seem to have problems at this stage.
  • [7] A rule for any football TL! :p
Before anyone says anything, yes I know that the wiki box has a few errors and I will correct them when I have the time to do so, didn't notice them until I was done and you'll know it can be a right bitch to sort out the errors on quite a complicated edit that you can lose track off (EDIT: FIXED IT). Anyway hope you enjoyed this update and you liked some of the shock results here. As always, the Quarter-Finals list.
Argentina vs Scotland

Cameroon vs Brazil

United States vs Nigeria

Germany vs Italy
So there we are, who will be the team that you'll think will win the 1994 World Cup? I suspect more shocks on the way...


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