1970 FIFA World Cup Quarter-Finals
Part 3


Some lucky fans in Mexico
The Quarter finals would see some of the 1970 World Cup's most memorable games almost right from the start when perhaps one of the biggest shocks of the World Cup happened at the Estadio Azteca. Despite being the hosts, Mexico faced a West Germany who despite having played a gruelling game with Sweden were expected by many to sweep aside the Mexicans. That might've been the case when the Germans took the lead early on only for Mexico to come back at them some four minutes later and from then on it was really a end-to-end game. Thanks to a partisan crowd and the heat getting to the Germans, Mexico scored a second in the fifty ninth minute that would ultimately win the game and send a whole nation into a frenzy of being the first North American team to reach the last four since the United States did it in 1930 [1].

Later on the same day, Italy would play Scotland though for those expecting any shocks were to be left disappointed. Scotland looked out of their depth thanks to the heat and humidity which in contrast suited the Italians very well as two goals from Riva in the second half would spell the end for Scotland's World Cup hopes and thus the Runners-up of the last World Cup were out.

The first game of the next game was the one many had wanted to see; England vs Brazil. While some were disappointed that this wasn't the teams playing in the final as it was considered the best two at the World Cup. Nonetheless it was said that whoever won the match would surly win the World Cup and what followed was, despite not being a goal rush, a truly brilliant game that saw Brazilian flair meeting English grit and in the end, a single Brazilian goal would see the champions go out. Despite the disappointment in this for England, there was no shame in losing to a side like that and now surely the cup was Brazil's to lose [2].


(Left) During the game (Right) After the match in which Moore and Pele congratulate each other after Brazil reach the Semi final
The final game of the Quarter-finals would be one of the more unlikely games in which little Uruguay went up against the mighty USSR in which the game was like a chess game and the match itself would go into extra time and it would Uruguay that would finally take down the Soviets with a goal three minutes before the end. However, the Soviets believed that during the Uruguay attack, a ball had crossed touchline and stopped playing while their opponents continued playing and scored [3]. Whatever the matter might've been, there were now four teams left with one from Europe and North America and two from South America...it was now starting to feel like a true World Cup.


Scoring the goal that would ultimately help Uruguay overcome the stubborn USSR

1970 13.png

Final results of the Quarter-finals of the 1970 World Cup

A quick update I will say! Anyway here are some facts to talk about:

[1] Indeed the United States were the first, and still as of 2020, the only team from North America to get to that stage in a World Cup. Here the Mexicans get here at long last.
[2] Pretty the same game as OTL, only difference it's now the Quarter final
[3] Ditto as above

Anyway, here is now the last of the last four as follows:
Uruguay vs Brazil

Mexico vs Italy
So who will reach the final and the 3rd place game. Really love hearing from you guys your predictions and should I put a vote on where future World Cups should be hosted? Minor spoil is that I already have plans for 1978 and 1986 in different places but like to hear from you all the same. Anyway stay tuned for the last four!
1970 FIFA World Cup Semi-Finals
Part 4

The last four of the 1970 World Cup had quite an interesting set up happening on the same day with Uruguay and Brazil playing each other first with Italy and Mexico afterwards. In the first game would nearly pull off upset as plucky Uruguay managed to score first before Brazil got a goal back before the end of the first half. However the game would end up being played with both teams being quite level with each other. In the end, Brazil would end up getting the better of Uruguay to progress to the final and break the hearts of the underdog [1].

While most were happy that Brazil had gone through as they were the favourites everyone wanted to see go all the way, one had to wonder if Uruguay had just a little bit more luck to cause an upset as what had been seen throughout this World Cup.


Brazil and Uruguay in action during their semi-final
The second semi-final would go down as one of the greatest World Cup games ever as Italy took on the hosts in front of a partisan crowd who all felt that Mexico could upset the odds and make it to the final for the first time. It didn't look like that would happen as Italy would score in the 8th minute, though Mexico would keep out Italy from scoring again and then right at the death, Mexico would stun Italy by getting a goal right at the death to take the game into extra time and what would follow would be one of the maddest games ever. It would be an open game that in the end thanks to the home crowd would see Mexico shock the world by beating the much fancied Italians and progress to their first ever final to face off Brazil. Could the miracle happen? [2]


The Mexican team that reached their first final
Something more amazing was that this would be the first time that a team outside of Europe and South America would play in a final and for those who felt that this expanded World Cup would open the door to more countries from around the world felt vindicated. However as a nation got ready to play in a historic final, there was still the fact that a third place game still had to be played. One had to hope that would be a great warm up for the epic finale.

1970 14.png

Final results of the semi finals of the 1970 World Cup

There we are, bet you didn't quite expect one result. So yeah, Mexico go to the final as it did seem quite a fascinating idea. Anyway, some facts:

[1] Pretty much the same semi final as OTL
[2] The same 'game of the century' as OTL, though the victors are swapped round.

So there we, the third place game will be Italy vs Uruguay while Brazil take on Mexico for the final, who do you think will win and do you want to see a 24 team 1974 World Cup? Hope to hear from you soon and stay tuned!
1970 FIFA World Cup Third Place game and Final
Part 5

With the whole of Mexico all on a high as they prepared to play Brazil in the final, it was something of a annoyance to the likes of Italy and Uruguay who's third place match had nearly been forgotten about and one that would turn out to be one for Italy to forget about. After such a manic game with Mexico, Italy were looking an exhausted side that Uruguay could see was there for the taking and would did just that.


Italy vs Uruguay in the Third Place match
Italy would be beaten 2-0 and it would be the first time a European side had not reached the top three, a consequence of the World Cup expansion. Uruguay would exit the World Cup with their heads held high and had achieved their best finish at the World Cup since they won it in 1950 and were greeted to a hero's welcome as they returned and looked forward for the following World Cup in West Germany. But alas, it was time for the game everyone wanted to see, the final.

1970 15.png

Final result of the third place game of the 1970 World Cup
The following day, the world was watching and while many had Brazil down to win the final, Mexico did had the home advantage and a partisan crowd that was willing to back them to the end. Not to the surprise of perhaps the rest of the world, Brazil struck first thanks to Pele though right before the end of the first half, Mexico found an equaliser thanks to Valdivia and sent the Azteca stadium to shake to it's foundations that they could perhaps pull this off and they went off at half time with the scores level.

If that Mexican goal did surprise many, the next goal in the 49th minute would shock everyone and cause a roar that looked like it would cause the stadium to break it's foundations. However this Brazil side were not one to give up and they would respond with three goals that would ultimately break Mexican hearts and thus, Brazil would claim their third World Cup and were a team that everyone felt deserved their victory.


Brazil, World Cup Winners 1970
In retrospect, many would regard the 1970 World Cup as the best and one had to wonder how the following tournament would live up to this. However there would be one small sad side effect of this tournament for the hosts and runners up as despite expecting to qualify, they would fail to do so and this would cause the country to react with horror as after coming so close would afterwards fall to far [1].

1970 16.png

Final result of the 1970 World Cup final
For the rest of the world, Brazil were the deserved winners though could they do well in 1974 and defend it? Little did anyone know that new teams would arise and would try and challenge them. Who could top this Brazil team?

1970 11.png

Final results of the 1970 World Cup Knockout Stage

And there we are, 1970 done and dusted and perhaps a result you might've been expecting anyway, one thing to note:

[1] This will be explained in the next update though if you check the qualification rounds you'll see why.

So next is the teams for the 1974 World Cup:
1974 1.png

So who do you think will win the 1974 World Cup ITTL then? Hope you are enjoying this and will look forward to the next update, until next time catch you later!

Great TL QTXAdsy!...I'm enjoying it too much!...it will be very interesting this '70s WC with 24 teams...I hope Argentina had a better performance or at least that Sivori didn't resign as manager in march 1974, assuming this useless triunvirate who were all fighting each other behind the back of the players...and Belgium in this 1974 World cup is an act of justice
Great TL QTXAdsy!...I'm enjoying it too much!...it will be very interesting this '70s WC with 24 teams...I hope Argentina had a better performance or at least that Sivori didn't resign as manager in march 1974, assuming this useless triunvirate who were all fighting each other behind the back of the players...and Belgium in this 1974 World cup is an act of justice

What are you liking so far or what are you looking forward too? :)

We'll get different host nations once we get to '78 but you'll have to wait and see! ;)
I want to say a few things about this timeline:
1) Great work! It's very well done. Some element of surprise mixed with simple storytelling, plus references for some events and possible interesting butterflies in the future. I would suggest adding the qualifiers, but that's probably too much of a PITA.
We'll get different host nations once we get to '78 but you'll have to wait and see! ;)
Doesn't that mean that Colombia will host the 1978 World Cup? I'm not sure if that's possible considering that they couldn't host the 1986 World Cup even though their bid was the winner, which was because of economical problems. Also, that decision was ratified on July 6th 1966, and you didn't mention it, so I think that should be addressed too, unless I misunderstood what you were saying.
3) Since, from my understanding, Argentina won't host the 1978 World Cup, does that butterfly Argentina's success afterwards? Because I doubt that Argentina could win the tournament without home advantage. If this question reveals spoilers, then no need to answer me, but it's something you could keep in mind if you want to add this butterfly to the timeline.
4) How much will this affect FIFA's corruption?
So who do you think will win the 1974 World Cup ITTL then? Hope you are enjoying this and will look forward to the next update, until next time catch you later!
West Germany! But having three consecutive IRL World Cup winners could get a little predictable, so I'm not sure if that's gong to happen. If that's the case, then my money's on Italy, or hell, maybe even East Germany (In a final with West Germany, of course). After all, they did beat West Germany, though their performance afterwards wasn't that pretty, but since there won't be a second group stage, East Germany could actually pull it off.
There is a serious problem here: It is illegal for Scotland to qualify for the second round of a major international football tournament.

They are also contractually obliged to be beaten in a humiliating fashion by a minnow before pulling off an unlikely but ultimately fruitless victory against a major power meaning they miss out on second round qualification of goal difference or some such technicality.

other than that great thread ;-) ( watched)
Okay, I did the final standings for both the 1966 and the 1970 World Cup. Here they are:
1966 World Cup
1966 Final standings.png

1970 World Cup
1970 FIFA retrospective ranking.png
Edit: In the 1966 World Cup it was meant to be final standings, not the FIFA retrsopective ranking. For some reason it's different between those two Wikipedia pages.
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1974 FIFA World Cup Seeding and Group Stage
Part 1


1974 would see the World Cup return to Europe and would also see the return of a few teams such as Argentina and Portugal, both of whom who had failed to qualify for the last World Cup. It would also see the debut of many new teams such as the Netherlands, Haiti, Zaire, East Germany and Iran just to name a few. However even before a ball was kicked there was the shock absence of Mexico, the previous hosts and runners up who in their qualification had finished third and just missed out on qualification [1]. Indeed if that wasn't bad enough, had Mexico made it to Germany, they would've been included as a seeded team due to new rules regarding the place of seeded teams.

1974 2.png

The teams of 1974 prior to the draw was carried out
While the previous two tournaments had just the hosts and reigning champions guaranteed a place among the seeds, it was decided that the top four who finished in those positions at the last World Cup would be placed among the seeded teams. It was a format that had a mixed response by many with the annoyance being that FIFA was consentingly changing it around, however as Mexico failing to qualify seemed to make this idea look rather pointless, Poland and England would fill the rest of the seeded teams.

The draw itself would bring up a few head turning encounters with England and Argentina drawn together in what would be their first match together since the infamous 1966 semi-final [2]. but perhaps the biggest moment in the draw was the moment when it was discovered that East and West Germany would be drawn together which the crowd present would applaud of what was to be a historic moment in German football history.

However what unlike other World Cup in which had the host nation play in the opening match, it was decided by FIFA that the reigning champions, in this case Brazil, would begin the tournament [3] and that their opponents would be a then unknown Dutch side who had never played at a World Cup since 1938. So thus would begin the 1974 World Cup...

1974 3.png

Final results of Group 1
On a warm yet wet day in West Berlin, a rather charming opening ceremony featuring the opening of footballs to represent a group of dancers from each country [4] the first match would begin with Brazil and the Netherlands. However the result would be not what many expected as the Dutch would show the world of what was starting to be known as 'total football'. The Dutch would go on to blow all their group opponents apart without conceding a goal and quickly became the favourite to go all the way.

In contrast, Brazil spluttered their way through such as a dismal draw with Portugal and then finally a 3-0 victory over group whipping boys Zaire and were clearly a shadow of the brazil team that had amazed the world and the fact Pele had retired didn't help matters either as they were a team in transition. Portugal despite not thinking they had a chance would put up a decent show and would go through as one of the best third place ranked teams and may have even finished in second had they scored more goals [5].

All in all, Group 1 would be an interesting affair that many didn't quite expect and many wonder if this Brazil would do any better in the knockout stage, and for Zaire, the less said the better...


Brazil vs Holland in the opening match, note both wearing their away kits for the match

1974 4.png

Final results for Group 2

Group 2 would see the hosts play their games, however it was the encounter of the two German teams in the final match that everyone wanted to see. That all said, West Germany would win their first two games before they would suffer a shock defeat to their eastern neighbours who in turn won the group [6]. In the group, there would be the return of Chile who made a World Cup return for the first time in eight years and would finish in third place and qualify as one of the best ranked third place teams.

The group saw the debut of little Haiti but it would be a happy trip for them as they lost all their games finishing rock bottom without getting a goal and once again the question of the lesser teams diluting the quality of the World Cup. All in all, with East Germany's unexpected winning of the group, one had to wonder how far they could go and maybe be a dark horse.

The captains of the two German teams meet each other before the final group match


1974 5.png

Final results of Group 3

Group 3 would see the highly awaited meeting of England and Argentina for the first time since 1966 and it would prove to be more of battle than an actual game of football with England scoring first before Argentina got a goal back and the game became more about cut legs down. It would be a brutal draw and both sides came under criticism for their style of play and thankfully, both sides would then get victories in their next two group games.

Bulgaria would have a poor World Cup while Iran managed to gain a point from their first ever World Cup game though thanks to a beating by England they couldn't go further. Argentina would win the group though it was only on goal difference and for a team that missed out on qualification, they had made quite an impressive return. Who was to say they could do better...?


England and Argentina during their opening match


1974 6.png

Final results of Group 4

Group 4 would see the best ranked third place team, Uruguay, face of the likes of Scotland, Australia and Austria. Uruguay would win the group [7] thanks to their better goal difference with Scotland coming in second. Australia would sneak through as one of the best ranked third place teams [8] and by this point thanks to constant qualification to the World Cup, Australian football had been improving over the years.

In contrast Austria, who were making a return for the first time since 1954, would suffer a disastrous run of games which got off to the worst start thanks to defeat to Australia and with that they would fail to any points and finished bottom. Despite this, it would be quite a tight group and as such, no one really knew who would do better in the next round...


The Scotland team before their final game with Austria


1974 7.png

Final results of Group 5

Group 5 was pretty the group how many expected would end up with Italy winning the group and Czechoslovakia coming in second, the latter being a far better improvement from their last two World Cup appearances. Though the group featured no new teams, it had the return of South Korea who were back for the first time since 1954, exactly 20 years ago in what was no exactly one to look back fondly on [9].

However despite two defeats in their first two matches, the Koreans would gain a point in their last group game that was almost a victory had Yugoslavia not scored at the end to deny what would have been South Korea's first victory and may have been enough to see them go through as one of the best ranked third place teams. For many, Italy were one of the favourites but could they live up to expectation?


The Italian teams of 1974


1974 8.png

Final results of Group 6

The final Group would be something that many called the less 'attractive' teams with many not having many star players and in the inclusion of a new comer in the form of Trinidad and Tobago. Poland though would end up being the winner of the group after pulling off some quite an impressive run by winning all their games to look like an unlikely side that could go all the way. Both Belgian and Romania would also go through while poor old Trinidad looked out of their element and never scored once.

With that all done, the last 16 teams had made it to the knockout stage and once again many were looking forward to seeing which team would go all the way in the tense knockout phase...

1974 9.png

Final result of the best ranked third place teams

And into 1974 we go! Hope you are liking what you are seeing with what team you support. Anyway, here are the notes to follow on:

[1] This happened with Mexico finished in third place behind Trinidad on goal difference, here it is more painful how close they came to qualifying.
[2] If you remember early on ITTL.
[3] As in OTL.
[4] Same opening ceremony as IOTL only with more nations here.
[5] Pretty much the same set of results that Brazil found itself, only difference is them losing in the group stage here.
[6] Same result as OTL.

[7] In contrast in which they finished bottom IOTL.
[8] Who actually finsihed bottom in OTL, however the team ITTL is improved thanks to play more World Cup football.
[9] South Korea had a poor World Cup in 1954, not thanks to the war that had wrecked the country.

So as with before, here is the last 16 set of fixtures...

Netherlands vs Australia

Belgium vs West Germany

Italy vs Scotland

Argentina vs Chile

Uruguay vs Romania

Brazil vs England

Poland vs Czechoslovakia

East Germany vs Portugal

So, who do you think will go through to the Quarter finals? Until then, catch you later!