2010 FIFA World Cup Seeding and Group Stage
Part 1

After decades, the World Cup was coming home to the motherland of football...England. The vote to allow England to host the World Cup in 2010 seemed like a sensible choice in the new voting pattern [1] due to the country already having a large football infrastructure in place that for the most part required very little work done with only one or two new stadiums built at most with the rest needing only minor adjustments or expansion.

In the end, the costs overall came under far less than what was spent in South Africa and it was clear that FIFA had learnt it's lesson of not hosting the World Cup in so-called non-football countries...that is minus everything else that was wrong at FIFA but all that's another story [2]. Interestingly enough before England put out it's bid out to host the World Cup, there was at one point a serious consideration to have Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland jointly host it to help reduce costs [3] but this plan fell apart with England going on to host it solo though nonetheless the fact that England were hosting would see the rest of the Home Nations as well as the Republic of Ireland be motivated to qualify [4] which would give a very British taste at this World Cup.

2010 2.png
The Seeded and drawn teams for the 2010 FIFA World Cup

While for some of the teams from the British Isles were making a long awaited return to the World Cup, there would be a number of familiar teams that were also making a comeback such as North Korea and Chile, both of whom coincidently had played at the 1966 World Cup when England last hosted the tournament then. However history aside on June 11th, the opening match with England and Japan would take place to begin the 2010 World Cup...


As hosts and with what looked like an easy group, England were red hot favourites to win the group and though that would be the case, they didn't exactly set the world on fire. An uninspired 1-0 victory over Japan in the open group game happened before a poor 1-1 draw with Australia followed with a certain English goalkeeping error being the most well documented event from that game which was remembered for all the wrong reasons [5].

England would end the group stage with a 2-0 victory over British rivals Northern Ireland in which the latter finished rock bottom with zero points and putting an end to their journey. Winning the second place spot would be Australia who felt that they had a good chance as anyway to try and make a good show at this World Cup with perhaps the best game so far was a thrilling 3-2 victory over Japan.


England vs Japan in the Opening Match at Wembley Stadium
All in all, the final rankings for Group A were pretty much what most expected though there was a little bit of regret that Japan didn't do enough to try and fight for a place in the next round but for England and Australia, their World Cup adventures were just starting and though results may have been what most had expected, that didn't mean to say that all over group stage results would be quite the same...

2010 3.png

Final results of Group A at the 2010 World Cup

Group B from the start looked like one that France was easily going to walk it, however things would go off the rails when following a 1-1 draw with the Ivory Coast, the French team began a mutiny over the expulsion of one of their players and despite a victory over whipping boys North Korea in their final game, it proved too little too late as a defeat to Chile in their second match saw their terrible World Cup come to an end [6].

As this was going on, Chile surprised many by winning the group while Ivory Coast also did well to qualify via second place and there was suddenly unlikely hope for both teams to see how far they could go but time would tell to see if either did well. For North Korea however, they finished bottom with no points and were a far contrast to the amazing 1966 North Korean team who came so close to reaching the last four [7].


One embarrassed French team after a 2-0 loss to Chile
With a major seeded team out, that made things a whole lot interesting for the neutral but little did anyone know then that the French would be far from the only big named team that would suffer an early exit...

2010 4.png

Final results of Group B of the 2010 World Cup

Group C was considered by many to be the Group of Death for good reason. It was a tough group that featured Spain, Italy and Mexico with little New Zealand making up the numbers and despite the Kiwis making an early exit much to no one's surprise, they would however shock everyone when they managed to hold Italy to a draw [8] though that would be the only point they would get.

Speaking of Italy, despite being one of the favourites as normal they would fail to get out out of the group [9] though being such a tough group that was not quite a surprise though nonetheless it raised a few eyebrows. Perhaps the team that made many think were the one to go all the way was Spain who would win all their group games with Mexico joining them in the next round [10].


Italy vs New Zealand in the second match of the group
With that all said, another seeded team was out and who knows how many more were to follow...?

2010 5.png

Final Group C results of the 2010 World Cup

Group D was one that favourites Brazil won the group by a country mile winning all their games and not letting in a single goal. While many seeing Brazil winning the group was a foregone conclusion, the question was who would win second place was between Greece and Scotland with Honduras being nothing more than the whipping boys for all three teams.

In the end and thanks to a home advantage, Scotland would qualify in second place though they nearly didn't make it when in their final group game with Honduras they blew a 1-0 lead to see the Central American side shock them to lead 2-1 and a huge upset was on the cards. However Scotland would strike back to win 3-2 though both goals came from penalty kicks and their performance left a lot to be desired [11].

Scotland vs Brazil in their group game

Despite criticism, the impossible dream for Scotland to try and win the World Cup, or at least get to the final, on their arch rival's soil was on and like many in what was looking to be a strange World Cup, who knew what might follow next for the Scots?

2010 6.png

Final results of Group D of the 2010 World Cup

Group E was quite a hard group to call though it would be one of the tightest groups with not many knowing how it would end up. In the end it would see much to everyone's surprise Uruguay winning the group with the Dutch sneaking through in second place by the tightest of goal differences ahead of Denmark who must've felt very unlucky at the circumstances that had befalling them.

Also in the group was Algeria who despite having a win didn't do enough to help them progress further though in all fairness giving the level of each of the teams, it was all a group that could've gone either way though despite finishing in second place, many eyes were on the Dutch for some felt that with the squad of players they had in the team that many felt they had a good chance to go all the way.


Uruguay players celebrate a victory over Algeria which saw them go through
It had been a long time since Uruguay had made it to the last four of a World Cup and for those living in that country, some were starting to wonder if maybe they would be able to have a chance to regain their position at the top of the world...

2010 7.png

Final results of Group E of the 2010 World Cup

Without question, Group F would without doubt be the most tightest group in the whole World Cup in which all the teams would end up with four points, a win, draw and defeat between them all and goal difference would decide it all. Things would start of with a huge shock when Paraguay defeated the champions, Germany, in the opening match though they would get their act together and thanks to conceding less goals, ended up winning the group though it was by the skin of their teeth.

More so was with South Korea who despite starting off so well with a win over Cameroon would suffer a defeat to a red faced Germany and a draw with Paraguay. Nonetheless by scoring more goals than the rest they would sneak through to the second round though one had to spare a thought for Paraguay and Cameroon for feeling that with just a little bit more luck...


South Korean players after scoring against Cameroon
Though the Germans were the favourites and had won the group, they had made a right dog's dinner out of their World Cup so far and they would have to do much better if they were wanting to defend their crown in the second round...

2010 8.png

Final results of Group F of the 2010 World Cup

Group G was one that many said Portugal was going to go through and the battle for second place would be the real battle. However what shocked many was Portugal falling at the first round who despite a victory over whipping boys Nigeria and a draw with the United States, a bad defeat to the Irish sealed their fate and their unexpected early exit shocked many. Though given the amount of seeded teams that had fallen already, it wasn't quite a surprise.

The winners of this group would be the United States [12] who after their opening match victory over the Republic of Ireland never looked back and many across the United States were now starting to wonder if maybe they could be the unlikely dark horses of the tournament? For the Irish, they were just happy to be in the second round and to be doing better in bragging rights over their Northern friends [13]...


American players after their winning goal over Nigeria
With such a bizarre outcome in the group over who had gone through, not many had a clue as to how well both the United States and Ireland would do in the second round but they would be both to keep an eye on...

2010 9.png

Final results of Group G of the 2010 World Cup

The final group of the World Cup was one that on paper looked like Argentina would win the group all over and with the legendary Diego Maradona as their manager, what could go wrong? In their opening match, Argentina would end up being 1-0 behind against Ghana for most of the game before turning it around to win it, a comfortable victory over the Swiss followed but their final group game with Wales proved to be controversial in which Wales needed a win to give them some hope, however a wrongly given penalty for Argentina over what seemed like a dive would be taken by newcomer Messi who ended up dumping the Welsh out of the World Cup.

While Argentina would win the group, it had been all touch and go for them with some doubting if they had what it took to go all the way and that this wasn't like the Argentine teams of old that was for sure. The second place team would Ghana would by some accounts were thought of as the best African side at the World Cup though that was a fact that was debateable.


All love and joy for Argentina
By a staggering coincidence that with the exception of Switzerland, the other three teams in the group had all been part of the same group in the 1966 World Cup in England [14] though this time it would be Ghana going in Wales' place. Would Argentina get their act together in the second round to pull off their performance they did at the last World Cup or would Ghana show the world what they were made off...?

2010 10.png

Final results of Group H of the 2010 World Cup
With that and after a number of stunning results, the last 32 teams had made it to the second round and the question was with so many so-called 'big' teams out already, who else might follow in their wake? Time would soon reveal just that as England 2010 was shaping up to be quite a unpredictable tournament...

  • [1] The new voting pattern here is pretty much like how OTL voting system for the 2026 World Cup.
  • [2] What else is new with FIFA, huh?
  • [3] Pretty much the plan for OTL proposed 2030 WC bid at the time of writing...
  • [4] As something you'd expect to happen with it being in England, plus Ireland doesn't get screwed over in their play off here.
  • [5] Yes, Greenfingers strike again like with the USA in OTL!
  • [6] Yes, pretty much the French farce we had in OTL 2010 happens all the same here, still one of the funniest moments of the World Cup mainly out of karma for the poor Irish!
  • [7] Both as with OTL and TTL.
  • [8] As in OTL.
  • [9] As with OTL too.
  • [10] Somewhat better for Spain here as there is no loss to the Swiss here.
  • [11] It's Scotland, is pretty much the same as OTL when it comes to them trying to throw away a game!
  • [12] Like with OTL.
  • [13] As you would expect...
  • [14] Look back earlier ITTL to check that one out.
At last, here we are in England for the 2010 World Cup! So yeah, a few differences here and some similar things here; always nice to change results around as it's always fun to do so! Anyway with that out the way, the last 16 fixtures as follows:
England vs Ivory Coast

Spain vs Scotland

Uruguay vs South Korea

United States vs Ghana

Chile vs Australia

Brazil vs Mexico

Germany vs Netherlands

Argentina vs Republic of Ireland
So who do you think will win and why do you think that? Until then, take care and see you all soon!

I predict:

England vs Ivory Coast (on a penalty shootout, probably)

Spain vs Scotland

vs South Korea

United States vs Ghana

Chile vs Australia

vs Mexico

Germany vs Netherlands

vs Republic of Ireland
England vs Ivory Coast

Spain vs Scotland

Uruguay vs South Korea

United States vs Ghana

vs Australia

Brazil vs Mexico

Germany vs Netherlands (Gotta get the repeat....)

Argentina vs Republic of Ireland
England vs Ivory Coast

Spain vs Scotland

Uruguay vs South Korea

United States vs Ghana

vs Australia

Brazil vs Mexico

Germany vs Netherlands

vs Republic of Ireland
2010 FIFA World Cup Last 16
Part 2

With the group stage completed, the knockout stage could begin with the opening game at Wembley with the hosts England taking on the Ivory Coast. Despite being hosts, England hadn't really impressed many even when in the 8th minute when Rooney helped England to take the lead though this lead wouldn't last long when Ivory Coast's Drogba (curiously playing for Chelsea then) would bring his team level in the 35th minute and throughout the first half it was the Africans that looked more likely to win.

It did not make for good viewing for the English supporters at Wembley who must've felt the worse and things didn't any better in the second half as England looked flustered that despite having more of the ball they just couldn't string a few good chances together. Was there to be a major shock on the cards that would leave England red faced?


Drogba after scoring for his country
The important winning goal would come from a corner kick and somewhat against the run of play in which Rooney came to the rescue in which he headed the ball home and many would feel sorry for Ivory Coast who felt that they deserved better and England were very fortunate to win. Nonetheless, that victory meant that they were now in the last eight and surely things would finally kick start for England?

Later on that day would see Spain taking on a plucky Scotland in Leeds in which many felt that despite the Scots having a big support backing them, most conservative minded neutral felt that with all the talent they had, Spain were the only team going to win and that would be the case. Right from the off in the 6th minute, Spain would take the lead and near the end of the first half, Spain added a second and it looked like a long way back for the Scots who were unable to break down Spain's special kind of football.

Things didn't get better for the Scots as Villa scored the third goal in the 54th minute to complete a rout and from a Spanish perspective it was truly brilliant yet for Scotland it was a disaster. The only good thing for Scotland would be a penalty in the 66th minute and Goodwillie would give his side a consolation goal which would in truth would be nothing more than a mere blip for Spain who held on to win the game.


Spain vs Scotland in the Last 16 in Leeds

With Scotland out, most interest in the World Cup would go dissipate and there was a great deal of disappointment as with it being on English soil there was big hopes that they could make quite a run out of it though the truth was they had the bad luck of having to face a rampant Spanish side that looked really impressive. A Spanish side that some felt could go all the way...

The following day would see Brazil locking horns with Mexico and the poor Mexicans must've felt that they didn't seem to have any luck in having being lumped in with having to take on Brazil in which not only had they always lost to the South American giants but the fact that they never gotten past this stage in decades. Sadly for Mexico things would not get any better for them as Brazil would end up being 2-0 up by the end of the first half and it looked like it was going to be a long way back for Mexico.

A third goal for the Brazilians arrived early on in the second half and Mexico could only end up with a consolation goal in the 71st minute and even though they had made the score line look less embarrassing but there was no chance for the Mexicans to mount a dramatic comeback which in the end would see perhaps to no one's shock was yet another Brazilian victory that saw them qualify for the last eight.


Brazil vs Mexico in the last 16

As the Mexicans could only wonder what might've been, Brazil were looking forward to make it to the final as what many of their fans expected to do so as always though there were still two big games to follow after this game...

Later that day would see a bit of a mismatch with Chile taking on Australia in which the later side would get a lot of the backing from the locals who wanted to see a fellow Commonwealth country go far. Apart from that, the game itself would be quite a tense and open game in either side looked even and both might've felt like that they had a chance to win this game.

Despite many chances for both to get the opening goal, the first half would end 0-0 and the match was still no closer to being decided upon who would win. The second half would be no different like the first half and in would a moment of brilliance from Cahill that would fire Australia into the lead on the 78th minute mark and that goal itself would be the goal that would decide teh match and send Australia through.


Australian players celebrate after getting their goal
It was a heartbreak for Chile but Australia were delighted to have made it to the last four and with the fact that they were to host the tournament in their own backyard in four years time, getting a good run out here in England that it would help build momentum for that World Cup...

The next day would see the meet up of perhaps a rather unlikely meet up with the United States and Ghana and it was a game that not many had a clue as to who would be the victor here. From the get go however, Ghana took the lead and the United States would end up chasing most of the game throughout the first half and couldn't score by the end of the first half.

The United States would get a goal back via a penalty and that gave them a lifeline. However neither side could win in regulation time and the game would move into extra time though it wouldn't take long for a goal to happen as it would be Ghana, after three minutes, to score what would ultimately be the winner to qualify for the Quarter-Finals [1].


USA vs Ghana during the last 16
It was a horrendous lost for the Americans but glory for the African side who thanks to their underdog nature became the world's favourite team and for being Africa's last team at this tournament, there was a genuine feeling that they could do something special here...

Later that day would see an strange match up with Uruguay and South Korea in which was one of those game that most would feel that Uruguay had covered though in keeping with an underdog love going, the English crowd in Manchester were rooting for the South Koreans though things would start off well in which Uruguay scored early on in the second half (the first half was a rather underwhelming game) and seemed like nothing would stop them.

However nearly 20 minutes before the end, South Korea would come out of nowhere to get back on level and that goal would drag the game into extra time [2] and Uruguay didn't look good after that sucker punch of a goal. Extra time would be tense and neither side could find a winner in which the game now went to penalties in which despite looking good for Uruguay early on in the shootout, South Korea held their nerve and two bad misses from Uruguay in their final two spot kicks would see the Koreans take the advantage and shocked everyone by making it to the last eight for the first time [3].


Uruguay were left mortified at what had happened but it was utter joy for the Koreans who were now the only Asian side left in the tournament and now had the unlikely shot of trying to make it to the last four for the first time, could they do it?


A great spectacle in the last 16 would see rivals Germany and Netherlands unite to fight it out for a place in the Quarter-finals. It would be without question one of the best games of the World Cup in which both sides really went for it being end to end. Germany would opening the scoring first yet that didn't made the Dutch lower their heads and just went for it. Even with the score still at 1-0 at the end of half time, the score could've been 3-3 had the defences been ropey.

The Dutch would get back on level in the 59th minute yet neither side could find a winning goal as the game went into extra time yet even then neither side could get a winning goal. Finally after 120 minutes, the match would be decided on spot kicks yet despite Dutch hopes of getting the better of their arch rivals, the Germans perfect penalty record worked in their favour as they scored all five of their spot kicks and the Dutch missed two of theirs which saw them dumped out of the World Cup.

The two old rivals meet in Liverpool

With that, the champions hoped that they would be able to carry one and defend their crown and with it being stated that this team was even better than the winners of 2006, confidence was certainly up, only question was could they pull if off?

The final match of the last 16 would see a Maradona led Argentina taking on Ireland and while there had been question marks over about this Argentina team could do well, the game would end up being very much one sided. The Irish would be ripped a new one being beaten 3-0 and after the drama of the game before this one, it was all rather something of an anti climax.

Even though the Irish had a large support in Birmingham which outnumbered the Argentine support by two to one, it still wasn't enough to get the result they needed as the poor Irish were clearly second best throughout the game and in the end not many could argue with the score. With that result, Argentina were the final nation to book their place in the last eight.


Argentine players celebrate after reaching the last eight
With that game, the round of 16 had been completed and now it came time for the Quarter-Finals which would feature familiar names yet some unlikely ones too which did make some think this could see an unlikely World Cup last four if certain results went one way...

2010 12.png

Final results of the last 16 of the 2010 World Cup

  • [1] The Game is pretty much the same as OTL.
  • [2] IOTL, they lost the game at this point however here...
  • [3] South Korea do better here and make the last eight at the expense of Uruguay.
Finally it's here and from Scotland, Happy Burns Night if you are celebrating it. Anyway, here is our last eight:
England vs Spain

South Korea vs Ghana

Australia vs Brazil

Germany vs Argentina
So who will win and for the 2018 and 2022 WC's, time for a vote on who should get what as we have 2014 already sorted out as you know...

2018: Germany, Russia, Brazil, Morocco or Mexico?

2022: United States, Spain, Brazil, Morocco or South Korea?

Until then, catch you later!
England vs Spain

South Korea vs Ghana

Australia vs Brazil

vs Argentina

2018: Germany, Russia, Brazil, Morocco, or Mexico?

2022: United States, Spain, Brazil, Morocco, or South Korea?
Spain (via a Brazil 1 Germany 7 style thrashing), Ghana, Brazil and Germany to win.
Germany 18, Morocco 22

Also, will we be getting another Euros update at some point?
2010 FIFA World Cup Quarter-Finals
Part 3

The Quarter-Finals for the 2010 World Cup would bring up the usual suspects but also a few unlikely ones who had never been this far before in a World Cup so history would be made regardless. However the opening Quarter-Final match with hosts England and favourites Spain would find itself with controversy over the venue of choice. At first the FA had made the idea that all England matches would be played at Wembley as like with 1966 and 1996 [1] however many argued that the team should play outside Wembley to move away from a 'London-centrist' mindset and so after much arguing, the game would be played at St James Park in Newcastle. Ironically, those who had argued playing at Wembley would soon wish they hadn't...

Despite having a large and partisan crowd, England would struggle to find anything against Spain's so-called 'Tiki-taka' style of football and despite being on the backfoot for most of the first half, they managed to keep the score at 0-0 and even at the start of the second half looked and played much better. However this would be a false dawn in which two goals from Villa in the 49th and 61st minutes would kill off England's hopes and even a late goal from Lampard did little to mount a comeback for the hosts in which at full time, St James Park was silent in shock as England were out [2] and Spain were through.

England vs Spain in the Quarter-Final

After being used to last four finishes over the last few years for England [3] it was a shock to have fallen at such a stage on their own soil and the blame game started in the English media over who was at fault for it with some saying that had England remained at Wembley then they might have won at those who wanted the move were to blame. It was all excuses however as the truth was that England were beaten by a much better team who deserved to go through. Regardless though, English hopes of winning the World Cup on home soil like in 1966 were dashed.

Incidentally that very same day, another game would be played in London (Arsenal's Emirates Stadium) though it would be between two very unlikely teams which were South Korea and Ghana, both sides having never gotten this far before in a World Cup [4]. In terms of underdogs, it was hard to say who people were rooting for more though after a rather lacklustre first half, the killer goal in jury time would be scored by Muntari in which Ghana went into half time a goal up [5].

As the second half started, it was clear that the late goal scored by Ghana did much damage for the Koreans in which despite throwing everything forward they just could not find an equaliser and their hopes were soon crushed when with a few minutes to go before the end of full time, Muntari scored the goal which only confirmed the result many thought would be the case and Ghana would become only the second African team next to Nigeria in 1994 [6] to reach the last four and many in Africa and every neutral in the world celebrated their great victory.


Displaying pride after full time for Ghana.
While a cynic would point out that in terms of quality it wasn't all that good given the teams involved, many didn't care for that as Ghana would become the World's most favourite team who they all wanted to see go on and win the whole thing. Could they really do it though...?

The next day of the Quarter-Finals would see Australia taking on the mighty Brazil and despite the Socceroo's thinking that they had a great chance to cause an upset thanks to a generous 'home' support and inspired by Ghana's triumph the previous day. However it would all be pretty routine for the Seleção as within sixteen minutes they scored the opening goal and that might have indicated that this game would be heading in one direction.

Despite this setback, Australia didn't give up. If anything, they seemed to play better as they tried a few attempts on goal but couldn't get any luck to score so to see the score line at 1-0 was quite a surprise to many and it was still there for Australia to try and get a goal back. Australia would keep this up during the second half and there was a growing fear among Brazilians that Australia were going to cause an almighty upset...until Robinho scored two late goals to crush Australian hopes and send Brazil through [7].


Relief for Brazil after the second goal went in
It was heartbreak for the men Down Under but they had not made a fool of themselves and with the World Cup to be hosted next in their own backyard for 2014 then they hoped that targeting a finishing in the last four would be the goal for them in that tournament. For now, it was time for the long journey back home...

The final Quarter-Final later that day would be a mouth-watering tie with Maradona's Argentina and the current World Champions Germany. There were many in Argentina who felt that after such a convincing score against the Irish then surely they had what it took to take on Germany. It would turn out that they would make a colossal miscalculation on the Germans. From the start of the game in which after three minutes the Germans took the lead, Argentina were a ropey side looking unsure what to do.

They would keep the score down at 1-0 at the end of the first half, but the second half would be nothing sort of a disaster for Argentina in which the Germans put three more goals past their stunned opponents in which they couldn't find even a consolation goal and the champions marched handsomely on to the last four [8]. The result was a horrendous one for their manager Maradona who had by his own hands ended up with Argentina's worst position in a World Cup in many years which might've damaged his the national side's reputation one way or the other.


Contrast reactions from both teams
With that, the Quarter-Finals were over and now it would soon be time for the last four and there had been no doubt a few results that made several raise their eyebrows at but despite three of the teams being considered who many might've have predicted, it was fair to say that all eyes were on one certain team...

2010 13.png
Final results of the 2010 Quarter-Finals


  • [1] As with OTL and TTL.
  • [2] England are out though do slightly better here compared to OTL.
  • [3] Much better than OTL that's for sure!
  • [4] ITTL at least, Ghana much our own though South Korea as we know reached the last four once IOTL.
  • [5] Like OTL.
  • [6] Yes, Ghana do reach the last four here and are the second behind Nigeria since ITTL's 1994 here. No cheating Suarez here...
  • [7] Brazil do better here than IOTL.
  • [8] To put it simply, the game is pretty much the same as OTL in which Argentina got utterly wrecked here.
Anyway here we are with the Quarter-Finals and from all your predictions it seems that for once everyone got it right! However we do have a mixed bag on the voting of who will host the World Cups in 2018 and 2022. Anymore who hasn't voted yet please do so I can make an announcement of the winners in the next update. now time for the next fixtures:
Spain vs Ghana

Brazil vs Germany
You know what do, who will go through and why? Until then, catch you all later!