Hey, first time poster and long time reader here. Really enjoying this timeline, and your other one about the Home Nations; do keep up the good work!

Quick question though: will Australia still switch to AFC ITTL?
Hey, first time poster and long time reader here. Really enjoying this timeline, and your other one about the Home Nations; do keep up the good work!

Quick question though: will Australia still switch to AFC ITTL?
Glad you are liking it so far and the other TL.

To ask your question, probably not seeing as an early establishment of OFC at the World Cup allows for an automatic place at the WC which given how Australia has a big advantage of this, depends on if this is a good or bad for Australian football being how there is hardly any competition say other than New Zealand.
2006 FIFA World Cup Semi-Finals
Part 4

The last four for the 2006 World Cup was quite a stacked combination which meant that it was one of the rare times in which the four teams present had all won the World Cup at least once though given the competition, not many had a clear idea of who would be there in the final. While many expected it would be the Germans to make it to the final, the game with Argentina and Brazil was more harder to call and it would be that game that would go up first.

The all South American clash was one that was keenly being watched and like with any derby match, it would be quite a brutal affair with flying tackles going in and the referee finding it difficult to keep the game flowing and that first half alone would see no less than three yellow cards being shown. The World Champions in the second half would start of really well and looked like they were going to be just a goal away from the final. It all seemed inevitable...


All good South American fun in South Africa
Despite looking better, Brazil couldn't quite break down Argentina and this failure to do so would come to haunt them in which the Argentines scored in the 68th minute and that proved to be a sucker punch for the champions. Brazil would try everything that they knew to win a game but would have rotten luck in that second half with perhaps the most controversial being in the 78th minute when a penalty was wrongly brushed aside despite being a clear handball was not given due to the bad luck of the referee not getting a good view of the incident.

That would be the killer blow for the champions as after a dogged and stout defence job from Argentina, they would hang on to pull of a shock victory to dump their great rivals and the now former champions out of the cup. Not only was that celebrated wildly across Argentina but it meant that Argentina would be playing in their first final since 1994 [1] and a chance to grab their long awaited third World title.


The happy Argentine fans celebrate their great victory after the final whistle

In Brazil, things couldn't be more different. The defeat was nothing sort of a disaster for them with most of the anger being directed at the referee for several bad choices with most of their complaints being about that penalty incident though several voices did point that Brazil had only themselves to blame due to not using their advantage early on in the second half to score a goal which in the end cost them dearly.

For Brazil, it was back to the drawing board...

Unlike the previous Semi-Final which proved to be too difficult to call, the majority of the next Semi were in no doubt that it would be the Germans that would defeat the English and for good reason. It was an England team that had not been fully good in the knockout stages which included an extra winner against the Swedes and the following being a tight victory over the Americans. Not exactly the stuff of champions which didn't look like the great team of 2002 though to be fair they weren't help by the injuries before the tournament had even started [2].

From the off, England were on the backfoot at the hands of a rampant and young German team who were out to give the English a football lesson. It wouldn't be long until the Germans did break the deadlock when Podoiski scored in the 19th minute and one couldn't argue that the Germans didn't deserve that lead and thus, the Germans pretty much after that goal never quite looked back.


All hands to the deck as England try to take on Germany
The rest of the game in both the first and second half which pretty much one sided in which at little to no point in the game that the Germans gave England any chance in which they could've added to their lead but weirdly England's back line would not budge which was pretty much the only positive that could be said about England throughout that entire game.

However the most infamous moment of the game would be in the second half when right on the 64th minute mark, England were given a penalty after Lampard was pulled down and Beckham had the chance to put England level from out of nothing...but the infamous stereotype of English penalties happened here in which Beckham fired his shot to the bottom right but the German keeper would save it and and golden chance for England to find a life life in the game was gone and thus, the game ended with Germany winning the game 1-0 and thus, onto the final [3].


German players celebrating after the final whistle which means they'll play
Despite Germany being the clear winners, the score line did flatter England which might indicate to some that England gave a good game, however the Germans could have quite easily won the game 3-0 but couldn't quite find the finishing touch and indeed some would admit that they were lucky that England missed a vital penalty when they did otherwise things might've turned on their head.

Funnily enough, it was perhaps one of the rare times at the World Cup in which both knockout matches ended with the same score line in ninety minutes. Nonetheless, two nations who both had two World Cups between them as well as having not been in a final in years, mostly with the Germans [4], were both about to take on each other to have a crack at winning their third title.

2006 14.png

Final results of the 2006 World Cup Semi-Finals

  • [1] In TTL at least.​
  • [2] Pretty the same problems England had at the OTL 2006 WC.
  • [3] In contrast to OTL in which they didn't.
  • [4] German ITTL have not been in a final since 1978 in which they won it here.
At long last, we get another update and yes, the German team of 2006 do reach a final here! The other good news is that as we move on into 2021 is that my more famous TL, All To Play For, will be making a return for the Euros coming up and with Scotland playing, it won't need to edit much more than I would normally do though there will be a few changes here and there though...

Anyway, your votes for the 2010 and 2014 WC hosts have been counted and the winners are..
So until then, catch you up for the final in which Argentina and Germany will do battle...who'll win? :p
As an England fan I feel a sense of anguish... that being said, Germany takes the cup, Brazil downs the three lions for third place. Can’t wait for 2010!
2006 FIFA World Cup Third-Place Game and Final
Part 5

It is said that nobody wants to play the third place game and both Brazil and England would be no exception here as the two losers of their respected Semi-Finals would have to do battle here. In the first half at least there was clearly a lack of urgency to win the game from both teams with the only way to describe the first half was that of being of a damp squid though it was noted that Brazil were the slightly better team in that half with more possession of the ball.

The second half itself would be a different story as Brazil really went all out to put down England with Ronaldo in the 56th minute scoring a screamer of a goal with Adriano adding to England's misery by adding a second within a matter of minutes. It was looking all grim for England and the final nail in the coffin for England would happen in the 78th minute when Ronaldo scored his double and Brazil's third which pretty much put the game to bed.


England vs Brazil in the third place game
England would get a goal back in the 81st minute but by that point it was nothing more than a mere consolation goal and Brazil held on to record a 3-1 victory over England and thus won the third place game. For England it was a sobering one and with them hosting the World Cup for 2010 [1] they knew that a lot of changes had to be done if they were to make an impact at home. For now though, it was the end of the road for both nations...

2006 15.png

Final result of the Third Place game


A day later would be the final which the game would be decided by Argentina and Germany. To say much was riding on both sides to win was an understatement as Argentina had not been in a final since 1994 [2] and hadn't won it since 1986 while the Germans had never won it or had even gotten close since they got their hands on the cup since 1978 [3] and it was all very easy to see how much winning would mean for both nations.

From the get go the match was a thrilling one though no one was able to find the opening goal in the opening 45 minutes. Nonetheless the game would come to life in the 49th minute when Argentina's Ayala scoring first and that seemed to make everyone think the longer the game went on that Argentina had one hand on the cup, though the team would see a number of yellow cards shown [4].


Argentina vs Germany in the final
The South Americans were riding their luck towards the end and then with a couple of questionable choices that happened to substitute certain players, Germany found a gal back thanks to Klose with ten minutes to go and the game would go into extra tine and the Argentines could only kick themselves for letting this game slip from their grasp. Even in extra time neither side could be separated though Argentina would go down to ten men right on the end of extra time and the game would head to penalties and there is always one rule in football...never attempt to play the Germans on penalties.

In the shoot out, Germany scored all four from the spot though Argentina would miss two and thus, Germany were the winners [5] and now finally had their third World Cup to their name, though the aftermath of the final would become well documented for infamous reasons with the brawl between the two sides, mostly from an angry Argentine side in which frustration got the better of them [6]


The infamous brawl just after the final
The brawl did bring the World Cup to an anti-climax but no one was in doubt that Germany were worth winners and now would wait in four years time to try and defend their crown across the North Sea in England. Thus, the 2006 World Cup in South Africa was over.

2006 16.png

Final result of the 2006 World Cup Final

2006 11.png

Final results of the Knockout Stage of the 2006 World Cup
  • [1] England win the 2010 bid to host the World Cup here.
  • [2] ITTL at least.
  • [3] ITTL at least.
  • [4] As with OTL's match in 2006.
  • [5] Pretty much the final is the same as OTL's Quarter-Final Encounter.
  • [6] And yes, the infamous brawl happens here too.
There we are then, 2006 is all done and Germany are the winners! Anyway Happy New Years for you all and let's hope that 2021 will be not so crappy as what we had to put up with before, though really I have doubts...

Anyway as you know, 2010 will be in England and here are the teams for that World Cup:

2010 1.png

So for your early predictions, who will do well here and why? Anyway until then, hope you enjoyed the update and catch you all later!
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Spain, Germany or, at a push, the Netherlands to win.
England to do better than OTL due to home advantage, but still not great.
Scotland to go out in the group stage or R16 after Chris Iwelumo misses an open goal in injury time.
France to scrape into the knockout stage thanks to a handball assist from Thierry Henry against Ireland, before getting utterly spanked in the R16.