A different Burgundian succession

New heir
On 1476, Charles the Bold would reconcile with John of Burgundy-Nevers and disinherited his daughter and made John the heir if he does not have a son to make her as the bride that would guarantee imperial support on Burgundy and married Mary of Burgundy to Maximilian of Austria, he would have a final testament that it would be John of Burgundy-Nevers who would inherit Burgundy if Charles the Bold has no male heirs.

The deal was if John of Burgundy-Nevers would not have male issue, Mary and her heirs would inherit Burgundy from him.

On Charles the Bold’s death at Nancy on 1477, John of Burgundy-Nevers is recognized the heir and ruler of the Burgundian lands and Burgundy would remain intact for decades and would be at peace for some time.
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Maximilian and would demand John of Burgundy-Nevers and Margaret of York to pay more of Mary of Burgundy’s dowry, so that they would not claim the Burgundian Inheritance from them which the Burgundian estates complied, and they were able to pay more of Mary of Burgundy’s dowry that Charles the Bold already paid earlier prior to his death and it would be completed on 1480 as Margaret of York had told to John of Burgundy-Nevers.

In the meantime, Louis XI would be partially happy that the Habsburgs did not get the Burgundian inheritance but there is a danger that Maximilian and Mary could inherit Burgundy and Louis XII would have Mary of Cleves(1465), the Granddaughter of John II of Burgundy(John of Burgundy-Nevers) betrothed to Dauphin Charles, the marriage of Mary of Cleves to Charles VIII would prevent the Burgundians from participating in the mad war.

Charles VIII and Mary of Cleves would be crowned on 1483 when Louis XI would die.
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Richard III
On 1485, Joanna of Portugal would go to England to marry Richard III of England and Elizabeth of York is shipped to Portugal to marry the Duke of Beja, on 1484, Edward, Prince of Wales and Joanna of Aragon are betrothed to each other after Richard III failed on the planned betrothal to either Anne of Brittany or Isabella of Aragon, the English would still want Edward, Prince of Wales to marry Anne of Brittany but those plans were dashed as Anne of Brittany was betrothed to Dauphin Louis(December 10, 1484), son of Charles VIII and Mary of Cleves as a condition of the treaty of Tregor in 1488.

Joanna of Aragon would arrive in England on 1493 wherein he would marry Edward, Prince of Wales who is years older than her.
Mary of Burgundy
On 1491, John II of Burgundy(John of Burgundy-Nevers) would die without a son, a situation wherein Mary of Burgundy and her descendants would claim Burgundy, John II would delay the war of Burgundian succession, Charles VIII and Anne of France would claim the Duchy of Burgundy and the County of Burgundy and Low Countries would go to Maximilian I and Mary of Burgundy while the Burgundy-Nevers inheritance would go to Engelbert of Cleves.

Isabeau of Brittany on 1492 would marry Archduke Frederick(1478)[1], the heir of Mary of Burgundy which would stabilize the inheritance of the Low Countries.

1. OTL Philip the Handsome.
Family Trees I
Richard III m. Anne Neville(a) Joanna of Portugal
1a. Edward, Prince of Wales b. 1476 m. Joanna of Aragon b. 1479
2b. Cecilia I of Portugal b. 1487 m. Duarte, Duke of Beja b. 1488[1]
1.Son of Elizabeth of York and Manuel, Duke of Beja.

Mary of Burgundy m. Archduke Maximilian
1a. Frederick I, Duke of Flanders b. 1478 m. Isabeau of Brittany
2a. Margaret of Austria b. 1480 m. John, Prince of Asturias d. 1497(a) Frederick the Wise of Saxony(b)
3a. Archduke Franz(Francis I of Spain) b. 1481 m. Isabella II of Spain[1]
4a. Eleanor b. 1482 m. Vladislaus II of Hungary
5a. Philip I of Austria(Philip II) b. 1484 m. Elizabeth Jagiellon
6a. Charles b. 1486 – Grandmaster of Teutonic Order
7a. Isabella b. 1490 m.?

1.The original heir of Maximilian in Austria and Germany in general.

Ferdinand II of Aragon m. Isabella of Castile(a) Germaine de Foix(b)
1a. Isabella II of Castile b. 1470 d. 1530 m. Alfonso, Prince of Portugal b. 1475 d. 1491(a) Archduke Francis b. 1481(b)
2a. John 1478 d. 1497 m. Margaret of Austria
3a. Joanna of Aragon b. 1479 m. Edward VI b. 1476[1]
4a. Maria of Aragon b. 1482
5a. Catherine of Aragon b. 1485
6b. John III of Aragon b. 1508
1.OTL Edward of Middleham
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Family trees II
Charles VIII b. 1470 m. Mary of Cleves b. 1465(a)
1a. Louis XII b. 1484
2a. Charlotte of France b. 1490

Francis II of Brittany m. Margaret of Foix(b)
2a. Anne of Brittany b. 1478 m. Louis XII b. 1484[1]
1a1a. Anne II of Brittany b. 1499 m. Francis I of France
2a2a. Joanna of Brittany b. 1510 m. Ercole II of Este

3a. Isabeau of Brittany b. 1479 m. Frederick I of Flanders
3a1a. Eleanor of Flanders b. 1498
3a2a. Charles b. 1500
3a3a. Isabella of Flanders b. 1501
3a4a. Philip of Flanders b. 1503
3a5a. Mary of Flanders b. 1505
3a6a. Beatrice of Flanders b. 1507
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