What if Anne Boleyn do not miscarried her child in 1536? The child was a boy, who would be Henry VIII‘s heir and secure her position as his wife and Queen, making her untouchable for her enemies and destroying forever any hope of Mary to being restored as princess (as Charles V had abandoned her as soon Catherine was dead)
Henry VIII, King of England (b. 1491) married a) Catherine of Aragon (1485-1536) in 1509 annulled in 1533, b) Anne Boleyn (b. 1507) in 1533, had relationship with c) Elizabeth Blount (b. 1500) and d) Jane Seymour (b. 1508-1537)
  1. a) lady Mary Tudor (b. 1516)
  2. c) Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond and Somerset (1519-1536) married Mary Howard (b. 1519)
  3. b) Elizabeth (b. 1533) married Philip II, King of Spain (b. 1527) in 1549
  4. b) Henry IX, King of England (b. 1536) married Eleanor of Austria (b. 1534)
  5. d) Edward Fitzroy (1537-1553)
  6. b) Anne (b. 1538) married Frederick II, King of Denmark (b. 1534)
  7. b) George, Duke of York (b. 1539) married Jane Grey (b. 1536)
  8. b) Eleanor (b. 1540) married Erik XIV, King of Sweden (b. 1533)
  9. b) William, Duke of Richmond (b. 1542) married Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland (b. 1542)

NOTES: Mary Stuart for the third son instead of one of the older boys can look strange but Henry here, with available spares, do not need absolutely to marry Mary to his heir AND Scotland like better the youngest boy as King Consort for reducing the chances of an union with England