"911" done by right wing extremists?


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I'm confused by this post. What are you trying to say? Your point appears to be that suicide is allowed by jihadist groups but discouraged by Christianity. But actually suicide is haram in Islam too.

Wiki is actually pretty good on this so I'll let them talk.

For context, it is also worth being aware that suicide bombing by Islamist groups did not exist prior to 1983. It is a remarkably recent historical innovation which does not find support in classical sources. Needless to say, such actions are condemned and rejected in the strongest terms.

My apologies Byzantine Fanatic I did not know this taboo was part of the Quran as well.
I think part of the issue has to do with targeting. An alt right group will be less likely to target the pentagon and the World Trade Center. The probable targets would be the UN bldg and the White House only one of which was targeted
okay but we are not debating that were debating the effects of that?
There is a religious side to this as well that needs to be considered.

All of the hijackers in OTL 9/11 came from a subculture of Islam that taught a perverted view of jihad. Namely, that if one died in jihad against your enemies it automatically qualified you for Paradise regardless of anything you had done prior.

Right-wing extremists in this country are predominately of a subculture of Christian fundamentalism. And in general Christianity pronounces an anathema against all forms of suicide. Dying in battle is acceptable but deliberately committing suicide by slamming a plane into a target would be another thing entirely.
Some white nationalists prefer atheism or paganism over "Semitic" Christianity.