28 Days Later - Death of a Nation

This wasn't written by me, but i found it online, quite an interesting read. Based on 28DL universe, i copied and pasted it here.

I could only stand there, in a terrible grip of fear. I could only watch as the woman fought for her very breath. A crowd had gathered after the sound of groceries falling to the ground attracted their attention. I was walking right past her as it happened, in a crowded square, and I now stood beside her as she sat on her hands and knees coughing up blood that was almost black in color. While puking her insides out onto the cement, she was violently screaming and shaking. She dug her nails into the cement, cracking them and tearing them. Her face was turning pale, bright colored veins pulsing noticeably. We could only stare.

None of us noticed the truck come to a screeching halt nearby. Our minds were taken by the screams and unintelligible pleas of the lady on display. A team of men in biohazard suits broke their way through the crowd and reached for the woman on her knees. The lady suddenly stood up, swaying slightly. The men reached for her arm, but she lunged forward, attacking the men in the full-body suits. I had the unfortunate opportunity to gaze into her eyes, her empty, yet pain filled eyes. They were animal eyes, wide and full of rage. The men grappled with her, and the crowd backed away a few steps as the blood began to fly. The lady was not so much screaming as she was raging, howling and fighting violently. The lady disappeared into the back of the truck nonetheless. Yet the crowd did not disperse. We still could not move, or think. Were it not for the police coming in to clear up the area, we might have remained there, staring at the bloody remnants of that poor lady, for eternity.

How does one sleep with such a sight permanently burned into their mind? Such a violent, painful death she received, if that is what she received at all. Yet sleep I did, a fitfull sleep, full of pain and screaming. I woke up sweating, unable to breath. My wife finally managed to calm me down.

I stared at my wife as she prepared breakfast. She was a beautiful woman, and I'd had a habit of staring at her since I had first met her in highschool. She moved gracefully through the kitchen, the product of years of experience. She'd been making breakfast for our children before school for four years now. But even such experience can prove unavailing. The family cat jumped down from the counter in between her legs, nearly tripping her. She managed to keep her balance, but she dropped the dish she was carrying. The clatter the dish made as it hit the floor sent my heart racing. I stood up, and watched as my wife bent down, getting on her hands and knees to reach under the table for the pieces to the dish. I wanted to scream out, to warn her, to tell her to get up. But I could not move. I could not plead for her safety. My head was rushing with blood, and my heart was aching. I was read to faint. The memory shot through my mind, paralyzing me with fear. I was watching the lady in the square again, crying and screaming, suffering from agonizing, unbelievable pain. The lady slowly stood up, and turned to look at me. I stared into her eyes, those angry eyes. She stepped toward me. I wanted to run, but I couldn't. The lady reached her hand out, taking a few steps more. The bloody hand gripped my shoulder, shaking it. "Honey! Honey! Are you alright?" I blinked my eyes, and the vision cleared away, and standing before me was my beautiful wife. My heart settled down, and I fell back into my chair. "I'm fine."

How can you explain to someone you love what happened that day? How can you pass such a burden on to someone so important to you? I did not know if she'd heard about it in the news. If so, she had said nothing about it. I could not tell her what was wrong with me. I could not hurt her in the same way I was hurting. So I said nothing, and I sent her away worried.
I sat at the desk in my office, pouring over the article in the newspaper, trying to figure our what was haunting me. "An unexplained virus," it said. "A tragic event." Tragic. It was more than tragic. It was devastating. Not only to the woman who experienced it, but to all those who saw it.

"Sir? Your wifes on line 5." "Thank you," I told the secretary. I picked up the phone. "Hello..."
"Hi, honey. I'm picking up the kids from school. They have an appointment with Doctor Springs. I should be home around 5:00." "That's fine," I said. There was silence for a moment, then she continued: "Are you sure you're o.k.?"

At 3:30 I picked up the paper again, and tried to finish the article. "Witnesses provide details..." They were the lucky ones. They didn't have to worry about ruining other people's lives just by sharing their memory. They obviously had no one to keep it secret from. "Related to the deaths..." Related deaths? A laboratory mysteriously shut down, a hospital reports similar victims, reports of savage violence in nearby neighborhoods, the neighborhoods near my children's school!

"Sir? Theres a man on line 3 wanting to speak with you."

I rushed into the gymnasium, and I nearly collapsed. Surrounding me were hundreds of body bags, child-sized body bags, with a few for adults. Men and women walked through the gymnasium with clipboards and solemn faces. A large man in a dark suit walked toward me. He placed his hand on my shoulder and tried to look into my eyes. "I'm sorry," was all he could say. I fell to my knees. I searched the body bags from that spot, hunting for the ones that might hold my family. The white bags were stained with blood, covered with identification tags that I was too far away to read. And I did not want to read them. I could not read them. I could not accept that my family was now gone, due to a virus no one knew about, one that caused the most agonizing death we might ever know. I looked at the other faces in the room. Husbands and wives held onto each other, crying, squeezing each others hands for support. Older children, from high school, accompanied some families. These children hugged their parents, hoping to hide their sadness, their fear. And their parents soothed them, or tried to. I had no one to sooth, and no one who could sooth me. I was alone.

I stood in front of the hospital. A line stretched out into the streets, if you could call it a line. It looked more like a mob. Policemen surrounded a crowd of terrified families, hoping for a cure, something that might save them, or their loved ones. Small children clung to their parents legs, crying. Family members exchanged goodbye's, fearing that soon the end would arrive. The crowd was trying to force their way inside the already crowded hospital, but they were held back. The mob became more violent, and the police were forced to intervene. The crowds attention was diverted to a lone child near the street, screaming and shaking and crying, blood pouring from his mouth and nose. The police opened fire, causing panic among the crowd. Another ran into the crowd from behind, spewing blood from his mouth onto any who were close enough. Even more began to charge out of the hospital. The police could not tell where they would pop up next, so they tried to shoot everyone. The screaming of the victims nearly overpowered the sound of the gunfire. I heard a single voice cry out: "Infected! Run!" Perhaps this freed the fear-struck minds of the crowd, because they surged forward, trying to escape to their homes. I was caught in the midst of the crowd, and was forced to run with them . Any people in the front of the panicked mob who were not faster than those behind were trampled and left to die. I made it into a small store that had not been locked up when the owner left. Papers and food were strewn all about. I pulled down the metal gate and shut the door. I stood there, trying to catch my breath, hoping that no one outside would hear my breathing. I leaned back against the door. The support felt so good that I let myself slide down to the ground. After a few moments I reached for a newspaper that was lying next to me. One of the main, though now quite brief, articles read: "Despite all our plans and contingencies, the virus has spread." I chuckled slightly. Almost as fast as the fear of it.

Part 2:

Ever since he came home yesterday, his mind was somewhere else. She knew when something was troubling him. But she decided not to press it, and went downstairs to make breakfast for the kids. After all the years she had adjusted to this new kitchen there was always a surprise for her. The cat nearly sent her to the floor, but her balance saved her, though not the dish. She bent down to pick up the pieces before the kids walked in and cut themselves. As she stood up to throw away the pieces she heard her husband panting, with his eyes closed, and sweat dripping down his face. She dropped all the pieces to the floor and shook his shoulder. "Honey! Honey! Are you alright?" After a few seconds he opened his eyes and blinked a few times. Then he muttered, "I'm fine."

Later that day she hopped into her car to go pick up the kids from the school/daycare center. She had left work early because they had a doctors appointment. Usually they head to the afterschool program at school. She called her husband to remind him of their whereabouts.
"Hi, honey. I'm picking up the kids from school. They have an appointment with Doctor Springs. I should be home around 5:00."
"That's fine," he said. She wondered if he would continue, but he did not. She asked him, "Are you sure you're o.k.?"

She turned onto the street of the school. There was something wrong...some kind of riot. there were bodies on the street and people fighting each other on the sidewalks across the school yard.
Before she let herself panic she tried to think of a logical way to get to her kids. I have to get to them, I have to.. played over and over in her mind. She decided to go around to the back of the school and pulled the car all the way to the back door. She hopped out and tried to open it, but it was locked. She banged on it as loud as she dared to, and soon a janitor opened the door.
"I need...my kids..." The janitor let her inside.
It was difficult to find her children. All kids had been sent to the cafeteria which doubled as a safe house, because of the bad area. They were letting parents take their children, but there was no order. After probably a half hour she got her children and headed back to the back door, carrying on her hip and the other's hand tightly gripping her free one.
"Kids, we need to be careful...and quiet!" The little one put a finger over his mouth to imitate the action she had requested. Letting go of her daughters hand so she could open the door, she peered outside. No one was there. She rushed outside, both children near, and ushered them into the backseat.
"Buckle your little brother in, we've got to go quick."
The eldest did as told and she walked around to the front of the car and started the engine.
They were back on the road and heading toward her husbands work. It seemed safer than their home, which was not far off from the school.
The children were safe, and they were on the road - everything was home free - and then it hit. A black truck rammed into the passenger side of their car and sent their car spinning and then head first into a tree trunk. She had no time to think - The little one was bloodied but crying, which meant he was alive. The older one was unharmed. She herself had a cut on her forhead. She grabbed her purse and jumped out, opening the passenger seat. The held both of them, for the older one too started crying. For all her frailty, she ran with surprising speed, carrying two children, one on her back, the other in her arms.
But she could not run fast enough.
A man ran up beside her, grabbing her waist and knocking her over. She skillfully rolled her younger child away and yelled at the other to run. She hit the man with all her strength, in places she had been taught to hit, but nothing seemed to daze him except a blow to the head. By now the baby went from crying to screaming, and it caught his attention.
"No! No!!!" She screamed, holding him back, hitting him, pushing him, trying to keep him away from her baby. But then another man came up from behind her. She felt pain - or rather, she didn't feel it, but she knew it was there, in her neck. But watching her son being torn apart, while hearing her daughters screams in the background...She reached back and grabbed the attackers head, and with a quick rush, managed to break his neck in her desperation. She took off running toward her daughter, toward her son, in fact, she was hardly moving at all.
And then felt a bullet in her chest. Blood began to well up in her throat and poor out of her mouth. She looked up, but saw nothing.
Then she hit the ground.

Part 3

The vomit came up violently, spewing out in front of me. It was a testament to the gruesome sight in front of them that no one cared, or even looked at me. There was still blood on the sidewalk where the woman used to be, and the van was just taking off. I wiped my mouth with my sleeve, and slowly walked back to my car. All the way home I could still hear her screams as i pulled into the driveway, could still smell the blood as i cooked a TV dinner, could even feel the rage of the woman as I lay down in my bed. I couldn't close my eyes, because all i could see was her face, and blood red eyes. I couldn't keep them open because even then all i could see was her face.

The alarm clock goes off, and I just lay there looking at it, surprised. No sleep tonight. My body moved mechanical, dressing and feeding itself. After a shower, i feel a little better, the memory still there but not as strong. I climb into my truck and head to the school, where i am a janitor. The day seems normal, children playing and laughing. The site cheered me up a little, and got to work.

There was a fight in the schoolyard, a couple kids got hurt pretty bad. I was told that men in biohazard suits came and quickly picked up all the children involved, taking them away. I could see that the teacher was clearly shaken by what she saw, and the image of last night came to mind. It's happening again, here. The intercom comes on, and the Principle announces that all the children must be brought to the cafeteria.

12:45, this place is a madhouse. It started at lunch. children attacking children, eating them. their eyes were the same as the womans, the growls, grunts, and screams seemed unnatural. We were able to get most of the children to the cafeteria, but there were many more still out there. My heart leaps into my throat as I heard a pounding noise behind me, I spun around, mop poised at the ready, with dried blood already on the handle. But the pounding was harsh, ragefull, so I slowly open the door.

"I need....my kids...." the woman at the door said. After she walked in, i walked out. This was not my place, not my fight. I would go get the police. Yea, thats what I'll do. As i head across the yard there was fighting everywhere, bodies laying mangled, blood everywhere. A young boy, maybe only 8 years old, looks up from the body of the vice principle of the school, straight into my eyes. There was nothing human left. I sprinted to my truck, locking myself in as the kid threw himself at the window. My eyes widen in shock as he threw up pitch black blood on the window, and beat at it with all his might. I sit there for a little while, in shock, as i look out my windows. Death. Turmoil. What the hell is going on in this world? A crack in the window brought me back, and I started the engine and took off. I took a side road detour, but it ended up being blocked off, so i turned back around. I knew i was speeding, but who cared?

Then it hit. A small car drove in front of me, and i crashed full on into it. I struggled to get the truck back under control, but a swerve lifted it too far, and it crashed onto its side. I stumbled out onto the road, then scream in pain as an old man leaped onto me and bit into my shoulder. Grabbing his arm, i threw him off and slammed his head into the pavement. My breath starts coming shorter, its hard to breathe. I see the woman running with her children, and a man running toward her. My vision gets blurry, red. I shake my head, and double over as a sharp pain hits my stomach. visions getting red, like blood. The woman is fighting the man, and i stumble towards her. Blood. Rage. I gag as blood coughs up, my muscles start to twitch, yet all i can focus on is the woman. Blood. Kill. There was a baby in the womans arms, crying. Shut it up, shut it up, SHUT IT UP! My vision turns completely red, i reach the woman. blood. Tear. Why wont she shut it up? Her neck. Blood. Warm blood, her blood, running down my chin. Her hands on my head? Kill................
It is rather nice, but Russia's actions seemed to be illogical, because it would try to protect Kaliningrad Oblast, Belarusia and Ukraine; Rissian government wouldn't let the infected сome nearer to the St.Petersburg - so, I believe, that first defense line would be Vistula line in Poland and Danube in Romanian-Moldovan border.
It is rather nice, but Russia's actions seemed to be illogical, because it would try to protect Kaliningrad Oblast, Belarusia and Ukraine; Rissian government wouldn't let the infected сome nearer to the St.Petersburg - so, I believe, that first defense line would be Vistula line in Poland and Danube in Romanian-Moldovan border.

I wasn't too familiar with Eastern Europe's terrain when i wrote that. Looking back i really should have done more research on that area first.
Been a while since i posted on this. Watching the trailer for ZombieU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKc6gvxyfDY]], a new Wii game, i got to wondering where would the Royal Family go and what would they do if London was threatened ? When the Rage virus was approaching London, would the Queen remain in residence for the duration, like a Dunkirk Spirit sort of thing, or get the hell out of there whilst she still could ? Where would be the first stop ? Windsor, Balmoral ?

The same with the government. would they move to a public building in a safe city, remain in Downing Street or head to some bunker in Wales or Scotland ?
Been a while since i posted on this. Watching the trailer for ZombieU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKc6gvxyfDY]], a new Wii game, i got to wondering where would the Royal Family go and what would they do if London was threatened ? When the Rage virus was approaching London, would the Queen remain in residence for the duration, like a Dunkirk Spirit sort of thing, or get the hell out of there whilst she still could ? Where would be the first stop ? Windsor, Balmoral ?

The same with the government. would they move to a public building in a safe city, remain in Downing Street or head to some bunker in Wales or Scotland ?

In 28 Days Later: Aftermath, it's established that a long journey by ambulance brings Rage to the centre of London within 24 hours of the outbreak. So I'm not sure there's enough time to make a decision like that - I suspect most ministers would revert to basic primal programming like the rest of us and put their families in cars and drive like hell towards the Channel.
In 28 Days Later: Aftermath, it's established that a long journey by ambulance brings Rage to the centre of London within 24 hours of the outbreak. So I'm not sure there's enough time to make a decision like that - I suspect most ministers would revert to basic primal programming like the rest of us and put their families in cars and drive like hell towards the Channel.

I completely forgot about that. That would be utter chaos, given London was completely unprepared. Id imagine the city would fall pretty rapidly, with the virus spilling into neighbouring towns and cities in the hours that followed.


Hang on what i thought it was stated that Russia was going to be over run in the words something along the line of the coming year would not be kind to Russia and would pay for ignoring, the fact animals are carriers.

The infections not over right? update please! oh and great TL by the way.
Hang on what i thought it was stated that Russia was going to be over run in the words something along the line of the coming year would not be kind to Russia and would pay for ignoring, the fact animals are carriers.

The infections not over right? update please! oh and great TL by the way.

thanks :) and i couldnt really think of a realistic way the infection could overwhelm a country the size of Russia, which is why i ended the TL with the Russian army sealing its borders and evacuating border regions so the infection has no new hosts to pass on to.


Anyone have any info about "28 months later" ? I hope it happens but not seen any news on it for over a year.
I'm hoping it still gets made but its been 6 years since 28 weeks later-so the farther away we get the less likely it probably is :(
That's a shame :(, still at least the comics sort of wrapped up Selina's story http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/28_Days_Later_(comics)

From the comic, think its the stampede at the train station that Mark refers to at Jims house

Police Report
A transcript of some of the radio calls between on duty officers of Cambridge Constabulary, and a police radio operator on the first night of the outbreak. Its been a while since i wrote any updates but i got bored. Also, feel free to add your own updates in the form of newspaper headlines, tv and radio reports, diaries, blogs, text messages, letters, official government reports ect ect kind of like my "Stories from the Zombie Apocalypse" thread.

November Oscar (radio operator at Cambridge's Parkside police station) "November Oscar to four-five, receiving ?"

Four-five "This is fourfive, we're receiving you loud and clear, over."

November Oscar "Can you and PC Shenton drive over to the university and check upon whats going on ? We're receiving reports of a disturbance in the area, over."

Four-Five "All received November Oscar. We're on our way. What's the problem over there? Over"

November Oscar "Not many details known yet four five, but reports indicate some kind of student protest or riot and several injures. Over."

Four-five "November Oscar, we're almost at the university. There seems to be a large crowd gathering. People are running away from something, going to investigate now.
Requesting assitance, we may be dealing with a crowd control situation soon. Over."

November Oscar "All recieved four-five, im dispatching two additional cars to your location now. Over."

Four Five "All received. Over"

Four Five "November Oscar, we have multiple casualties. At least three fatalities, possibly more. Hard to tell with all these people running around. We have a riot on
our hands here, urgent assistance required from police and ambulance service. Over."

November Oscar "Four-five, withdraw to a safe distance and wait on back up. Im sending you additional officers now."

Four-five "Received. Send at least five ambulances. A lot of people have been hurt. People look to be having fits and vomiting blood all over the street. This is a mess.
I think we're gonna need some public order guys over here to get this lot under control. Not sure whats going on, must be a druken mass brawl or something. Over"

November Oscar "Roger, received. Will dispatch public order units and ambulances to your location shortly. Maintain your distance and keep safe. Over."


PC James "November Oscar from 1201, requesting an ambulance on Potters Street. Over."

November Oscar "Received 1201. What's the situation there over ?"

PC James "A man was knocked down by a car running across the street according to a witness. Apparently he was chasing someone. Both legs appear to be broken an
he's unconscious and coughing up blood. Looks quite bad, i need...shit !"

November Oscar "1201? call back. over."

PC James "November Oscar, the guy just woke up and grabbed at me ! Get this, his eyes are red ! like blood red. If his legs weren't broken he'd have been on top of me.
Ive detained him. He's handcuffed and lying on the pavement. Need an ambulance urgently, this guy is in a bad way. Over."

November Oscar "All received 1201, an ambulance should be arriving shortly. Over."

PC James "Roger that November Oscar. Get on to the paramedics and let them know what they're dealing with, this guys snapping with his teeth like a rabid dog. Over."

November Oscar "Received 1201, be careful with him. Over."


November Oscar "November Oscar to six-two, can you respond to a suspected break in at 22 Station Road ? Had a 999 call from residents saying two men were seen smashing a window and trying to break into a house. Over."

Six Two "All received November Oscar, we're responding now, should be about five minutes. Over."

November Oscar "Roger, received"

Six Two "November Oscar, we're on the scene now. Windows are smashed, there are blood stains on the floor. No sign of the occupants or intruders. Wait a minute. Just heard a commotion next door, going to investigate now. Over."

Six Two "Requesting assistance to 23 Station Road. One person on the ground, dead possibly, or badly hurt. Not sure yet, hold on....get back ! stay back !..."

November Oscar "Six Two, whats going on ? Over."

Six Two "Jesus Christ we were just attacked, the whole fucking family in the house...all mental, they grabbed Rick, started beating the shit out of him. I had to get
out of there. Send back up and an ambulance to Station Road right now. Theyre coming out the house now, fuck me, theyre fighting the neighbours. Nothing i can do just send help !"

November Oscar "Roger, received, im dispatching support to your location now. What is the status of PC Hitchens ? Over."

Six Two "I dont know, i think Hitchens is dead. Theres more of them now, i dont know whats happening, people are fighting all over the place....hold on, i see Hitchens, he's alive thank Christ ! He's running towards me, im going to make sure he's ok....oh shit, what the hell's wrong with him? Get the fuck back, help !"

November Oscar "Six Two, get out of there ....six two are you recieving ? Six two, receiving ? six two....."

November Oscar "Any available units, please respond to an attack on an officer at 23 Station Road, this is urgent. Over."


PC Collins "8561 to November Oscar send urgent back up to West Road. My car has broken down, im surrounded by a group of fucking nutters, theyre vomiting blood
all over the windows, theyre trying to break in. Need back up now !"

November Oscar "Received, be advised we're running low on available units but i should be able to get a car over to you fairly soon. Hang in there Collins. Over."

PC Collins "Hurry up, its like they have rabies or something ! I think theyre on some kind of new drug. Send help now, theyre going to break the glass. Oh fuck its
cracking...you tell my wife im sorry, im sorry i couldnt make it home....oh god..."

November Oscar "You hang in there you hear me ? Ive got a car on the way....are you receiving ? PC Collins are you receiving ?....PC Collins respond...."


PC Lewisham "November Oscar 5991 , recieving ?"

November Oscar "Go ahead 5991"

PC Lewisham "I need an ambulance to Segwick Avenue as soon as possible. Two people have been struck by an out of control vehicle which
just crashed into a wall. The driver is dead, the two people he hit are badly hurt. There's a passenger in the car who seems to have been fighting with
the driver. She's vomiting blood, think she has internal bleeding...jesus shes trying to smash the glass with her head to get out the car....something's not right here. Get me some backup now. Over."

November Oscar "received, ill dispatch ambulance support and additional officers to your location now. Over"


PC Wills "November Oscar from 4003"

November Oscar "Go ahead 4003"

PC Wills "We have a major RTA on Chesterton Road, three cars involved, one fatality, five injured. A car swerved to avoid a fight in the middle of the road
and crashed into two other vehicles. Requesting urgent ambulance support,over."

November Oscar "All received, putting through a call now."

PC Wills "There's a lot of people out on the streets. Shouting, fighting. Not sure whats going on but im requesting police
backup on Chesterton Road as well as ambulance support."

November Oscar "All units are currently engaged, you're on your own for now Wills, sorry about that. I should be
able to get an ambulance to you in ten minutes or so though."

PC Wills "All received. Send back up when any becomes available."


PC Devon "November Oscar, requesting support from the fire brigade on Blackfoot Avenue. Theres a house burning out of control, cause unknown. People running
around crazy, looks like a riot. Over."

November Oscar "Understood. Ill have support over to you as soon as possible. Over."

PC Devon "Roger, received."


PC Richards "November Oscar from six four, receiving ? over"

November Oscar "Go ahead six four"

PC Richards "Requesting urgent assistance from public order units at Cambridge train station. We have a riot situation here. Over"

November Oscar "Received. Ill try and divert some over there as soon as possible, but we have incidents popping up all over
the town centre, ive lost contact with several units."

PC Richard "Understood. Try and hurry them up, these people are out of control. Theyre acting like animals....Oh Christ..."

November Oscar "Six four, whats wrong ?"

PC Richards "Its PC Lewis, he's gone over to the rioters, he's attacking us ! We need support right now, please, for......"

November Oscar "Six four are you receiving ?....six four ?....six four are you receiving ?"


PC Bedford "November Oscar from 9441, urgent medical assistance required at Trinity Lane. PC Shields is down, ive had
to restrain him after he was attacked. He was having some sort of fit and trying to attack me after one of the rioters vomited
blood in his face. Ive handcuffed him in the back of my car, i need an ambulance here now !"

November Oscar "Revived 9441, be advised all ambulances are currently attending incidents. No available ambulance support
expected for at least twenty minutes to half an hour. Keep PC Shields restrained and try and calm him down. We dont know
whats going on but there have been several of our officers joining the rioters after being attacked."

PC Bedford "All received November Oscar, im going to drive him to the hospital. He will probably choke to death on his own blood
if he dosnt get help soon."


PC Jones "November Oscar from 3211, requesting armed response units to Cambridge University immediately. All available units !"

November Oscar "All received, whats the situation ?"

PC Jones "The students have gone fucking mental ! PC Moresby is dead, and Keith and Robert are missing ! Some of my guys
have joined the rioters, we cant hold our positions much longer !"

November Oscar "Received 3211, ill contact the Chief Inspector and ask for...."

PC Jones "Never mind getting permission, send us help now, we're getting slaughted down here for fuck sake !"

November Oscar "I'm sending you support as soon as it becomes available. May be another twenty minutes."

PC Jones "Received. Be advised we cannot hold our position, we're falling back to regroup. Get a message out and tell people that the university is off limits."

November Oscar "All received 3211"


PC Layton "November Oscar from 2701, two officers dead on Hills Road. Beaten to death by these lunatics ! Four others are missing, i cant contact them on the radio.Some other officers are fighting us alongside the rioters. Theyre acting like rabid animals. Advise all officers in the field that there may some kind of virus or something thats causing this. I dont see what else it could be. Contact all local hospitals and tell them there is some kind of outbreak here. Over"

November Oscar "2701, confirm what you just said. Did you say there is a viral outbreak ?"

PC Layton "Affirmative. Thats what it looks like from where im standing, but im no expert. People who dont die when attacked and getting back up and attacking others ! Its a bloodbath over here, lots of civilian and police casualties. Theres an ambulance on fire up the street, not sure what happened there. No sign of the paramedics.
We're going to need outside support here and soon."

November Oscar "All received. Be advised that the Chief Inspector has asked for additional assistance from other constabularies. Help is expected to arrive in the
coming hours, over"

PC Layton "It'll be too late by then, oh god ! theyre everywhere, fuck this we're getting out of here right now. November Oscar be advised all units are abandoning out position on Hills Road, rioters are overrunning...shite get off me, get........"

November Oscar "2701 are you receiving me ? 2701 call back. 2701 ?"


PC Stephens "November Oscar from 1021. We have a mass casualty situation in the town centre. Im advising all roads into the town centre be closed as soon as possible
and traffic diverted. Requesting urgent police and ambulance support. Over"

November Oscar "Received 1021, orders have already gone through to close the town centre in the last ten minutes. Negative on the support. All units are engaged and struggling to hold there positions. The ambulance service is stretched thin dealing with major incidents at the train station and university. You're on your own for now.
I will try get some support over your way as soon as any becomes available but dont hold your breath for it any time soon. Over."

PC Stephens "All received November Oscar, just make sure you get us that support as soon as anyone is available. Over."


PC Gates "5457 to November Oscar. Situation around the train station is continuing to escalate. We have withdrawn over a mile from the station. I can confirm at least twenty eight civilian deaths, six police deaths and god knowns how many injured. A lot of our guys are rioting right alongside the civilians, what the hell is going on ? Any updates appreciated."

November Oscar "November Oscar to 5457. Ive received unconfirmed reports of some kind of viral outbreak being behind the riots. Advice from the Chief Inspector is to try and keep your distance from the rioters and avoid their blood getting on you. We're not sure that is how its spread but specialists are being brought in to run tests."

PC Gates "Understood November Oscar. This is getting out of hand. We need bloody back up now ! This is going on paper, i want to make a formal complaint. We cant possibly operate under these circumstances its completely unacceptable. Over"

November Oscar "Ill make a note of your complaint. There's nothing i can do though, we're stretched beyond our capacity here, as is the ambulance and fire services. No
available units for backup at the moment. Over"

PC Gates "This is a fucking joke ive lost six men, and two more are missing ! Call in the bloody army or something, we've lost control. Over"

November Oscar "Ill pass your request along, but again, im not in a position to make that sort of call. Over"


November Oscar "This is November Oscar to Inspector Morris, receiving ? Over."

Inspector Morris "Receiving, November Oscar, go ahead, over."

November Oscar "All units are requesting urgent assistance, but theres no units available to respond. We're overwhelmed. Is there support on the way?"

Inspector Morris "Received November Oscar. I understand the situation and we've already been in contact with the Home Office and Ministry of Defence. Units from other police forces as well as about 300 soldiers are being mobilized and dispatched to Cambridge. ETA for army arrival is four hours from now, additional units from other police forces will arrive within the hour. Over"

November Oscar "All received sir, thanks for the update. Over"


PC Henderson "November Oscar, this is 4815, i'm on my own. PC Wellwood and PC Gates are both dead, and PC Jackson has had some kind of mental break down and is running about attacking people at random. I cant make it back to my car, too many of these drugged up fuckers blocking the way. Im hiding behind a shed in someones back garden on Chesterton Road. Any held would be appreciated. Over."

November Oscar "Stay where you are and keep out of sight. Ill try and get a car over to you as soon as one is available. Over."

PC Henderson "Ok, hurry up. These people are all over the street. You might want to think about evacuating some areas. A lot of innocent people are being attacked."

November Oscar "Understood 4815, you hang in there, ill try get help to you soon. Over."


PC Franklin "6045 to November Oscar, have orders been given for officers to return home early ? Over."

November Oscar "Negative, 6045, why do you ask ?"

PC Franklin "I'm hearing numerous reports of our guys leaving their posts and going home to protect their families. We cant cope with this drain in manpower, make sure the Chief Inspector is aware of this. Over."

November Oscar "All received 6045, ill pass it on to him, over."


November Oscar "Inspector Morris, receiving ?"

Inspector Morris "Receiving"

November Oscar "I'm been informed that a number of officers have left their posts to be with their families. Its becoming an issue with manpower, over."

Inspector Morris "Im well aware of that. Theres nothing that can be done at this time, ive cancelled all leave , but under these circumstances theres nothing i
can do if people go home or dont show up for work. I'm going to put out a message to all units telling them anyone caught leaving their post to return home early will
face disciplinary action. Right now im just hoping we get this outside back up soon, im seeing mounting casualty reports here. We cant sustain these losses if they continue at this pace. Also, be advised we are diverting all injured over to Addenbrookes Hospital as there are currently ongoing incidents at all other hospitals
in the area."

"All received sir, over."


PC Bretton "1134 to November Oscar, requesting assistance for directing traffic on the M11. Got a bit of gridlock developing here, looks like people are trying
to leave the city, over."

November Oscar "Received. Negative on the assistance, you will have to manage on your own for now. Most our units are engaged or off the grid. Its getting out of hand
in the city centre. Dozens, maybe hundreds of people dead."

PC Bretton "Understood, but we have a huge amount of traffic here. At the very least get some traffic wardens or something. It looks like half of Cambridge has decided
to get the hell out of here. I'm tempted to do the same myself. Just get me some support ASAP. Over."

"All recieved 1134, just do your best and direct traffic away from any place where incidents are being reported. Over."


PC Simmons "9101 to November Oscar, are you receiving me, over ?"

November Oscar "Receiving 9101, go ahead."

PC Simmons "There's an RTA on Colney Lane, a car and an ambulance collided head on. The driver of the car is dead, two paramedics in the ambulance are in bad shape.
Need an ambulance up here as soon as possible. On top of that there's a fire in one of the nearby streets. I can smell smoke and see flames, not sure of the cause.

November Oscar "Ill try and get the fire brigade over to you as soon as anything is available, but the fire station on Colney Lane is under attack,
so i cant guarantee any fire brigade turn out for a while. On top of that, Ive lost contact with the ambulance station on Hemmingford Road, nobody is answering my calls.
I dont know when you will receive any ambulance or fire brigade turn out, over."

PC Simmons "These guys will die if i dont get help here soon !"

November Oscar "It may be best if you drive them to Addenbrookes hospital yourself. As long as they dont have serious head or spine injuries. Ive no idea when i can get you
an ambulance over there. Over"

PC Simmons "Recieved. Ill try and get them out and drive them over. This is a fucking joke, bloody cut backs are to blame i tell you. Over"

November Oscar "Roger, understood."


November Oscar "This is November Oscar, any available units can you make your way to a disturbance at a property at 19 Cambridge Street. Reports that a family are
besieged in their home by rioters. Over."

PC Hammond "Holy shit thats my house, im on my way now November Oscar !"

November Oscar "Proceed with caution, there may be a large number of rioters in the area. Are you with anyone else ? over."

PC Hammond "I'm alone. Got spit up from Samson earlier, not sure what happened to him, he wont answer my calls. Ill be there shortly though. Over."

November Oscar "Be careful"

PC Hammond "Almost there November Oscar, i can see....oh god theres at least a dozen of them trying to break in. My wife and daughter are in there !"

November Oscar "Do not proceed on your own, wait on backup. Over"

PC Hammond "What bloody back up? There's none to be had. Im going to run these fuckers down !"

November Oscar "Get out of there Hammond, you cant deal with that many on your own !"

November Oscar "Are you receiving me ?....PC Hammond respond..."

PC Hammond "Those dirty bastards ! Those dirty fucking scumbags ! They got my Carla and Jennifer. Bastards ! Im going to charge those fuckers and kill as many of
them as i can before they take me down !"

November Oscar "PC Hammond, please try and keep calm. Return to the station now. Over."

November Oscar "PC Hammond, receiving ?....PC Hammond are you receiving me ?....PC Hammond...."


Chief Inspector Anderson "November Oscar from four-three, receiving ?"

November Oscar "Go ahead sir."

Chief Inspector Anderson "I need you to get a message out to local radio stations or really anybody who will listen since i cant get through to anybody from the public relations department, theyre not answering their phone. Over."

November Oscar "Received, ill make a few calls, what do you want me to relay Chief Inspector ?"

Chief Inspector Anderson "There is an ongoing, violent civil unrest in central Cambridge, particularly around the University, the train station and the town centre. Members of the public should avoid the area at costs and those already living in the vicinity of the riots are urged to remain behind locked doors."

November Oscar "All received sir, give me a few minutes and ill get back to you. Over."

November Oscar "Four-three from November Oscar, receiving ?"

Chief Inspector Anderson "Did you get the message out ?"

November Oscar "Yes sir, I called the BBC and they'll put out a special bulletin over the news shortly. Over."

Chief Inspector Anderson "Good job Sally, now listen carefully, this situation, whatever it is, it is now out of our control. I've revived word that other police forces that were on their way to provide assistance to us have been ordered to turn back, and that the army is about to close the main roads into Cambridge. Dont expect any
military assistance anytime soon. By the looks of things theyre locking Cambridge down under quarantine. Ive had calls from the Department of Health and the Home Office demanding more information on whats going on, it looks like it may be some kind of disease or something."

November Oscar "Oh god...sir, what can we do ? Is there anything ? I'm losing contact with more officers with every passing minute. Over."

Chief Inspector Anderson "Its a cluster fuck...I think maybe thousands of people are dead, no way to really tell though. There isnt really anything we can do now. We stood our ground and did our best for the people of Cambridge, but we cant sustain these casualties any longer. Its all fucked. I'm ordering all remaining officers to head over to Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge Airport, Homerton College and Huntington Police HQ and to hold their ground at these locations. Sally, i understand if you want to leave your post. Nobody will hold it against you, a lot of others have already gone to be with their families. Theres no point ordering people to stay on and be killed. I'm offically giving you permition to return to your family. Over"

November Oscar "Sir....i cant just up and leave, people are depending on me...what about..."

Chief Inspector Anderson "Sally, i admire your determination and bravery, i really do, but this is a lost cause now. We will hold out as long as we can, but i want you
to go home to your husband and daughter ok ?"

November Oscar "Received sir, thank you. I just hope i can make it there safely I have my car, but still...."

Chief Inspector Anderson "Go and be with your family Sally, you wont be safe there much longer anyway. Most of the officers at your station are already gone anyway,
you might be the only person left there for all i know. Goodluck Sally.

November Oscar "Thank you again, good luck to you too, Over and out."

November Oscar "All units from November Oscar, Parkside police station
radio post is shutting down effective immediately. Please relay any urgent calls over to Police HQ in Huntingdon. Stay safe. Over."

<<<radio transcript ends>>>
Kspence92, here's an idea: Do a cockpit voice recorder of the last flight (you could have it be a British Airways or American airline) to leave Heathrow before it is overrun.
That Cambridge radio report was really spooky. You can almost see the fear as all these scattered reports don't make much sense as the situation continues to spiral out of control...

Nick P

I've never understood why no effort is put into creating Safe Zones on islands around the UK. When you look at it the Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Isle of Sheppey, Anglesey and all the Scottish islands are easy to seal off from the infected. The Channel Islands are also likely to survive if they are not overloaded with British and French refugees. Getting food to them is fairly easy via cargo ships or helicopter drop-offs. Airstrips are available or possible to build in most places too.

You would blow up or block any bridges and sink any unannounced boats approaching, job there for the Royal Navy. You could allow boats to offload into secure 'shoot-to-kill' areas where any infected can be stopped there and then.

Using the Isle of Wight as a Rebuilding area would make perfect sense too. There's plenty of farm land and light industries to put back to work and you have necessary infrastructure in all the towns. Generating power isn't too hard as all you need is to ensure gas deliveries to the Cowes Power Plant or plug into the National Grid and reactivate a mainland nuclear plant. The only downside is that drinking water comes from the mainland.

On the South coast is the Royal Military Canal from Hythe to Rye which could form a defensive barrier of sorts. Question is whether the infected could swim a 20metre wide ditch?

Of course the whole bird carried virus or secretly infected passenger issue might get a few locations but on the whole islands should be safer and easier to secure.