2021 Turtledoves - Best Mediaeval Timeline Poll

The Best Mediaeval Timeline Is...

  • The Sons of Semiramis - A house of Folkung Kalmar Union ; @Atterdag

    Votes: 39 15.5%
  • A Thorn In The Rose: A War Of The Roses TL; @VVD0D95

    Votes: 43 17.1%
  • Now Is The Winter of Our Discontent; @aurora01

    Votes: 24 9.6%
  • The Undying Empire: A Trebizond Timeline; @Eparkhos

    Votes: 81 32.3%
  • The Sons in Splendour Vol II: The Prince, the Pope, and the Peruvian; @CrepedCrusader

    Votes: 22 8.8%
  • The Marriage of the Century- A Burgundian Timeline; @Blueflowwer

    Votes: 39 15.5%
  • American Viking a Timeline; @Odinson

    Votes: 40 15.9%
  • The Eagle of the East, Rhomania: An Eastern Roman Timeline (1196 - Onwards); @Averious

    Votes: 44 17.5%
  • Cross My Heart, This Is My Crossbow: An Allohistorical Tale of Amerindian Arbalists; @Petike

    Votes: 17 6.8%
  • A Greater Dar al-Islam and an Ever Shrinking Dar al-Harb / a resurgent Islam TL by @Teutonic_Thrash

    Votes: 22 8.8%
  • The Eternal Empire: Emperor Maurice dies before being overthrown by @wcv215

    Votes: 45 17.9%
  • Let Me Tell You about My Be-eeeesssst Friend! A Byzantine-Sasanian Re-approachment - 602 AD; by @Al

    Votes: 29 11.6%
  • O're Hills and Valleys Reign: A Cumbrian Timeline; @piratedude.

    Votes: 20 8.0%

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Last year, the nominees gave a description/preview of their timeline, so I guess I'll be the first to do it this year.

American Viking: A Timeline

In centuries long past, brave explorers set sail for uncharted land in search of freedom and glory. Most were turned back or killed. One such colony of hardy Scandinavians nearly were expelled from Vinland. But rather than slinking home, tail between their legs, Thorfinn Karlsefni led his colony south to friendlier waters, settling the Cape of Good Omens in the early 1000s. These Norsemen settled down and declared this to be their new home; Botnborg. ANd they found they were not alone.

Rather than make pointless war, the Norse made peace with their Wampanoag neighbors, inviting them to the Althing to settle disputes. Trade and cultural mingling led to an era of peace between the two groups. During this time of peace and cultural exchange, Jarl Snorri Thorfinnsson and his brother Bishop Thorbjorn worked to spread the word of Christ to the skraelings of Vinland as well as increasing ties. With the spread of Christianity comes the codification of the Algonquian language in written form. But peace is never forever, as a rival, murderous clan follows rumors of trade to the continent, forcing Botnborg to choose between their new home, and the homeland of their ancestors.

Centuries later, with the introduction of metal smithing and the creation of written language, a New World Empire arises from what is now Massachusetts under the banner of the Wampanoag Confederacy, a technological and cultural giant. In the year 1300 AD, a war brews between the Wampanoag Confederacy and the Kanienʼkehá꞉ka over repeated invasions of Mahican lands. And caught in the middle is a young man named Gunnar, who just wants to go home. But whether or not Gunnar survives this war unscathed remains to be seen...
Wow, this is very flattering, a short description of my timeline:

A Thorn In The Rose: A War Of The Roses Timeline
In 1453, Edmund Tudor and Jasper Tudor, brothers to King Henry VI are sent to Gascony as part of the relief army, to fight the French and to perhaps prove themselves worth of being declared Henry's heirs. At the Battle of Castillon, both men die, prompting a series of butterflies and events that will change the course of English history. The Red Rose, which was already teetering on the brink following defeats against France is now fully exposed. Will the White Rose emerge from the shadows to take over, or will the Red Rose emerge triumphant?​
The Sons of Semiramis - A house of Folkung Kalmar Union
Margaret Valdemarsdatter has embarked on a tremendous quest; to unify the three Kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden under her son Olaf. He already sits on the thrones of Denmark and Norway, and in 1387 the two cross the Øresund in order to meet with a group of rebellious noblemen, who can perhaps be convinced to support his claim to Sweden. Follow Margaret and her descendants as they struggle to build, maintain and defend the Kalmar Union, both from within and without, in a timeline placing heavy focus on the personal relationships that dominated feudal politics.
The Undying Empire: A Trebizond Timeline
With the throw of a die, the world changes forever. The defeat of Ioannes IV of Trebizond at the Battle of Kapnanion prompts his deposition by his exiled brother, Alexander, and the series of blunders and disasters that led to the historic collapse of the pocket empire are averted. As butterflies start to flap, Alexander I and his successors struggle to steer the ship of state across the rough waters of the 15th and 16th centuries, surrounded on all sides by hostile powers that threaten to snuff out the last light of Rome....
Well I have to say im surprised and touched at being nominated, so thank you

O're Hills and Valleys Reign: A Cumbrian Timeline

Post-Roman Britain was a tumultuous place, were a few changes can create a massive change. Here, the British kingdoms of the north prevail over the nascent Anglian kingdoms north of the Humber and coalesce under the hegemony of the kingdom of Reget (Rheged). Though the main focus is upon the northern realms, in general the other British kingdoms have also faired better. The new sociopolitical dynamics that precipitates from this will lead the British isles in a very different direction from OTL.
I'm delighted to have been nominated and I really appreciate it :)

Now Is The Winter of Our Discontent
Now Is The Winter of Our Discontent is based on the idea of what if the Plantagenet dynasty survived to rule England until modern day, we diverge in 1483 where Edward V is actually crowned King of England and we go from there. Currently we've covered the reigns of Edward and his son Richard III, who deserves his ill reputation far more than his ITTL namesake. Currently we have stepped into the reign of Elizabeth I, Edward's granddaughter where the sparks of the English reformation are about to take hold. In the upcoming centuries I can certainly promise scandal, revolts, a few murdered kings and well...more than one trick up my sleeve.
Cross My Heart, This Is My Crossbow: An Allohistorical Tale of Amerindian Arbalists

The timeline provides a speculative look at how the minor invention of an innovative ranged weapon - simpler versions of the crossbow - could have influenced or even somewhat changed pre-Columbian Native American cultures. This story/timeline was based on an earlier discussion, where me and others speculated about the viability of crossbows in an OTL non-metallurgical civilization that did not have them, such as the various cultures throughout the New World. The point of divergence occurs in the 10th century AD/CE.

Amerindian Arbalists is a shorter, part-narrative, part-scrapbook timeline, in three acts. Each act uses different storytelling techniques as the plot and historical chronology advances. I've attempted to marry the premise of an "invention timeline" with that of a traditionally written alternate history, told in a novelistic, vignette-like style. Of note is that two thirds of the timeline are set entirely in pre-Columbian times.
Better late than never I suppose:
The Sons in Splendour Vol II: the Prince, the Pope and the Peruvian
From an original POD in 1483, where Edward IV survived another 4 years and secured his succession, Vol II picks up in 1496 and examines the ramifications of this change.
Under Edward V and his brother Richard of Shrewsbury 'The Prince of Harts', the House of York establishes colonies in the New World, establishes a beach-head in Europe, deflects a crusade, invites the Reformation into England and begins a period of renewal. Incorporating a rich cast of characters including Henry Tudor, Lord Hampton, his brother Arthur, the Black Bastard, Cardinal Cisneros, Hernan Cortez, Savonarola, Luther and more.

The Sons in Splendour began in January 2020, and the 3rd part has just completed, with a 4th coming soon taking the story in 1626. This part, told as historiography, and some narrative covers battles and court intrigue, cultural and social changes and a whole world changed by 2 sons. Thanks for the noms and the votes so far.
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