2021 Turtledoves - Best Colonialism & Revolutions Timeline Poll

The Best Colonialism and Revolutions Timeline Is...

  • The Revenge of the Crown : An Alternate 1812 and Beyond; @Sārthākā

    Votes: 105 27.2%
  • A New World Wreathed in Freedom - An Argentine Revolution TL; @minifidel

    Votes: 24 6.2%
  • The Last Hanover: The Life and Reign of Queen Charlotte; @The_Most_Happy

    Votes: 52 13.5%
  • The Glowing Dream: A History of Socialist America; @Iggies

    Votes: 59 15.3%
  • Imperator Francorum: A Napoleon II Timeline; @Basileus_Komnenos

    Votes: 52 13.5%
  • Dixieland: The Country of Tomorrow, Everyday (yet another Confederate TL); @TastySpam

    Votes: 38 9.8%
  • Triumphant: A Davy Crockett Presidency; @Odinson

    Votes: 18 4.7%
  • Cinco de Mayo; @KingSweden24

    Votes: 24 6.2%
  • Marche Consulaire: A Napoleonic Timeline by @TRH

    Votes: 38 9.8%
  • Until Every Drop of Blood Is Paid: A More Radical American Civil War; @Red_Galiray

    Votes: 159 41.2%
  • Separated at Birth: America and Drakia; @Ephraim Ben Raphael

    Votes: 52 13.5%
  • Baltic Blunder: Europe at war in 1727 (the 2nd Edition); @Archduke

    Votes: 31 8.0%
  • America - Albion's Orphan - A history of the conquest of Britain - 1760; @Alt History Buff

    Votes: 38 9.8%
  • Rebirth of An Empire: O renascimento de um império v2; @Lusitania

    Votes: 52 13.5%

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As blurbs were provided last year, i guess i will start for this thread.

Revenge of the Crown: An Alternate 1812 and Beyond

First, what is the basic meaning of this timeline? Many a times, the notion that the American republic could have fallen into disrepair like the Latin American Nations is scoffed at and disregarded. This TL disabuses this notion, and after a particularly bad War of 1812 which see's America loose a bunch of lands, the country starts to devolve. Political chaos, the question of the economy, political polarization and the issue of slavery rears its head which leads to a very early American Civil War which see's Louisiana break away with Bourbon French aid, and King Louis Philippe becomes King of Louisiana. After the civil war the country falls into a brutal dictatorship, fraught with rebellion and emigration out of the country, and immigration basically slowing down to a drawl. Meanwhile the butterflies flutter their wings, and the entire world starts to change. Spain holds onto much of their lands in the New World, Mexico remains a constitutional monarchy under the House of Bonaparte lead by Joseph Bonaparte, or now Jose I of Mexico. Portugal continues to have a presence in the New World, and the world changes anew.......

However the clouds of war can be seen from far away. Louisiana and Mexico distrust each other. Mexico and Louisiana distrust the new American Union State, whilst an intricate web of alliances in Europe starts to create the perfect setup for a conflict that will decide how the political history of the world will proceed......
A New World Wreathed in Freedom: An Argentine Revolution TL

This timeline was born as a bit of an indulgence that I started writing soon after the 210th anniversary of the May Revolution and to fill a niche that is often under-explored on this forum, detailing what could have been if the Latin American Wars of Independence had been less destructive for its protagonists. The basic premise is that the May Revolution in Argentina is more successful, with two seemingly minor PODs: the Open Cabildo is forced to vote on the removal of the viceroy at the start rather than the end of the session (keeping the wind in the patriot's backs), and the former viceroy is killed in a skirmish rather than arrested (the debate on whether to execute him or not would poison relations in the governing Junta). This sands off some of the rougher edges of the early revolution, and it gets off to a better start militarily and politically; so if you're looking for a TL that includes a more prosperous Latin America, this TL is for you!

Triumphant: A Davy Crockett Presidency​

When one hears the name Andrew Jackson, often time the first thought that springs to mind is the infamous Trail of Tears. The forced removal of Native Americans from their homes to the Indian Territory. A horrible, inhumane act enacted despite the ruling of Chief Justice John Marshall. Controversial in its own time, only one man in the Tennessee delegation dared to oppose it; David "Davy" Crockett. Crockett, a true example of the American Frontiersman, was a voice of dissent against Jackson, and he paid the political price. Loosing election to a Jacksonian, Davy Crockett famously went to Texas and died at the Alamo.

But what if Crockett stayed?

Butterflies flap their mighty wings when the proto Whig Party, the National Republicans, scout Crockett and convince him to become their nominee against Jackson in 1832. Winning against his Democratic foe, President Davy Crockett brings the National Republicans to the forefront of American Politics. With The King of the Wild Frontier at the helm, North America is placed on a significantly different path. Roger B. Taney never joins the Supreme Court, Texas pioneers Leftist ideology with a dash of Lone Star ingenuity, Southern Grey becomes a symbol of racial equality, Presidents John Tyler and Thaddeus Stevens fight to preserve the Union from secessionist threats, a certain lawman by the name of Earp becomes the face of the American Left, William T. Sherman rules Poland with an iron fist, and Mexico is the dominant military power on the continent by the year 1900.



Rebirth of an Empire : O Renascimento de um Império v2​

The Portuguese had carved a country on the Iberian Peninsula during the reconquista. They then went on to initiate the age of exploration in the 15th century and built an empire stretching all the way to Japan. But like all great empires misfortune, a small population base and rivalries reduced the Portuguese presence to a shadow of its glory as other Europeans nations rose in Portugal’s place, so that by by the middle of the 18th century Portugal seemed destined to be left behind at the start of the age of imperialism and industrialization.

Our TL starts in 1750 when a virtual unknown Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo more commonly known as "Marquis of Pombal” is appointed prime minister. Soon afterward the great Lisbon Earthquake of 1755 struck Portugal and Pombal not only set about rebuilding the country but reforming and modernizing it as well. iOTL his work was mostly ignored or reversed following his dismissal in 1777 but in the TL his work and vision lived on.

Our TL is one of the longest running and covers a wide range of topics, ranging from politics, wars, religion, economics and philosophy. So we invite you to enjoy a detailed and in-depth history of the Portuguese people and all those who interact with them.
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Oh yeah, thank you for telling me! So, I guess I should offer a resume, right?

Until Every Drop of Blood is Paid - A More Radical American Civil War.

A pro-slavery fanatic changes history when he decides to murder Lyman Trumbull, the Illinois politician who was elected to the Senate over Abraham Lincoln in 1854. Now a Senator, Abraham Lincoln arrives to a Washington where tensions between the North and the South are increasing each day. Thrust into the frontlines of the irrepressible conflict, Lincoln's views start to evolve and change faster than in our world. Little changes start to pile up, leading to a different, bloodier, and more radical American Civil War. It features gorier bush war in the border south, the rebels being defeated by Black Union troops, and a more radical Lincoln willing to confiscate lands and trial traitors to assure a New Birth of Freedom. An extensive list of sources can be found in the first chapter; aside from the current 41 chapters there are several mini-updates and side-stories that flesh out the world.

I started this TL some two years ago. I had just finished Foner's Reconstruction, leaving me with a profound sense of lost. Reconstruction had failed and Jim Crow ruled the day in the South. I've always considered myself an idealist, and have firmly believed that a better world is possible. The Civil War was that opportunity, but it failed. So, I endeavored to create a TL in which that better world, perhaps not one of complete equality but one better than OTL's, could become a reality. The result was this TL, which became unexpectedly popular. The support and appreciation many users showed for it blew me away, and, despite how busy I am and thus how slowly it is updated, I am committed to finishing it no matter what. This project is dear to my heart, and I have always tried to make it better, creating side stories and even a PDF that works as a book.
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Imperator Francorum: A Napoleon II Timeline:

The basic premise of this tl is that of a rise of the Second French Empire under a surviving Napoleon II "L'Aiglon." Like in otl, Napoleon's finds his army's situation desperate as the coalition begins encircling him and his armies run out of supplies. And then all of sudden in the midst of the battle the Emperor like a man possessed picked up a French standard in one hand and beckoned his men to follow him into victory one last time, where he led the charge against the enemy. At that moment with L'Empereur leading his men, the old Revolutionary Artillery Officer at Toulon re-emerged as the Grand Armee began breaking through the encirclement. But the unthinkable happened as the Emperor fell from his horse after being hit with a lucky enemy shot. Seeing the Emperor fall from his horse, the French army soon lost its cohesion with the soldiers beginning to panic as the Coalition's counteroffensive led by Blucher crushed the broken Grand Armee.

With the Empire now without its Emperor, it began its sudden and shaky collapse with the Coalition marching into Paris and reinstalling the loathsome Bourbons to the throne after stripping France of its conquests. With Napoleon now dead, the nations of the Coalition now rest easy feeling secure that the ideals of the Revolution died with Napoleon. But though the Eagle has fallen, the Eaglet remains and all of Europe will tremble in fear as he spreads his wings heralding the coming Revolutions and Wars set to once again taking hold over the continent. And while the First Empire has fallen, a new Empire rises once again in its place as France once again hungers for conquest and thirsts for revenge for all the humiliation they suffered.

This tl will essentially cover the prelude to the rise of the Second French Empire under Napoleon II. It will also cover a wide range of topics as the divergence from Napoleon I's premature death has led to some consequential butterflies in terms of historical events for better or worse.
Marche Consulaire: A Napoleonic Timeline

The Greater Poland Uprising is a failure. The ever pragmatic Napoleon changes his political strategy, shelving any plans for a Polish state in favor of a stronger alliance with Russia. This, along with no invasion of Spain, leads to French victory in the Napoleonic Wars. But that's just the first part of the story; a conqueror is only successful if they can build an empire that survives them. Follow the developments of the postwar world, from the tangled web of coups, counter-coups, and civil wars in Iberia and Latin America, to the tripolar Great Game in the Near East and India, to the clash of ideas that unfolds in every nation as a result of a "successful" French Revolution. The schemes and conquests of Napoleon and his heirs will change the world forever.
Baltic Blunder: Europe at war in 1727 (the 2nd Edition)

Felipe V and Isabel Farnese of Spain's schemes to restore Spain's glory continue even after the dramatic failure of the War of the Quadruple Alliance. With help of a Dutch adventurer, Spain has forged an alliance with the Hapsburg Monarchy that proposes not just to restore Gibraltar and Menorca to Spain but also to make Infante Carlos of Spain the husband of Maria Theresa and the next Holy Roman Emperor. Added to this alliance to mighty but sleeping eastern behemoth, the Russian Empire. However, as Spain moves toward war, Britain and France assemble a coalition of Europeans including Prussia, the Dutch Republic, Sweden, Denmark, and Sardinia, to oppose Spain and her allies. Undeterred, Spain commences a war against Britain by opening a siege of Gibraltar, but the Hapsburgs fail to follow and hesitant in the face of this great opposition. Meanwhile the Royal Navy enters the Baltic Sea to cow the Russians. As Spain's siege falters and the Hapsburgs hold back, and the British threaten the Russians it seems that the war has lost its steam. However, just as peace nears, a British fleet runs into the Russian navy.
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