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WWE documentary series "Texas Rasslin'" set to debut this Sunday following NXT Takeover: In Your House

Stamford, Connecticut- Following this Sunday's NXT Takeover, WWE will debut its new documentary series, "Texas Rasslin'" which will focus on the history of wrestling in the state of Texas, particularly the various territories that were once part of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) territorial system. According to sources, the series has been a pet project of longtime WWE employees Bruce Prichard, Michael Hayes & John Layfield. Among the notable interviewees of the series, will be former Vice President of the United States John Hoynes, who was a regular attendee of Western States Sports (commonly referred to as the Amarillo Territory) shows in Abilene until the promotions sale to Fritz Von Erich in 1980. Hoynes, who resigned from the Vice Presidency in June of 2003, has been a fixture at professional wrestling events for decades, including being in attendance at every WrestleMania since 2007, as well as being seen ringside at WrestleMania 24 and 33 in 2008 and 2017 respectively. During the former, Hoynes was shown on camera shaking hands with 16-time world champion Ric Flair prior to his retirement match with Shawn Michaels. In more recent years, Hoynes was also present at all 3 Texas-based NXT Takeovers as well as the 2020 Royal Rumble. Despite his unceremonial fall from grace as Vice President, Hoynes has always been well regarded within the wrestling community and is considered to be a minor authority on the sport.

Among other confirmed interviewees are Terry Funk, Kevin Von Erich, David Manning, Peter Beirkholtz, Dory Funk Jr., Ted Dibiase, Bob Backlund, John Layfield, Bruce Prichard, Michael Hayes, Mark Callaway (aka The Undertaker), Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, Jim Cornette, Bobby Eaton, Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Jarrett, Jerry Lawler & Ric Flair

Following the success of previous documentary series like "Ruthless Aggression", "Monday Night Wars" and "Undertaker: The Last Ride", this new project is seen as WWE continuing to expand on that success.
WSJ.com, Friday June 6th

Second Quarter Numbers will “tip US into recession”

Goldman Sachs today suggested that a second quarter of negative growth is ”all but certain” plunging the US into the first recession since 2010 and sparking fears that the great recovery of the past decade is running out of steam. The first quarter saw GDP decline by 1.2% and predictions are now suggesting that a further 1% decline is now likely in Quarter two.

Michael Burton of Goldman said the contraction was being driven by rising fuel prices, growing interest rates and asset values falling. House prices have fallen 10% since 2018 and most analysts are projecting a further drop in the second half.

The White House are expected to increase pressure on the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates that have been steadily growing since mid 2018 with rumours last month that the fed was considering a further jump to 3.5%.

Republicans called the numbers “deeply concerning”. Majority Leader Cody Riley urged the White House to reverse their push for regulation increase saying, “The President was handed a golden economy by President Walken, the regulatory revolution of the past decade has opened our economy up and got it moving again - we must act quickly to reassure businesses that the Democrats plan to raise taxes on them is dead and that there will be no return to economic chaos of the Santos years.”
nbs.com, Saturday June 7th

Hunter Iowa Trip Criticised By Democrats

In a surprise move Vice President Jack Hunter will today campaign for Iowa Senator Joe Joeckler in a series of campaign stops across the state, drawing criticism from Democrats who claim his “neutrality pledge” meant that he should not be interjecting himself in Senate races this fall.

A spokesman for former Senator Rod Kasey, Joeckler’s opponent said “I think we share in the disappointment of many Americans that the Vice-President has decided to abandon any sense of neutrality and to prioritise partisan campaigning in this way. He is part of the current administration on a technicality and shouldn’t be using that position to further the cause of the Republican Party.”

The Vice President’s Chief of Staff Rebecca Murray-Lane dismissed the concerns. “I understand why Mr Kasey is concerned, he’s polling behind Joe Joeckler, and is trying to get headlines. The Vice President and Senator Joeckler are old friends and we want to be here to support the great Senator from the great state of Iowa.
Saturday June 6th 2020

Furious Boone had "heated phone call" with VP Hunter

The fall out from Vice-President Jack Hunter's decision to effectively withdraw from his previous “neutrality pledge” by campaigning in Iowa for Senator Joe Jockler continued today after NBS understands that Secretary of the Interior Sean Boone, who along with Hunter is one of the three Republicans serving in the Seaborn administration called the Vice-President according to report "his displeasure" at Hunter's actions.

Boone, the Governor of Washington from 2010 to 2019 is believed to have been "furious" when he heard of Hunter's Iowa trip, even more soon when he heard of Hunter's Chief of Staff Rebecca Murray-Lane defend the trip because of his friendship with Senator Jockler "my kids godfather (Martin Kenyon, his former Chief of Staff is running for Boone's former job as Washington Governor), one of my closest friends is running for Governor, I have decided not to campaign for him, you are taking the p**s " and "you are disrespecting our boss, the President of the United States" and then is believed to have ended the call.

No-one from the Vice-President's office has answered any media requests all day.
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June 6, 2020

Andreychuk apologizes, deletes D-Day post that included image of Ukrainian collaborators

TAMPA -- Just days after winning the franchise's second National Hockey League (NHL) championship, Tampa Bay Lightning coach Richard Andreychuk became embroiled in a social media firestorm when he shared an image at 9:37 AM local (EDT) time to commemorate the 76th anniversary of the D-Day landings at Normany during World War II. The post, which included photos of soldiers from the United States, Canada, Britain and other nations that took part in the landings that opened a second front in Europe against the Axis Powers, led by Germany, seemed innocuous, Andreychuk said, and re-shared it after seeing it posted by a friend from his hometown of Winnipeg.

But users quickly discovered that one of two images labelled "Ukrainian partisans" were actually images of members of the Ukrainian Auxiliary Police, a police force set up by Nazi Germany during its occupation of Ukraine following its 1941 invasion of the Soviet Union. The Auxiliary Police, as an arm of the German occupying forces, participated in the Holocaust, helping in the murder of tens of thousands of Jews and Poles during the roughly three years of its existence.

Andreychuk, the son of Ukrainian immigrants, quickly took down the post after it was brought to attention and apologized.

"I did not closely examine what I had shared, and I apologize," he said. "I did not intend to wish anyone harm, only to remember those brave men and women who fought to liberate Europe."
nbs.com, Saturday June 9th

Butler: “I’d back the VP if he wants to run”

In a stunning development this evening, South Carolina Governor Ethan Butler told reporters that he would “stand aside” if Vice President Jack Hunter were to decide to run for President in 2022.

Butler, seen by many as the GOP front runner to face President Seaborn in 2022 was asked about the controversy of the VP’s visit to Iowa over the weekend. The Governor was surprisingly unequivoca. “The Vice-President has been an exceptional public servant. He has put aside party and served his country. If he thinks that the country isn’t going in the right direction then I don’t see anyone better to make that call. If he wants in, and I don’t think he does, but if he wants in? Sure. I’ll stand aside.”

The fall out of Hunter’s appearance in Iowa continues as sources close to the West Wing suggested that the senior staff were furious with the Vice-President and that the President had cancelled their weekly lunch on Tuesday in response.
politico.com, Sunday June 7th

Sunday Shows Dominated By Hunter and Economics

With reports that the country is about to fall into recession with a second quarter of negative growth, this morning’s talk shows were dominated by discussions about the Seaborn administration’s economic policy and whether they can avoid a prolonged recession amid rising oil prices and a growing credit crunch.

Treasury Secretary appeared on Meet the Press and dismissed claims that the downturn has been caused by the administration’s policies. “We’re seeing a significant increase in oil prices and we’re seeing that seep into every part of the economy. It’s clear that we need to take action and the President will be proposing a stimulus plan very soon. We’ve been talking to Congress for the last few weeks.”

Payne’s followed Republican Senator Michael Rojas who was keen to lay the finger of blame very much at the door of the administration. “The President inherited a golden economic legacy. He could have kept the path laid out by the previous administration. He chose to push his left wing agenda, to try to regulate the life out of the economy. He needs to reassure businesses that the Democrats on the hill and their plan for tax increases is dead and he needs to reverse his attack on the Shale Gas industry that he is strangling.“

White House Chief of Staff Will Bailey appeared on Taylor Reid Sunday and on Fox News Sunday, adding to Secretary Payne’s announcement of the impending stimulus. “We need Congress to act and we’ll be making our stimulus proposal public this week. We are urging the House and Senate to pick it up as a matter of urgency.”

Beyond the economy, much of the talk revolved around the Vice-President and his surprise appearance in Iowa yesterday. Mr Bailey said that the White House was “aware of the trip“ adding “the Vice-President has always stuck by his pledge to remain neutral in policy matters. Nothing about this is outside that position. He committed to not attack or question administration policy, he never said he’d stop being a Republican.”

The Bailey defense was somewhat surprising as reports from White House sources suggested that Senior Staff were “furious” at the appearance.

Senator Rojas said only that “The Vice-President is entitled to campaign for Republican candidates.“
So will Sam name a different running mate in 22?
Hunter will serve as Vice-President Jan 20th 2023. President Seaborn will be looking for a running-mate in 2022. Hunter will of course remain as Vice-President although we have not had in "the real world" and this world as, this scenario we did have in 1976 when President Ford picked a different running-mate (Bob Dole) to his incumbent Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller.
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capitolbeat.com, Tuesday June 9th

Robinson Disappointed by “Tame” White House Stimulus Agenda

Indiana Senator Rudi Robinson told reporters this morning that the stimulus plans he had seen emanating from the White House were “disappointing” add that he felt they were “too tame” to make the kind of impact that the economy needs as it teeters on the brink of recession.

Robinson told Capitol Beat that he had been working with the White House economic team but felt that many of the ideas put forward by Democrats in Congress were being ignored. “Much of our discussions focused around green technologies and combining the need to tackle climate change and at the same time get our economy moving. These seemed to have been ignored.”

Former Indiana Pacer Robinson has been a frequent critic of the centrist economic approach favored by the President and clearly sees the economy slow down as a chance to re-ignite his push for a more progressive agenda.

The President is expected to announce his stimulus proposal in a speech on Wednesday but both sides of the debate appear to be retreating to their ideological bases ahead of the announcement. House Minority Leader Mitch Harris said he would “look at any proposals the White House have” but added “I’m not exactly hopeful that they will be built on bi-partisan outreach.”

Senate Majority Leader Cody Riley was also skeptical. “I’ve heard very little from the White House. We’ve made our proposals to them and they’ve shown little signs of engaging – our expectation is a pork filled, Democrat wish list that does nothing to actually restart the economy that they are running off the road.”

Tuesday, June 9th, 2020

Republicans win House special election

Republicans easily prevailed in the special election today for Ohio's 7th congressional district. Businessman Bob Paccioretti defeated Canton school board member Lindsey Riley by a twenty-point margin to become the new representative for the northeastern district.

Paccioretti, who won a crowded Republican primary for the seat formerly held by Ulysses Wilton, told supporters he would "stand up for them" and against President Sam Seaborn's "tax and spend agenda" in a victory speech from his Lakeville home.

The race was forecast to be "safe Republican" by NBS as well as other news outlets owing to the district's overwhelming support for both Wilton and Republican presidential nominees Glen Allen Walken and Henry Shallick. Paccioretti has already filed to run as the Republican candidate in the regular election for the seat in November.

Results of the US House Special Election for Ohio's Seventh District
Bob Paccioretti (R): 60.14%

Lindsey Riley (D): 39.86%
nbs.com, Thursday June 11th

Seaborn Unveils Stimulus Plan; Green Spending to take Priority

President Sam Seaborn unveiled his plan to tackle the impending recession this morning by proposing significant increases in government spending on electric cars and high-speed rail. He said the plan would kick start the economy and also help address the “imminent threat” of climate change.

Seaborn spoke for almost twenty minutes, unveiling a plan that also ramped up support for the unemployed and earmarked significant money for healthcare support for the unemployed. There are also proposals on tax, reversing some of the corporation tax cuts of the Walken era while offering tax cuts to lower earners.

The President urged Democrats in Congress to take up the plan and encouraged Republicans to come to the table to find compromise. “There is a need to move the economy forward in trying times, and that effort will need give and take on both sides of the aisle. I hope the Republicans in the Senate can see the necessity of a bipartisan approach.”

In the immediate aftermath Speaker Daniel Maddox welcome the plan saying that it was “ambitious, sensible and progressive” and vowed to pass the plan through the house “as soon as is possible.”

The plan looks less likely to find support in the Senate though. Republican Senators raced to microphones to declare the scheme “dead on arrival”. Pennsylvania’s Carlin Cassidy was first off the blocks saying “I’m stunned that the President thinks he can ram through a Democratic wish list at a time of economic uncertainty. Reversing the Walken tax cuts is economic suicide.”

Cassidy was joined by New Mexico’s Michael Rojas who refused to dismiss the bill but did add “I’m worried about the initial reports. I’ll read it first but if the President’s speech is reflective of the contents it’ll need dramatic changes to have any chance of passing.”
Thursday June 11th 2020

Republicans hit out at President Seaborn's "Green stimulus plan"

The Republicans tonight following President Seaborn's "Green stimulus plan". The plan which includes increased spending on electric cars, highspeed rail and other infrastructure spending whilst allowing for some of President Walken's tax cuts to be ended.

Oregon Senator Curtis Ryan, who is in a close re-election fight with Kate Lindsay, the states House Speaker told NBS "It's like the eight years of President Walken's, tax cuts and help for business never happened. It seems the President has been got at by the "Green extremists" in his own party", whilst another Republican Senator also expected to be in a tough fight, Florida's Tannar McClay hit out "It's just a re-hash from President Santos, something that the President was a supporter of back in 2008, it will take America backwards and as it stands this plan would not have my support". It should be noted though so far, Senate Majority Leader Cody Riley has yet to make a formal reply to the President's plan.

The White House rounded up some of the usual Presidential loyalists, Senator Louise Thornton praised the plan as did Rhode Island Senator Jim Velesquez. Even though some Democrats believe that the President didn't far go far enough. Indiana Senator Rudi Robinson had been one of the first to say that President Seaborn had not gone further enough, and he was tonight joined by Washington Senator Andrew Howard and Wisconsin Senator Nate Bradshaw. "It's a good first draft" Bradshaw told CNN "but it doesn't go far enough for me, we need more spending to stimulate the economy, and larger taxes on those who can afford to pay". The President has stepped back from in the past the so-called "Wealth Tax" a dream of many on the Progressive wing of the Democratic party and those like the 2018 Green party nominee Haydn Strauss.

NBS attempted to contact the Office of Vice-President Hunter tonight but once again we where told he was not available for media requests.
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WWE Documentary Series "Texas Rasslin'" debuts to massive acclaim as John Hoynes revealed as host

Stamford, Connecticut- The new World Wrestling Entertainment documentary series "Texas Rasslin'" debuted this past to Sunday to massive acclaim. Contrary to previous reports, John Hoynes was not an interviewee, but has in fact been revealed as the host and narrator of the new series. After the series premiere on Sunday following NXT Takeover: In Your House, Hoynes tweeted out that he had been approached last summer by longtime friend and former WWE Champion John Layfield about being involved in the project. Due to his extensive knowledge of Texas wrestling history, it was suggested by series executive producer Bruce Prichard, also a Texas native, that Hoynes be the series host an narrator. The first episode focused on the pre-NWA days and the origins of professional wrestling in Texas. 10 episodes have been produced for air.