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    The Fingerprints Of Epstein - Yet Another Beatles TL
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    Hello there, it is time to start a new TL of mine. Yes, it is a Beatles TL which is far from the only one but what this is something a little different in which not only Brian Epstein lives but actually has some major changes going forward in ways you probably won't have seen before in which...
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    Like the Moon, and the Stars, and the Sun

    Saville Row, 8th September 1969 “And thus, I bring this meeting of the Justice Society to order!” intoned John Lennon, waving his arms around in a childish manner, clearly thrilled with yet another round of playing businessmen. Ringo definitely needed a bit more medicinal help if he was going...
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    Years and Years - interviews with a Beatle, 1998

    Everyone seems to have something to say about John Lennon. From his days as a neerdowell Teddy Boy to his rancorous days as a rocker child in Berlin to multi-million selling rock n' roll icon, his life seems to be rich in stories, a biographers daydream. And he hasn't been especially guarded...
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    Turning left at Greenland - the American Beatles

    Their names are given headspace with the likes of Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Elston Gunn as the forces that helped launch the ‘Allied Invasion’ of American rock n’ roll in the United Kingdom of England, and thus the rest of the world. They dominated the charts...
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    Venus & Mars

    Yoko Ono was in London in late 1965 compiling original musical scores for a book John Cage was working on called 'Notations'. She asked Paul McCartney for any of his own manuscripts. While initially hesitant, McCartney agreed to meet with the artist in order to discuss an agreement. It was...
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    Scruffs: the life and times of Apple Records

    May 14, 1968 New York City * Joe Garagiola: "How about this new organization, 'Apple'?" John Lennon: "Oh yeah. Well you see, our accountant came up and said, 'We got this amount of money. Do you want to give it to the government or do something with it?' So we thought..." Garagiola: "Which...