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  1. SunZi

    The Bull and the Roses: TL of a Lancastrian victory at Barnet

    The Bull and the Roses Timeline of a Lancastrian victory at Barnet On 14 April 1471, the Battle of Barnet took place between the Lancastrians, led by the Earl of Warwick against the Yorkists, led by King Edward IV. Resulting in the defeat of the supporters of Henry VI, and the death of...
  2. SunZi

    Beyond the King's river — A timeline of Joan of Arc's death
    Threadmarks: I.A maid dies and the Dauphin falls

    France is, in the first quarter of the 15th century, in a serious situation where its fate seems to be at stake; after the victory of Agincourt and the formation of the Anglo-Burgundian alliance, King Henry V of England succeeds to impose a treaty in Troyes on the mad French monarch Charles VI...
  3. WI: Lancasterians won Battle of Tewkesbury

    How much of a difference would make if Battle of Tewkesbury would have end with a complete victory of House of Lancaster instead? Any long lasting effects on English monarchy and future succesion system?
  4. WI Matthias Corvinus had legitimate son?

    What if Matthias's second wife, Beatrix could have children and so she gave birth to a son, who would have a son too and on. What would/could happen in this scenario. How would a long-lasting Hunyadi dynasty influence the history of Hungary and Europe in the new age? (If I made any mistake in...
  5. DracoLazarus

    The Land of Wine and Beer - Story-Only thread

    The Land of Wine and Beer - Story-Only Thread "My threads are undead, in that, they're never completely dead. I occasionally come back and think «Hey, I should make a new update!»"OP, for the obligatory quote. Hey everybody, I was thinking it would be nice to have the past chapters of Land of...
  6. DracoLazarus

    The Land of Wine and Beer : a Franco-Burgundian TL

    Before posting the prelude, for which I don't have time today, I wish that you guess what this TL is about. The Prelude, which gives the POD, will be posted tomorrow before 7 AM GMT.