1. Gajah_Nusantara

    Roosevelt's Comeback: TL from 1912 (A Bit Clickbait)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: 1912 Republican National Convention

    The 1912 Republican Convention Former President Theodore Roosevelt stood upon the Halls of the Chicago Coloseum both in defeat and victory for his nominee for the convention chairman, George Cortelyou, his former personal Secretary and former Secretary of the Treasury under his tenure. Even...
  2. VadisDeProfundis

    AHC/WI: Germany loses WWI, wins WWII

    Ok, so with the POD here being November 9, 1917(so the Bolshevik coup has still happened), have Germany lose the First World War, but also have there be a Second World War, with the former Entente being on opposing sides with Germany+other powers, and have the German Alliance win that Second...
  3. Filo


    I'm quite inactive because, with my cousin, we are working on a TL where the WWI started at Fahoda Incident. France and Russia went to war against Germany and England. What do you belive happen to Balkans? At the time Ottoman Empire is still in control of a lot of Balkan lands and just oriented...
  4. DracoLazarus

    War Aims of the Triple Entente in an early end to WWI

    Let us suppose that for some reason the French manage to take the Thionville iron mines and retain Briey-Longwy early in the war. Starved of iron by the loss of their primary sources of iron ore, the German performance is much poorer, and as such the Triple Alliance asks for terms by Christmas...
  5. Shadow Master

    AHC: Central Powers USA --- One man in the wrong place.
    Threadmarks: Post one

    Ok, so to set the stage properly, here in this thread I am attempting to answer an AHC quoted below; This challenge, should you choose to accept it..."Que up the old mission impossible theme song here" Ok, for this challenge, a couple things have to be decided here, do we: Go with a totally...
  6. Gukpard

    WI Germany keeps it's monarchy after WWI.

    In OTL Kaiser Wilhelm II resigned at the end of the great war, and prohibited his son from being crowned Wilhelm II while also lifting the loat of honour to the Kaiser that the German army had to do. What if Wilhelm II had resigned, but called a constitutional convention to rewritte the 1871...
  7. The Long Twentieth Century : a Franz Ferdinand Lives TL

    MID-YEAR EXAMINATION 2018-2019 SESSION DARTMOUTH COLLEGE MODERN HISTORY Q&A SUBJECT - EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY Duration : 4 hours 1) THE FIRST GREAT EUROPEAN WAR What was the Megali Idea ? List the reasons behind the neutrality of different European countries during GEWI. “All quiet...
  8. Gukpard

    If Qing China Joins the central powers, would the great war end sooner or later than otl?

    The PoD is that Dowager Cixi kicks the bucket earlier, and the Guangxu emperor clings to power all the way until 1914. The state of the Qing is up to you, but it is completely necessary for the empire exists and join the central powers with the promise to gain Hong Kong and the restoration of...
  9. Rorke

    A Bull Moose in Office

    I am starting a TL about what if Roosevelt won in 1912 and brought the US into WWI early.
  10. What if different British initial strategy in WWI

    Im reading a book about the british navy before WWI. Regarding the british entry in to a continental war between Germany and France the Admirality had very different ideas how that war should be conducted than the army. The navy basically envisionaged a purely naval war and only transporting the...
  11. GameBawesome

    Young Turk Revolution fails

    What if the Young Turk Revolution failed, ending the chance for a Second Constitutional Era of the Ottoman Empire. Abdul Hamid II remains in Absolute Imperial Power. How would this effect the course of the Ottoman Empire, if it remained in Absolute power, and how would Abdul Hamid II run the...
  12. Russian Victory in the Russo-Japanese War: Impact on Alliances

    I read somewhere that around 1905 Germany was back to courting Russia again for an alliance, and the Russian defeat forced her back into the arms of French investors and led to Britain deeming Russia as not much of a threat anymore. What does a Russian victory in 1905 entail diplomatically...
  13. GameBawesome

    Which Central Power Monarchy could survive?

    Which Central Power Monarchy could survive after WWI?
  14. Q: Did WWI hurt Brazil’s Old Republic?

    Specifically, did the experience of the Great War in Europe - or, even more specifically, of Brazil’s entry into it - play a key role in the rise of tenentismo (or the tenentes, the lieutenants, etc), their activism in the 1920’s, and eventually the Brazilian Revolution of 1930?
  15. ETGalaxy

    German Involvement in the Americas in a CP Victory Scenario

    As of recently I've gained a bit of an interest in Imperial German influence in Mexico prior to and during World War One. While I understand that Germany was most interested in attempting to get Mexican aggression to distract the US from the war in Europe I find it plausible that positive...
  16. Gukpard

    Earlier russian surrender in WWI, can the central powers overcome the blockade?

    Let's say that Nicholas II decides to break it's agreement with the west, and shortly before the Brusilov offensive he comes to the table with the germans and gives them the baltics, Ukraine and Poland, while the ottomans get Kars back. The germans now have a year to pacify Ukraine for it's...
  17. German Cinema w/o UFA

    Pretty much everyone who knows anything about the history of film knows about the importance of German cinema in the years following the Great War (roughly 1919-33); what is less known is that one production company, Universum-Film Aktiengesellschaft, dominated this industry, and it did so as it...
  18. lerk

    Maximum number of Central Powers

    With a pod no earlier than 1900, how many countries which were either allied or neutral IOTL be a part of the Central Powers? And please don't make an alternate WWI which takes place some other time, I'm talking about the WWI which started on July 28th, 1914 following a chain of events after...
  19. PC: Earlier End to WWI = Curbed Spanish Flu

    Ok, so this was kind of brought up a few years ago, but I had some specific thoughts - even putting aside the role of shipping troops around had in spreading the disease OTL, we should also remember the role that the affected countries commitment to the ongoing Total War also seriously hindered...
  20. ETGalaxy

    Man-Made Hell: The History of the Great War and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Title and Table of Contents

    MAN-MADE HELL: THE HISTORY OF THE GREAT WAR AND BEYOND ~~Phase One~~ Chapter One: All Because of Two Bullets Chapter Two: Peace For Our Time? Chapter Three: The Sleeping Giants Chapter Four: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité ~~Phase Two~~ Chapter Five: What Madness is This? Chapter Six...