1. water123

    Maximum Belgian gains in WWI?

    I know that WWI itself has been beaten to death almost to WWII or Civil War levels, but I don't know if Belgium has been discussed much. Belgium historically was steamrolled by German troops very early in the war, fighting from the Belgian Congo and eventually winning what is now Rwanda and...
  2. SavoyTruffle

    AHC/PC: Entente victory in WWI, maximum surviving monarchies?

    Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is that: * with a POD no later than June 28, 1914, the Triple Entente/Allies (chiefly the United Kingdom and France) win in the Great War; * the war lasts a minimum of two years; * as many of the monarchies of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia...
  3. Ferreti

    British Shelling of Dutch cities in WWI

    Hi guys, I have seen some people on here claim that Dutch cities in WWI sometimes were "accidentally" shelled by the Royal Navy. I couldn't find it through the search function and google doesn't give me anything. Has anybody sources on this? Thanks in advance.
  4. PC: Abyssinian-German coordination in WWI

    Plausibility check: Abyssinia (Ethiopia) during WWI was completely surrounded by Allied territory (mostly British and Italian, but also French Somaliland). This places it in a strategically very difficult position. Nevertheless, would it have been possible for Abyssinia to declare war on the...
  5. Longer WWI

    I believe this has been discussed before, but the search brings little. What's the longest WWI could have lasted? What would be the consequences for Europe and history as a whole?
  6. WI Crown Prince/Archduke Rudolf of Austria LIVED?

    *Crown Prince Rudolf My question is this: What if Rudolf did NOT commit suicide and lived to become the Emperor? I am aware that Emperor Franz Josef had only one son--Rudolf--who committed suicide because of an affair with Mary Vetsera. This obviously created a short-term succession crisis...
  7. AHC: Efficiently run German war economy from 1916

    Inspired by some Panzer Corps scenarios like Battlefield Europe, where you take command of the German Army, a thread about an offensive in Russia instead of Verdun in 1916, and a thread about no Hindenburg Programme which was a disaster OTL. With that out of the way, on to the challenge in...
  8. AHC/WI: Germany reverse engineers Entente weapons/artillery

    Historically Pershing delayed the BAR's combat introduction because of a fear that Germany would copy it if it was introduced too early to affect the war, but I wondered how likely it was that Germany actually would reverse engineer Entente weapons? To my knowledge there weren't a whole lot of...
  9. DracoLazarus

    WWI WI : Later WWI.

    As everybody knows, WWI officially started because the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne got assassinated in Sarajevo in 1914. Now let's assume the visit of Sarajevo and assassination both take place twelve months later. Would WWI still start ? And how would its unfolding be changed by the...
  10. Most Powerful Military in Janurary 1914?

    Taking supply capacity, command structure, troop mobilization potential, economic strength of its military industrial complex, army tech, etc. all into account. (leaving out the political realities for now) On paper, which nation's military (land, sea, and air combined) could be considered the...
  11. The Empire of Sweden

    Kingdom of Svealand (Konungariket Svealand) Capital: Jönköping (de facto) Stockholm (de jure) Government: Absolute Monarchy In 1814 Sweden won the Swedish-Norwegian resulting in a Swedish personal union over the Norwegians. In this scenario the war ended in a stalemate, leaving both...
  12. jerseyrules

    What if the US had stationed soldiers in Germany following WWI?

    Hey all, I've been doing some thinking following some of my poli sci classes. We all hear that the US entry into the League left the League without a critical member nation to maintain stability in a capacity similar to the UN. I'm not entirely certain how a US president could garner public...
  13. AHC/WI: European Empires invade the US in early 20th century

    With a POD 1880 or later, how could a coalition of two or more European empires invade the United States before 1920? If they tried, how unsuccessful would they be?
  14. AHC: The US enters WWI by 1915

    POD from the 1890s, here is the challenge: 1. Major alliances don't change, WWI begins in 1914. 2. The US enters WWI on the side of the Triple Entente(or equivalent) by 1915. Bonus points if Ottoman Empire is neutral.
  15. Petike

    Tabletop gaming POD: Different fate of Mensch ärgere Dich nicht

    Mensch ärgere Dich nicht is a famous German (and by extension, Continental European) cross and circle tabletop game, somewhat similar to the British Ludo, or the original Indian Pachisi, etc. It was created in 1907/1908 by Josef Friedrich Schmidt of the now-legendary German tabletop publisher...
  16. Petike

    The Timelines of August : An AH.com WWI Thematic Month

    Nearly a month ago, we commemorated the centenary of the Sarajevo assasination. On Monday, the whole world will commemorate the beginning of the First World War, The Great War, World War One. The war that, sadly, wasn't really the War to End All Wars. And for good and bad, it's legacy is still...
  17. Petike

    Scott Westerfeld's Behemoth