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  1. AHC/WI: The US Declares War on the Ottomans and Gets Involved in the Middle East and Greece

    So somehow the US decides to get involved in the Middle East and Greece during WWI. How can it get involved? And assuming it gets involved how well will it do fighting the Ottomans? And when the Ottoman Empire gets partitioned what happens? Does the US gets to have a greater share of it...
  2. USA Joins WWI Later, Can The Entente Still Win? And What Happens Afterwords?

    Somehow the US enters WWI later. Does the Entente still have a shot at winning? And if they do what happens? I believe that if the US enters later France would already be close to dropping out and the Germans already made serious progress into the country, and that the British would also be at...
  3. GameBawesome

    WI: Napalm in WWI

    (The title is misleading. Not exactly Napalm, but something similar is created, and acts like Napalm) In a hypothetical scenario, what if Scientists discovered before 1914, on making an earlier form of Napalm or something similar Then WWI starts, and like poison gas, Botha sides started using...
  4. AHC/WI: White Peace WWI

    With any PoD after the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, have WWI end in a status quo ante bellum peace in Europe. What would the aftermath of such a peace look like? What would be the cultural and economic effects in Europe? Could those borders last until the present day? Note that...
  5. Count of Crisco

    General Alyskan Navy Thread
    Threadmarks: Introduction to thread

    Recently on the alternate warships of nations thread I have been posting some ships from a Timeline I have been working on (link to the TL in my signature if your interested) and people seemed to like it. And I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread for some more ships so that the AWoN...
  6. WI: Greece, the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden join the Central powers

    If Greece, the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden all joined the Central powers, how much sooner would WW! end, what concessions would they demand, and what does postwar Europe look like?
  7. Alliance between China, Germany, and the US

    With a pod in 1820, how can we get an alliance between the United states, a Prussian Germany, and a modernized Qing? What smaller allies would also be part of this pact, how would the coming great war between powers go, and what will the world look like after?
  8. What if the british don't decide that food is warmaterial and allow the CP's to purchase it throughout the conflict?

    So for whatever reason - for example a specific pre war agreement in this regard that the british and every one else decide to honour - the british allow food for presumably civilian consumption to reach the CP's. The CP's in turn allow the same for Russia through the baltics. How would the war...
  9. Petike

    Petike's photogalleries of WWI commemoration events in the 2010s

    This thread is a recreation of a compilation thread I originally posted on the 31st of October 2014. I consider this a historical reference and visual inspiration thread for writing about the era of the First World War, specifically the eastern front between Austria-Hungary and the Russian...
  10. WI: Central Victory Beer Hall Putsch

    The Central powers in 1916 with Brest-Litovsk gains in the east and a status quo peace in the west (though France is likely drowning in debt). After the war Germany enters a period of liberalization into a constitutional monarchy with leftists being voted into the Reichstag. Conservatives are...
  11. GameBawesome

    Ottoman Empire & Austria-Hungary collapse naturally?

    The Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary were partition after WWI by the Entente, creating the borders of the Middle East and Central & Eastern Europe. Here are two PODs for this scenario POD 1: What if the Germans won the Battle of the Marne, and captured Paris, and then going to defeat the...
  12. British aristocracy without WWI

    I have heard it said on this website that WWI greatly diminished the power of the British aristocracy as their heirs died in battle and many went bankrupt funding the war. How true is this? If it is true, what would British aristocracy and the political landscape look like in the absence of WWI...
  13. No Haber-Bosch

    OTL WWI Germany relied heavily on the Haber-Bosch process for high explosives. What if the process hadn't been invented yet? What is going to happen to the German war effort? 1. Assuming it doesn't get developed at all, how does WWI go? 2. Alternatively, what happens if Germany does a crash...
  14. AHC: Post WWI Habsburg Germany

    With any POD after the beginning of WWI, put the Habsburgs on the throne of Germany.
  15. WI: Karl of Austria without WWI

    Suppose Karl of Austria somehow comes to the Austro-Hungarian throne without WWI. Perhaps both Emperor-King Franz Joseph and Archduke Franz Ferdinand die earlier in the 1910s or they die on schedule but alt-WWI is pushed back a few years. How would Karl's rule look without a world war going on...
  16. Hawkeye

    Soviet Russia after an early end to WW1?

    Could Lenin or other Communists rise to power in Russia if Germany surrendered late 1917 or early 1918 instead of November 11, 1918? Assuming Lenin still ends up in Russia somehow.
  17. Hawkeye

    US postwar politics if Roosevelt won in 1912

    How would the Democrat and Republican parties be different if president Taft decided to not seek reelection for whatever reason and ex-president Theodore Roosevelt went on to win the Republican nomination and the 1912 election? Particularly how it would affect the Republican party in 1920...
  18. Ibn naazbu

    WI: Battle of Sarikamish was an Ottoman victory.

    The plan for battle of Sarikamish devised by Enver Pasha while great on paper was too complex by half for the troops to enact. But what if Battle Sarikamish was an Ottoman victory. How would the this effect the Ottoman Empire and the Russian empire. Would it cause an earlier Russian withdrawal...
  19. WI: Alberto Pollio survives

    In 1914, during the leadup to World War I, Italian general Alberto Pollio died. The official cause of death was a heart attack, but suspicions that he was murdered have floated for over a century. What if he had lived?
  20. Count of Crisco

    Alternate Aircraft of Nations

    This is inspired by the long running alternate warships of nations thread and works fairly similar to that long running discussion. You can post your scenarios and alternate aircraft here, as well as post any basic questions regarding plausibility of certain scenarios, viability of aircraft...