1. Mediterranea : The Magnificent South

    So this is a concept time-line with many Points of Divergences if something doesn't add up to you or it is seems too Alien Space Bats I will try to retconn based on your advice. I will start with a section of this world 2020. I was inspired to do it from a dead /banned TL The Iron Jaws, Death In...
  2. WI the Japanese focus on developing their shipping between the world wars?

    Something that often comes up when discussing Japan's potential and options during WW2 is their enormous shortfall of Japanese flagged shipping, which was hurting them even before they expanded their war to the Western powers. So what happens if instead of building the big Yamato class...
  3. alexandrosIII

    WI: Germany declares unconditional surrender immediately after the Battle of the Bulge

    By this point the war was obviously over. If they just threw in the towel here, what would happen? Would there be any meaningful change in post-war Europe? How would Germany be divided between the powers if it was never occupied?
  4. Post Colonial Studies Discussion : What Could Have Happened?

    I thought this would never happen, but one of my teachers actually brought up alternate history into the lesson, which is why I am starting this thread. I want to know your opinion on several PODs (how to make them happen, how likely it is for them to happen, what are the consequences) to make...
  5. SunKing105

    WI: Soviets escape Kiev encirclement?

    The Battle of Kiev was one of the largest battles of the Eastern Front and the largest encirclement in military history up to that point, where the 5th, 26th, 37th, and 38th armies lost a huge amount of manpower and material, and Kiev was captured. The Stavka refused to allow efforts to break...
  6. RMcD94

    AHC: Austria-Hungary allied against Germany

    With a POD after 1900 have Austria-Hungary be on the opposite side from Germany in a world war, both WW1 or WW2 (after a Central Powers victory or white peace presumably) are acceptable. Why does Austria-Hungary go to war: defensive (Germany declares on them?), opportunistic (Germany is...
  7. AHC: Make the japaneses WW2 war crimes even worse than the holocaust

    As the title says, make the japanese war crimes even worst with a pod after 1930´s. Bonus if the population of some ocuppied region (manchuria, korea,taiwan or other) be only 10% of the amount from before the ocuppation.
  8. 1944 The Deaths of Gandhi & Sukarno

    So, I was interested in Death in Tehran by @Thanosaekk and I thought to do something similar somewhat but considering I know crap about India and Indonesia I want to have a discussion, maybe have a collective work put together. I had planned to visit both India (Goa and Amritsar) and Indonesia...
  9. Canadian Military Pattern programme's fate in an Anglo-American Nazi War scenario

    As the title suggests, I'm interested to hear people's ideas as to the CMP Programme's potential fate, in the event that Nazi Germany A) knocked out the Soviet Union and B) secured hegemony over Europe west of the Urals, with the Second World War reigniting in the mid-1950s. @CalBear used lack...
  10. StealthyMarat

    Operation Citadel fully succeeds

    Let's say that Germans succeed entirely as they planned, and by late 1943, with destruction of 2,5 fronts, they managed to stabilize the frontline around Don, so that it resemble May 1942 frontlines except for Kharkov Bulge, with Red Army unable to sustain any kind of offensives greater than...
  11. OxSpace

    No Operation Margarethe

    In March of 1944, over fears of secret meetings between the Hungarian government and the Allied powers, ordered the occupation of Hungary and disposal of then-Prime Minister Kallay. This would subsequently end any form of surrender (unconditional or not) to the Allies and shift in sides of the...
  12. TheReformer

    The Lupercal - A 20th Century Timeline
    Threadmarks: OP

    PREFACE To say I've wanted to write this TL for a while would be an understatement; in fact I've essentially been slowly plugging away at it since the inconclusive end of my first and last TL; Paralysed in Darkness. Having spent more time focused on the shared world's community, getting back...
  13. alexandrosIII

    Mosley and Hitler

    Axis victory scenarios and similar WW2 histories often depict him as a close friend to Hitler after coming in power or being put in power as a quislingist leader by Hitler after the surrender of Britain. This seems very unlikely for several reasons. Mosley's ideas weren't particularly extreme...
  14. Whipidedius

    WI: Brazil's "Intentona Comunista", the socialist revolt, succeed

    This topic has been brought here a few times, but let's see... The year is 1935, Getúlio Vargas has been undemocraticaly ruling Brazil for the last five years. Finally, in November 23 a revolt starts in Natal, northeastern region of Brazil. The revolutionaries take control of the city and...
  15. alexandrosIII

    Hitler wanted genocide of British and French?

    Wikipedia says that high-ranking Nazi official Otto Bräutigam claimed in his book that he had the opportunity to read a personal report by quartermaster-general Eduard Wagner regarding a discussion with Heinrich Himmler, in which Himmler had expressed the intention to exterminate about 80% of...
  16. coffeebreakcigarette

    The Iron Jaws : A Mutual Finlandized World Image Based TL
    Threadmarks: The Beginning of the Cold War

    So, my 1st TL is at this moment in hibernation, the 2nd nobody bothered because I forgot the tags. I will feature works done by me as well as the request I have...well requested. @Lusitania @Bob Hope @Didascalo @Cantra @thekingsguard @Baconheimer @FiendslayerPrime1976 @Sarthak Bikram Panta...
  17. pls don't ban me

    Mussolini killed before WW2

    I think this thread ha been discussed already but i still need more info about it. So, In this POD Mussolini dies before Hitler Invades Poland( not sure, one of the murder attempts, or perhaps a stroke? he was 55/56 so it won't be strange). I'm sure that the best candidate to succeed him will be...
  18. alexandrosIII

    WI: just after D-Day, Patton secretly agrees to work as a spy for Germany

    How much damage could he cause to the Allied war effort? By this point the war was obviously lost for the Axis, but what would happen in this scenario?
  19. WI: Instead of declaring war on France, Mussolini invades Greece in May 1940?

    So IOTL Mussolini declared war on France and Britain in June 1940, after it was obvious that France was finished. Then, a few months later, in October 1940, he started his disastrous invasion of Greece, which eventually led to British and German interventions. But what if Mussolini decides to...
  20. Everdarklegion

    King Edward VII Refuses to abducate

    I just finished reading a biography of King Edward VIII, and it made me wonder what if Edward insisted on marrying Wallis Simpson and refused to abdicate in 1936. A popular theory is that Parliament would have shut down, due to mass resignations, and the Empire would have split into its...