1. AHC: Ensure the U.S. joins the Great War in 1914

    Challenge: Create a point or series of divergences that culminate in the United States joining the Great War in 1914. You are allowed to go as far back as 1865 (the American Civil War's end will not be affected). Having Theodore Roosevelt become president in 1912 is not enough and is not...
  2. Kantai Kessen

    WI: German victory/greater British losses at Heligoland Bight 1914?

    The Battle of Heligoland Bight (1914) was the first major naval action of the First World War and ended in a pretty solid British naval victory. During the rather confused and fog-bound battle three German light cruisers and a torpedo boat were sunk, three further light cruisers and three...
  3. What Entente victory scenario creates the best path for lasting democracy in Germany and Russia?

    So, with a POD of any point after the start of the war, what form of Entente victory would have the highest chance of leading to long-lasting democracy in Germany and Russia? The democratic government must be a consequence of WW1 and not any subsequent war. Some thoughts I have on the matter...
  4. Demographics of a surviving Austria-Hungary (again)

    Quite some time passed since I posted this thread: https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/demographics-of-a-surviving-austria-hungary.488463/ Since then, I kept revisiting the topic starting from scratch every time. At this point, I finally reached a point where I'm more or less...
  5. WI: US entry into WWI leads to massive protests and a possible uprising

    What if at the time when the noninterventionist United States was on a verge of entering WWI against Germany in early 1917 after the Zimmerman Telegraph incident, the public reaction despite the newspaper and American propaganda attempting to rally up support somehow in this alternate scenario...
  6. Michel Van

    A Realistic WW1 Senario ?

    Could this scenario Work ? preparation 1. The demolition of Eiffel Tower in 1910, The Tower play important role in War like listen to German Radio and Jammed them. (in 1909/10 were the permit renewed by one vote, in favour to let tower stand.) 2. The German 2th Army is already equip with siege...
  7. Imperial Advocate

    Wilhelm II assassinated in 1901, effect on the leadup to WW1?

    Let's say that the March 1901 assassination attempt on Kaiser Wilhelm II is fatal, resulting in the early death of the Kaiser. Crown Prince Wilhelm is crowned as Wilhelm III of the German Empire, becoming the fourth Kaiser of the German Empire. Due to his young age at 19 years old, Wilhelm III...
  8. WI US stays out of WW1, but Japan sends troops to Europe.

    Suppose a scenario where Woodrow Wilson is more committed to isolationism despite German sinking US merchant ships and/or the Zimmerman Telegraph never gets sent. Also suppose that in 1917, a desperate Britain makes more concessions to Japan for them to send their army to Europe to bolster...
  9. Ottoman Empire joins WWI later. Effects within OE? Fate of Armenians?

    In the "mild CP victory" TL I'm working on, I'm having the Ottomans join the war later than OTL, in late February/early March. The sole purpose of this change is the delay/lessening/prevention of the Armenian genocide. With more favourable weather conditions, the Turks don't suffer such a...
  10. Friedrich der Große

    Russo-German peace after a CP victory in the west

    What if Germany won WW1 “quick” in the west in 1914/1915. How would the Eastern Front develop? And what would be the peace treaty between the CP’s and the Russian Empire?
  11. the man in the fly castle

    WI: In Sarajevo, only Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg been shot and died

    In OTL, "the first bullet wounded the Archduke in the jugular vein, the second inflicted an abdominal wound on the Duchess." So, if Princip's shot missed and did not wounded Archduke Franz Ferdinand's jugular vein (where is part of neck and is easy be miss), but still able to take the life of...
  12. tonycat77

    AHC:Make the USA declare war on both sides during a World war.

    Thought about it and did on Hoi4, until my notebook basically almost blew up. What would both sides do?
  13. Michel Van

    Kaiserreich a TL: the Essays

    Kaiserreich a TL: the Essays 1: Why won the German Empire the First Great War? It was a combination of: Superior technology, incredibly luck and to be on the right moment, to do the right action. Like the Superior technology the germans introduce on the battlefield like pump action shotgun...
  14. AHC: Russia wins WW1 alone

    Your Challenge is to find to a way for Russia to win WW1 despite France falling in 1914 with a POD of 1900 effects?
  15. TheReformer

    To the Victor, Go the Spoils (Redux): A Plausible Central Powers Victory
    Threadmarks: Background and Rules

    The Redux "They see nothing wrong in the rule that to the victor belong the spoils of the enemy" - William L. Marcy Guten tag all, It's my pleasure to announce that finally after like two years I've got to a point where I am satisfied with the idea of beginning to post my redux of TTVGTS. This...
  16. World Mapping

    TL-191: The Ulster Question

    Harry Turtledove's Southern Victory series sees the creation of an independent Irish Republic after the conclusion of the First Great War, encompassing the entire Emerald Isle. How does/would Ireland handle Ulster, which'd likely continue rebelling over and over again?
  17. Had Germany not invaded Belgium in WW1, would the UK get directly involved in the war and how?

    A question that's always been on my mind in regards to World War 1 is: What would have happened if Germany never invaded Belgium and instead of trying to go with the Schlieffen plan, they instead simply dug-in along the French border and focused the vast majority of their forces on breaking...
  18. Friedrich der Große

    The Netherlands if Germany won WW1

    What would happen to The Netherlands if Germany won WW1? Would they get more land and/or colonies (could also be on the long run), which role would they play in Europe and the world if this alternative WW1 occured? And how would Dutch politics ánd the Dutch colonial empire develop? Thoughts?
  19. WI : The City of Odessa (Ukraine) Became Part of The Kingdom Of Romania AFTER the Great War ?

    I am speaking of course of a scenario where both the UPR and the Soviets do worse in the interwar period.
  20. C.Z.A.R

    31 to the Vistula - Germany goes East (WW1)
    Threadmarks: 31 to the Vistula - Intro

    31 to the Vistula What if Germany Deployed East in 1914? "...The decision that would change the world happened in late 1905. Alfred von Schlieffen, concluding his Kriegsspiel wargame, would reaffirm himself that a great eastern offensive was the way to quick victory. The Anglo-French threat...