worst possibility

  1. Paladín Wulfen

    Un Dios, Un Imperio, Un Rey | Alternate TL.
    Threadmarks: El Nacimiento del Imperio

    “Crean vuestras Altezas que es esta tierra la mejor y más fértil, y temperada, y buena que haya en el mundo” “Your Highnesses believe that this land is the best and most fertile, and temperate, and good that there is in the world..” —Cristóbal Colón. Battle of Navas of Tolosa Throughout...
  2. Napoleon53

    "What Madness Is This?" Volume II: Prophecies in the Dark
    Threadmarks: AN INTRODUCTION

    I want to thank the countless readers and commenters that have fueled my imagination in the original 2013-14 WMIT and the Redux that was written from September, 2018, to present day. Without these posters, none of this would have been possible or close to as much fun. I especially wish to thank...
  3. Napoleon53

    "What Madness Is This?" Volume I: The Union Forever
    Threadmarks: CHAPTER 1

    FORMERLY KNOWN AS "What Madness Is This?" Redux: The Union Forever, Volume I here is the first in the planned WMIT Redux Trilogy, which will feature Vol. II: Prophecies in the Dark, and Vol. III: The Pinnacle Future. WMIT, as of July, 2022, is still going strong, thanks in large part to the...
  4. Historyman 14

    WI/AHC: Worst Case Watergate

    Now, a common thing to talk about here is either Watergate never happens, is cover up from the public, or something like that. But how can you make it worst? How do you make Watergate turn into the very worst thing to ever happen in US history?
  5. Most Dangerous "Designated Survivor"

    The American government has a "designated survivor" in case of the event that there is a major attack on a location containing many individuals who are in line for the presidency. In the event of such an attack making the designated survivor the president, which of these designated survivors...