world war 2

  1. Neutral or Allied Italy in WW2 and Effects

    With a POD any time after Mussolini coming to power, can Italy be made neutral or even allied in WW2? What effects would this have on postwar Italy?
  2. How could have Japan surrendered before Germany?

    As the title suggests, what has to happen for Japan to fall before Germany?
  3. THeaven

    FDR doesn't get a third term

    In 1939 President Roosevelt stated would keep the Washington tradition of only serving two terms. with the Nazi occupation of France and the London bombings Roosevelt pledge to run again. This put him at odds with his first Vice President John Nance Garner whom was hoping for an endorsement...
  4. Alternate strategies used by the germans post Stalingrad?

    What if after the disaster at Stalingrad, the German army and my extension Hitler adopted a more cautious strategy after the fiasco, not to win but force the eastern front into a stalemate? What could the Germans have tried? What would be resulting arms race be like? What would be the effect...
  5. OxSpace

    No Operation Margarethe

    In March of 1944, over fears of secret meetings between the Hungarian government and the Allied powers, ordered the occupation of Hungary and disposal of then-Prime Minister Kallay. This would subsequently end any form of surrender (unconditional or not) to the Allies and shift in sides of the...
  6. Spain Takes Sides

    WI Spain had joined the Allies or Axis during the Second World War?
  7. coffeebreakcigarette

    The Iron Jaws : A Mutual Finlandized World Image Based TL
    Threadmarks: The Beginning of the Cold War

    So, my 1st TL is at this moment in hibernation, the 2nd nobody bothered because I forgot the tags. I will feature works done by me as well as the request I have...well requested. @Lusitania @Bob Hope @Didascalo @Cantra @thekingsguard @Baconheimer @FiendslayerPrime1976 @Sarthak Bikram Panta...
  8. WI: Molotov-Ribbentrop War

    I had this idea for WW2 scenario in 1939. So let's say the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact never happens or it fails and the Soviets align with the British and the French in a negotiation which did happen in OTL. So in this alternate scenario for heavens sake have Germany invade Poland in August 1939...
  9. Aloha

    Very Extreme AHC: Allied Germany

    I know this is probably really hard to do, but how can you get Germany and Russia to switch places in WW2, with Germany being the unlikely ally to the Western Allies and Russia (could be fascist or communist) being the big bad guy? Bonus points if you can get Russia to ally with Japan and Italy...
  10. weaverj

    AHC: Make Japan an Allied Power in WW2

    Seeing that the Japanese were an allied power in WW1, combined with the German support for China before WW2, would it be possible for Japan to become an Allied Power in the Second World War? Specifically, How would this be possible? And how would this affect the war itself? But mainly How?
  11. RedHistorian1917

    Crimson Century: An Alternate Cold War
    Threadmarks: Entry One: Iowa, Iowa, That's Where The Tall Corn Grows

    Introduction: This is a collaborative work between me, RedHistorian1917, and GroßDeutchesKaiserreich. Entries from both of us are official for this work. I hope you enjoy Crimson Century. Entry One: Iowa, Iowa, That's Where The Tall Corn Grows It was a cold morning in Washington as the sun...
  12. 1940 How long can Denmark resist?

    On 9 April 1940 Germany invaded Denmark which surrendered after 4-6 hours. If Denmark had given resistance how long could they have lasted? Probably less than a couple of days. Would the invasion of Norway have been affected?
  13. sokkawaterrebel5

    FDR assassinated and Huey Long survives

    What if FDR was assassinated February 15, 1933 by Giuseppe Zangara and Huey long survives his assassination attempt on September 8, 1935 Carl Weiss miss Huey long and After that he runs for president in 1936 gets nominated and defeats his republican challenger in a landslide victory what would a...
  14. President Sunflower

    Is it possible to get a American Tojo Hideki?

    well, I almost made an American Fidel Castro thread but then I realized it's already taken by someone else. so Is it possible for Tojo Hideki from Japan to be an American?
  15. Kerguelen

    WI: A More Radical Imperial Japan?

    Before the rise of Hideki Tōjō, his party, the moderate Tōseiha (Control Faction) was opposed by the considerably more radical Imperial Way Faction, also known as the Kōdōha. Upset by the rise of political corruption and liberal democracy, the Kōdōha was built on an ideology that sought to...
  16. Canadian Military Pattern DUKW

    This idea was inspired by David Fletcher's book British Military Transport, 1829-1956, and an interesting point he made regarding the British Army and the DUKW. According to Fletcher, in December 1942 the British Truck Mission in Washington DC gave the Ministry of Supply's requirement for...
  17. Armoured cavalry regiment in the 1940s?

    An armored cavalry regiment is a unique force equipped with helicopters, APC/IFV, artillery and tanks making it a flexible mini division. Allowing regiment handle various threats even delay a division. So what if in the 1930s there was a plan to create a multi role regiment though not yet...
  18. W.I Realistic German E series tank?

    The E series tank was an interesting family of tanks designed to use less resources and production and far less complicated. The problem was that it came out far too late with only the E100 chassis being completed it scrapped by Britain after evaluation. But what if the Germans had decided to...
  19. Could Japan have built licence panzer III, IV and Stug?

    From what I know Japan lacked the proper industries to turn out a good tank their primary medium type 97 was less than succesfull once fortune changed only at tail end did a good medium turn out. But what if the Japanese had turned to Germany 1939 and 1941 and got the license to build their own...
  20. Cold War Between the United States and Napoleonic France

    A Conservative Coalition riding on a campaign of national security and fear of Bolshevism wins the 1936 French Elections. Over the next year or so, the French Republic is wracked with instability due to Communist and Fascist groups fighting in the streets, and the conservative government’s...