world war 1

  1. A German WW2

    Which parties would have fought each other if Germany had won the First World War? For that ‘If Germany won’, I have this scenario: The Germans continue the advance into France in august/september 1914. December 1914, France surrenders. Then the Germans move to Russia. They launch an...
  2. A "World War I" where France and Britain are on opposing sides?

    In OTL, the Fashoda Incident was the climax of a centuries-long rivalry between France and Britain. The event saw France attempt to wrangle the Sudan from Britain and almost resulted in full-scale war between the two powers. The French eventually backed down and warmed up to Britain in the face...
  3. Scramble for China during warlord era

    POD 1913 Yuan Shikhai dies warlord era begins Germans decide to slice up Shandong To increase their colonial empire to rival British French follow up with Guangai and Yunnan Russia takes over Mongolia British annex Canton Japan opportunistically conquer manchuria US takes what ? Will this...
  4. Alternate Battle of Lorraine 1914

    An east-first strategy and a German defense in the west has been discussed before. Still, I like to discuss in more detail such an alternate battle of Lorraine. POD: At the outbreak of the First World War, instead of deployment plan "Aufmarsch II west", Germany implements the plan "Aufmarsch II...
  5. mspence

    Victory at Gallipoli

    WI the allies had won?
  6. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    Sweden.........joins the Entente? in ww1? What happens next?

    There was talk in the British Government before the von Essen scandal that the Germans would want to pre-empt any sort of Russian attack on Sweden by occupying Sweden themselves and seizing the iron ore mines. Of course this was false but what if it did happen and the Germans attacked the...
  7. WWI Industrialized Russia

    How would an industrialized Russia fight WW1?
  8. WW1, but No Belgium

    What if in an alternate timeline, The Netherlands kept Belgium because there is no Belgian Revolution in 1830. I think that in this case, it is reasonable to assume that World War One would still happen: Franz Ferdinand is still killed in 1914 and the Great Powers like Germany, France and Russia...
  9. What point of departure would force World War I to be Amero-centered rather than Euro-centered?

    As the title suggests, what would prompt the events of an alternate World War I to be caused by an American incident rather than a European incident?
  10. Ideological Great War: State Atheist Authoritarian-Liberalism vs Christian Democratic-Socialism

    Starting back in the French revolution a new ideology emerges from the chaos that blends laissez-faire capitalism, state atheism, and proto-totalitarianism becoming popular over the next few decades eventually taking power in the 1850's and after some butterflied chaos similar movements take...
  11. DBWI: Bulgaria joins the Central Powers

    In September 1915 Bulgaria joined the Allied powers in WW1 after being offered Ottoman Thrace and border corrections with Serbia (later Yugoslavia). But what if it had joined the Central Powers? As far as I know Germany offered a much larger territory to Bulgaria, almost 60% of Serbia.
  12. De Koningin

    London 1917; '... I speak for all people's on this fair isle, I speak for all in any class, I speak for this nation when I say; Britain must leave the war!' The crowds erupted in cheers to the words of Oswald Mosley. He was a famous figure, having gained a reputation for his bravery and...
  13. Cymry-Korean

    Politics of the Central Powers After an Early Entente Victory?

    I'm in the planning stages of my first Post-1900 timeline, and I've decided to focus it on the aftermath of an early Entente victory in WW1. I'm considering PODs like Plan XVII being rejected or the British Expeditionary Force advancing between the German 1st and 2nd Armies. Would either of...
  14. GameBawesome

    WI: Napalm in WWI

    (The title is misleading. Not exactly Napalm, but something similar is created, and acts like Napalm) In a hypothetical scenario, what if Scientists discovered before 1914, on making an earlier form of Napalm or something similar Then WWI starts, and like poison gas, Botha sides started using...
  15. Sevarics

    WI: King Constantine I of Greece dies in 1915

    Basically as the tin says. IOTL, Constantine I had been suffering from pleurisy for quite some time and almost died in 1915. So, what if he had actually died two years into his reign and been succeeded by his eldest son, George II? Would George II have continued his father’s policy of neutrality...
  16. AHC "Sorry Jackie" A different battlecruiser design regime in the Great War.

    In 1905, the Royal Navy embarked on a brand new trajectory, commissioning construction of HMS Dreadnought, an all-big gun battleship with a main battery of 10 x 12” guns and powered by turbine engines. This changed the nature of battle-fleets, and immediately rendered all previous capital ships...
  17. What would a Ottoman Kaiserreich look like?

    For people unaware Kaiserreich is a very popular hearts of Iron timeline where Germany managed to with some rolling of sixes and some luck on events and PODs managed to win world war 1, it can be said to to be the template of German world war 1 victories, with Germany dominating Western Europe...
  18. how would the Mexican Revolution look like with a delayed WW1?

    The Mexican Revolution got hot exactly around the time WW1 started, how would no WW1 in 1914 change the cards in Mexico? How likely is an armed intervention by the US? Would european powers get involved?
  19. Let There Be Peace in the Great European Plain: A History of Teutons and Slavs in the 19th Century.
    Threadmarks: ACT 1

    “The secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia.” -Otto von Bismarck. ACT 1: “The White Negroes of Europe”: The History of Persecution of the Polish People, by Piotr S. Wandycz. It would be incredibly hard to pinpoint the moment when Poles became the most undesirable people of...
  20. Mr_ Bondoc

    Iron Eagle: Operation Eagle

    Believe it or not, there is actually a pretty solid steampunk mechanism video game series, and yes, it features a post-World War I vibe. And now it features Americans (a.k.a. "Usonians"). I am surprised this game isn't discussed on the site more: