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  1. GameBawesome

    WI: The Patriots kidnaps Prince William Henry?

    I was reading some history and discovered an interesting fact I never knew about. George III's son, Prince William Henry (The future William IV) was stationed in New York, as young naval officer. So, the Culper Ring hatched an operation to kidnap the prince and hold him hostage. This operation...
  2. Names of British monarchs

    Not discussing how alternate successions to the crown could have gone; rather, what other names the monarchs that did reign could have taken. A King of Queen can take either their first name, or a middle name. The current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, uses her first name (Elizabeth Alexandra...
  3. Alternate Designs for Westminster

    So, unfortunate timing, but I had been reading the wiki article (I know, I know...) on the Palace of Westminster, and it mentioned that after the 1834 fire there were 97 designs submitted. I was wondering if anybody knew where I might be able to find them. Sadly, the wiki footnotes lead to a...
  4. JonasResende

    WI: No Kensington System

    There were several requests from both George IV and William IV to have the young princess Alexandrina Victoria brought up in the royal household, whilst the duchess of Kent reviled the idea of allowing her daughter out of her sight. What would've it have meant if the future Victoria were brought...
  5. WI: William IV Dies At Antwerp?

    I was recently reading about the life of King William IV of England and was interested to find that he had a lucky escape at the 1813 Battle of Antwerp. How, in your opinion, might history have changed had he not dodged this particular bullet?