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  1. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    The Bear and the Eagle: a Cold War Wikibox + Graphics TL
    Threadmarks: OP + Political Map

    Map of the World 2021 The basic premise of the timeline is the survival of the USSR into the modern era and the repercussions of it. The basic PoD is the bomber that nearly killed Stalin in OTL in 1942 does kill him ittl, which sees a vastly different Soviet War Effort in WW2 here, which leads...
  2. The British Empire

    Wikipedia Infobox Shitpost Thread (No Current Politics)

    Exactly what's said on the tin. No current politics until I can contact Ian or a mod.
  3. Glide08

    Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes IV (Do not post Current Politics Here)

    Because the Previous three threads all reached 10000 posts, the time to continue them in a vast, empty (for now), new one has come again. If your'e into current politics, it has it's own thread now. The Obligatory 1st Thread Quote: And yes, the title has no Roman Numerals. Somewhere in the...
  4. shiftygiant

    Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes III

    In the late November of 2014, AYC launched the runaway success to the runaway success that was the 'Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes' thread, 'Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes II'. Now let the wikiboxes continue, and let us commence the 'Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes III'. From the First Thread: