1. Reassert Your Ownership! A Quick TL

    Don't worry, this won't take long. The polls had begun to close. Across America, television sets flickered on, fingers were crossed, and beer bets were laid. For the first time in living memory, the Presidential election was a three-way tossup, and it was all down to one eccentric man’s...
  2. Oppo

    Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes V (Do Not Post Current Politics Here)
    Threadmarks: OP

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  3. Some guidance on Wikiboxes

    I'm obsessed with making Wikiboxes and want some advice on how to make them as good as I can. How do I use my own images on Wikipedia (i.e. images that aren't on Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons)? For example often I find I want to use an image from Google on the Wikibox but can't, also some people...
  4. Major Crimson

    A Thousand Shades of Red - A Wikibox Compendium

    A Thousand Shades of Red By Major Crimson, A Wikibox Compendium from the Shades of Red world Prologue Arise, Ye Prisoners of Starvation ----------------- Connection-Secure Welcome to EB Connect, hosted by ComWEB, please enter login: OpName: AEJ/Magd/OX/CBR Passcode: #######...
  5. Alexander North

    Anachronism: A Timeline Through Wikiboxes

    I'm not sure if anybody's tried to do this before, but I'm going to try to tell the story of an alternate history timeline solely through alternate wikiboxes/Wikipedia pages. They will most likely not be in chronological order. Your task as the reader is to try to guess the POD before I reveal...
  6. Stuyvesant

    Stuyvesant's Graphics Thread

    This is the thread for all media I make, whether it's maps, flags, or wikiboxes. All in one thread to better navigate through various series I make. The Athesian Federation The Athesian Federation began its life as the Venetian Stato da Athesia e Eleutheria, which itself began its life as the...