what madness is this?

  1. Crazymachines

    DBWI: Chuck Oswald not born in the British Isles

    Chuck Oswald is the mass murdering psychotic British dictator we all know and loath, but how would history be different if he hadn't been born in london but somewhere outside the british isles?
  2. Plausibility Check of What Madness Is This?

    Most of us on Alternate History Discussion know very well about the magnum opus that is What Madness Is This? a timeline in which the United States collapses after a disastrous war with France in 1801 and is replaced by the Republican Union (RU) which is basically an anti-Catholic, corporatist...
  3. Napoleon53

    The Star-Spangled Expanded Universe of "What Madness Is This?"

    THE STAR-SPANGLED EXPANDED UNIVERSE OF "WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?" Due to an almost constant output of little bits of fiction written by fans of WMIT Redux: The Union Forever, dare I say one of the darkest - yet really fun and intriguing - dystopias you'll ever read (I hope you agree, at least)...
  4. Napoleon53

    "What Madness Is This?" Volume I: The Union Forever
    Threadmarks: CHAPTER 1

    FORMERLY KNOWN AS "What Madness Is This?" Redux: The Union Forever, Volume I here is the first in the planned WMIT Redux Trilogy, which will feature Vol. II: Prophecies in the Dark, and Vol. III: The Pinnacle Future. WMIT, as of July, 2022, is still going strong, thanks in large part to the...