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  1. Catastrophe at Cassville! (Civil War TL)
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    Catastrophe at Cassville! (Civil War TL) Chapter 1: The Battle of Cassville, May 19, 1864 After Ulysses S. Grant was promoted to general-in-chief of all Union armies, he left his favorite subordinate from his time in command of the Western Theater, William T. Sherman, in charge of the...
  2. Pulmonic_Consonant

    John Bell Hood's Charge - A Chickamauga Civil War AU
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    Midday, September 20, 1863, at Chickamauga: Longstreet had discovered a gap in the Union lines, and rushed to exploit it as quickly as possible. He gave the order to move at 11:10 a.m. and Johnson's division proceeded across the Brotherton field, by coincidence to precisely the point where...