1. AHC/WI: Delay The Palestinian War

    In OTL, the UN partition plan was condemned by nearly every Arab leader, and Mandatory Palestine quickly devolved into bloodshed, with the Israeli declaration of independence being met with declarations of war Is there a way to delay either Israel's genesis or the partition plan that...
  2. MittleGittle

    How many wars could be avoided?

    There were a lot of wars, so try to make as many of them disappear, vanish, cease to exist.
  3. How should LBJ have approached Vietnam?

    Obviously Vietnam is a huge stain on LBJ’s legacy and casts a dark shadow on what imo is a pretty good domestic policy record at least based on what my politics are. How should LBJ have approached Vietnam so it wouldn’t become the disaster and presidency ender it was for LBJ
  4. AH Expedition to Europe

    From what I have seen, Europe was always richer than the rest of the world since Ancient Greece, as can be seen in the relatively high GDP per capita*, realistic art, architecture, philosophy and weaponry, among other great achievements, of the Roman Empire. Despite this, some users who I have...
  5. Adrien_skywalker

    Threadmarks: 1971 - 1972 - The Embers of an Alliance

    This is something that I have been working on assiduously since the last two months. This is my second most serious project after 'When it rains, it pours! A Frederick the sixth ISOT!' The concept is what would happen if the Bangladesh Liberation war were to occur 14 years later on than OTL...
  6. Worst General After 1900

    Who was the worst general after 1900? I'm thinking Westmoreland. Lost a war (The Vietnam War) that he had tons of advantages in (especially technological and financial). Any generals worse than Westmoreland?
  7. Rajveer Naha

    WI: India used FN FAL, good clothing and it's air force in 1962 Sino Indian war

    Could the above weapon good clothing and Indian Air Force have made a major difference in the outcome of that war? Indian forces in OTL were handicapped by the lack of modern firearms in some case using World War 1 era rifles whereas the Chinese had ak-47, Indian soldiers wore sweaters and had...
  8. Exvio74

    The New Kratocracy: A Boulanger Coup TL

    I’m usually a serial lurker on this forum, but quarantine boredom has led me to actually finally write a timeline. Most of this will focus on after 1900, the POD is just in 1889 (if this needs to be moved forum I happily can). If anyone does read this, please do give me tips on things I can...
  9. Queen of the Winter,Lydia I and the Empire of Americas

    1st PoD:Maria Leopoldina of Austria never dies and Replace its Husband(Pedro I) as Regent Empress of Brazil,so no Craps like Republican Coup(due to her Reform of the Brazilian Army into a Prussian Like One and of the Navy into a British like One due to the European Help) and the Praniti...
  10. AdamNeuser

    Ottoman victory during the War of the Holy League (1683-1699) [Ongoing short TL]

    So this alternate history TL is going to be fairly short but I just wanted to see if it could be explored and how plausible you guys think it actually could be. Before we discuss the point of divergence (it isn't the battle of vienna, the Ottomans still lose this as they did in OT), and the...
  11. GameBawesome

    WI: War of English Succession

    What if, in 1715, the Jacobite Uprising in OTL, was more wide spread, and harder to deal with, which leads to countries taking sides, leading to a “War of English Succession”? The allies who support the Jacobites are: France, Sweden, Spain, and various Caribbean Pirates/Privateers. The allies...
  12. We're Sorry, Please Don't Go

    So what if in 1946 all of the countries that have colonies decided that instead of eventually losing them they offer them full citizenship and their fair share of the pie? Which colonies would jump at this opportunity? Which ones would avoid the poison Pill? What does this do to the Postwar...
  13. Bad decisions
    Threadmarks: Alfred Peter Friedrich von Tirpitz

    Alfred Peter Friedrich von Tirpitz What's the point of having a navy if you never use it? Those words were in my opinion what led to the great war, 12 words that showed that the Kaiser simply did not understand anything about war. The following ones were, "This will all be over by Christmas."...
  14. AdamNeuser

    WI: Safavid Empire collapses in 1590 (It's a weird POD I know)

    The year is 1590, decisive Ottoman and Uzbek military victories against the Safavid Empire, coupled with internal political problems put the Safavids on the verge of collapse. In OT, the Treaty of Constantinople in 1590 granted all land West of the Zagros Mountains and Caspain Sea to the Ottoman...
  15. GameBawesome

    (Mostly) Unified Medevial/Renissance Italy VS Ottomans

    (A bit ASB, and ignoring a lot of butterflies and events at that time, just mostly a compare two empires) What if most of Italy was unified, between 14th Century-17th Century? How would the combined armies of Italians, face off against the Ottoman Empire? Venice is still independent, but...
  16. Adrien_skywalker

    A Lucky Assassination: A Different Somme Offensive

    This will be the last thread that I create currently with my ongoing story-line's. This is something that I have been laying a lot of groundwork for. Basically, most of what I have read indicates that Field Marshal Douglas Haig handled the Somme offensive very badly, to put it in the least...
  17. AH Challenge: British Civil War (1974)

    Start a Civil War between the Right and Left just after the 1974 general elections. *Either side can win *Very little foreign intervention
  18. WI: Hafez al-Assad assassinated in 26th of June, 1980?

    So in our timeline, as cited on Wikipedia, Hafez al-Assad was nearly killed by the Muslim Brotherhood at a diplomatic function, so close that he narrowly escaped waiting for a diplomatic function. This is during the time of the Islamist Uprising in Syria (the precursor to the Syrian Civil War)...
  19. Best Case Scenario for the Boer Republics if the British Empire Collapsed

    Okay, so I've been slogging through some overly brief run-downs on extremely complicated South African history and more specifically the history of the Afrikaners/Boers for reasons that elude even me. Mostly brief skims of Wikipedia articles, if we're being honest. Anyways, the thing I want to...
  20. WI: Napoleon Doesn't Invade Russia

    What might've happened had Napoleon decided against invading Russia in 1812?