1. The Opium-Church conflict. Early European Drug war.
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    The Opium-Church conflict. With the Reintroduction of Opium to Europe(around 1527), most Europeans became infatuated and addicted with the drug, instead of treating it as a normal medicine. This creates a pandemic of drug-addicts(Nobles ,Merchants, and only a few of peasants being...
  2. How different would a second war between the USA and CSA be in the 1880s?

    Assuming the Confederates States gain European recognition to back their independence be 1862-1863, how differently would a second war between the USA and the CSA be fought if conflict broke out in the 1880s?
  3. AHQ/WI: What if the War of the stray dog had escalated? Who would've won, Bulgaria or Greece?

    In 1925, a short war occurred between Greece and Bulgaria. It isn't truly known what caused the war, with two versions of the story existing. But that doesn't matter, what only matters is who would've won? What would have occurred after the victory for whichever side pulls the win? How does it...
  4. Alternate wars caused by diplomatic incidents

    There are many diplomatic incidents that had a non-zero chance of resulting in war (Even if in a small scale), some of whom I can name are: Nootka Crisis - Envolves an indigenous tribe, the Spanish Empire, Great Britain and the US. Would probably be a minor war, with a status quo result...
  5. A Demographic Exercise: ATL POD's effect on Chinese population

    Hello, all it appeared to me that if the violence and conflict China went through in the late 19th and early 20th century could have been ameliorated, may have led to a different level of population at its present. The Qing dynasty was pretty stable in terms of food distribution, at least until...
  6. Kingdom of California: A Timeline of British Colonization

    In a world where California was not colonized by Spain, instead it was colonized by Britain, as a second crown colony. Post American Revolution, immigration picked up, leading to a large, young population in the colony when we hit our POD. In 1810, Napoleon was in complete control of Europe...
  7. Birds of War and Birds of Peace: A Tale of the Vietnam War and Beyond.
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    Part I: The Hawk August 1964, Washington D.C: Lyndon Johnson was not a man for deep and introspective thought. He noticed the problems at hand, and acted against them with brutality and efficiency. Whether it was wrangling support for a bill when he was Senate Minority Leader, working...
  8. Largest possible Private Military Company

    How large could a private military Company realistically get before being shut down? Could we see privately owned air squadrons or carrier groups? How about armored divisions?
  9. Duke Andrew of Dank

    AHC: China/Japan relations similar to OTL's France/Britain relations.

    Basically, a historical rivalry that turns into first truce then alliance through shared conflicts. One example could be the two countries having to fight together against a Soviet invasion.
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    Question: Nation's Plans in the event of Post-Nuclear Strikes

    When reading Cold War history, I've always seen the two same things in the case of a Nuclear War. Although it varies nation to nation, here is the general plan I've seen 1. Whoever shoots first, strike back. 2. Evacuate important politicians (IE The President or Prime Minister) into underground...
  11. One or more of the four Allied powers — the United States, the USSR, the United Kingdom, and France — develop a super-warhead and atom bomb of the hyd

    The USSR did a test firing of the bomb on Bikini Island in 1946. Japan would have known about this weapon's existence, but was never told about its explosive power. In 1947, American soldiers working on a B-29 test pilot base in the Marshall Islands, not knowing what was happening on the ground...
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    Greater Ottoman involvement during the Napoleonic Wars

    The Ottoman Empire during the Napoleonic Wars was complicated. Their involvement was very minimal to say the least. They had diplomatic relations with France that really went nowhere, and fought a war with Britain and another war with Russia, and dealt with their own modernization problems...
  13. First Italian War of Independence

    During the Revolutions of 1848, Italian patriots rose up across Lombardy-Venetia in order to expel the Austrians from Italy and were joined by Piedmontese and Tuscan troops along with many volounteers but their efforts were ultimately in vain and by 1849 Austrian rule had been restored and the...
  14. In an 1812 battle with 80,000 men each who would win?

    In an 1812 battle with 80,000 men each who would win?
  15. Battle of Friedland does not happen

    What if the Russians retreat over the Alle River in time once Napoleon’s main army arrives to save Lannes on the 14th of June 1807? Would Napoleon start crossing the river and could there be an outcome like at Aspern (where he was crossing the Danube)?
  16. Germany beats France and switches to Russia.

    In late September 1914, the French Government has capitulated and the British evacuate. Germany and Austria Hungary (no Ottomans in this scenario) then start an offensive into Russia. IOTL, Germany sent roughly 50% of their troops to the Eastern Front in the Spring of 1915 and soon started the...
  17. Kutuzov gives battle at Poklonaya Gora (Hill)

    After the Battle of Borodino on the 8th of September, Russians started a retreat. On the 12th, a decision was made to abandon Moscow, however there was nearly a decision made to give battle a few kilometers from Moscow at a place Kutuzov chose called “Poklonaya Gora”. What if this would have...
  18. Austrian and British army vs Russian army

    If the Austrian and British armies (including the Dutch and other foreigners under British command) fought the Russians in Poland in early 1815 (before 100 days), who would win?
  19. Polish-Saxon Crisis leads to new European war

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secret_Treaty_of_Vienna The Austrians, French, English had a plan to bring at least 150,000 soldiers against Russia and Prussia if they were to continue their occupation of Saxony and the rest of Poland. To add to the 150,000, they planned to get help from the...
  20. Would Have Been Possible An Italian Yugoslav War During The Cold War

    As the title asks, could a war have been sparked between the two countries?